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Navy Ticking Breakfast Nook Chairs

I have been busy organizing my pantry this week, and I’m ridiculously excited to get the labels that I ordered in the mail so I can finish that space up. Side note – signs you are in your 30’s:  you are ridiculously excited about labels…or maybe just a sign I’m a big dork?Navy Ticking Breakfast Nook Chairs

navy ticking fabric breakfast nook chairs

I’ll hopefully be sharing the new pantry with you all next week, but in the meantime my fantastic mother-in-law sewed these cushion covers for me. We now have new and improved navy ticking breakfast nook chairs.

navy ticking chairs

I love the little extra pattern in here and how it ties in with the ticking on the throw pillows on the bench.

breakfast nook built in bench and chairs

I styled the nook for these photos with a few of my new Serena and Lily throw pillows from the couch, but I would never actually leave these here. My kids + spaghetti + expensive pillows = me drinking wine in the pantry crying over my formerly beautiful pillows. So, I will stick with my beloved clearance Target ones in here for now (you can see them in this post here).

navy breakfast nook chairs

Someday, I would actually like to put a cushion like we had in our old sunroom on this bench, but for now it’s easy to wipe up, and I just move the pillows to the side when we eat. I’m also still going back and forth on painting this table…

diamond pattern navy chairs

And I think this may be the third time I have showed you our breakfast nook, yet I still don’t have anything in those upper glass cabinets. I’m decorating at a leisurely pace over here. Maybe by year 5 I will stick something in there. I would actually like to put something with more color in the glass cabinets, but I just haven’t found the perfect thing yet.

navy ticking fabric covered dining chairs

We are having the craziest stretch of 80 degree weather, so my hydrangea are still going strong in the backyard. I’m not complaining one bit, summer can stick around for good!

SOURCES: (Contains affiliate links)

Chairs – Wayfair

Table – Wayfair

Paint Color – Sherwin Williams Extra White

Fabric – Amazon

Blue pillow – Serena and Lily

Ticking pillow – Pottery Barn

Bar Stools – Serena and Lily

Striped Pillow – HomeGoods

Beams – they were in the basement of the old cottage we knocked down

Floors – BuildDirect

Navy ticking breakfast nook chairs


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  1. Whatever you decide for table will be great. Either way, will look fabulous.

    Continue to take your time with the decorating. Otherwise, you will get stressed and regret what you did.

    Thank you from sharing from your heart about it all, including back up pillows and spaghetti!

    Lorraine ?

  2. I would leave the table as it is. I like the fact that it goes with the rustic framing in your nook.
    Your home is beautiful and looks so inviting.

  3. Seeing pictures of your beautiful home always make me feel happy as it is so cheerful and inviting. I would absolutely leave the table just the way it is. It ties the wood beams into the space giving it a sense of cohesiveness. It also anchors the space and provides a nice contrast to the painted surfaces.

  4. Your mother-in-law needs to do a tutorial for making those seat cushions – either that or send her to my house next!! :-)

  5. Have you thought about just painting the base of the table and leaving the top natural? Could work.

  6. How lovely and inviting! But please don’t paint that gorgeous table. Looks nice and rustic with the painted cabinets!

  7. LOVE this space. It would most definitely be my coffee spot every morning . PLEASE leave the table! It’s just perfect the way it is.

  8. I love the contrast between the white bench, blue chairs and the natural wood table; I wouldn’t paint the table!

    1. I agree to leave the table as it is. Too many painted surfaces if you also paint the table. (Of course, if you do paint it, your home would still be lovely.)

  9. The photos in this post are magazine-worthy. The decision to frame the seating nook with distressed antique beams against the shiny subway tile wall was brilliant! :) Love the blue and white.

  10. Love the new cushion covers and that Serena and Lily pillow! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! What colour are you contemplating painting the table?

    1. Thanks! I don’t know ha that’s why I can’t decide :) I think the light gray of our pantry door and shelves would be nice. Or even the same deep navy as the chairs may be fun but not sure how that would look next to the blue island.

  11. Omg, love your home, you have really good taste and love the cottage, cozy, relaxed , homey look, what a great job. Love the colors, they are the same as mine. If you don’t mind what is the color on your nook chairs. Thanks for sharing I love looking. Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon, I bought them this blue color so I don’t have a paint name for you! I linked them below if you want to check them out :)

    1. Thanks Linda, I’m so tempted to do it but it cleans up so easy after my kids make a mess here, that I’m scared to do it!

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