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Lake House Master Bedroom

I’ve been putting off sharing this room, mainly because it means I have to iron my bedding. And if you know me, you know I don’t iron. It’s a life skill that I just don’t possess. In the true spirit of procrastination and avoiding ironing at all costs, I ordered myself a hand steamer. Life changing guys!!! I legit have cute things hanging in my closet that I haven’t worn in forever because they are wrinkled, and I think if I just hang it back in the closet, it will become magically unwrinkled the next time I want to wear it. I will now be steaming all the things.

Anyways, enough about my domestic shortcomings and onto the room reveal. The Mr. would like me to add MTV crib styles circa 2001 “this is where the magic happens”… to which, I would like to also add my eye roll… ;)

A bedroom with large sliding doors

In this house, we wanted the master bedroom on the main level so that we can grow old and gray here and not worry about the stairs. We also wanted a little separation from the kids rooms (they are downstairs). So this room is right off the living room.

A bedroom with wood bed and floors

We continued the same wood flooring throughout so it felt seamless, and we did a double door with a glass transom to make the room feel more open.

A view of dresser and tv in a bedroom

Here you can see the other reason I’ve been putting this room off, my great grandmother’s dresser there. It didn’t survive our storage unit so well and it needs a new coat of paint and a good sanding. That drawer that is slightly open on the right is actually swollen shut that way, and it is currently holding all my socks hostage…thankfully it’s still 90 degrees out so flip-flop season is still going strong. I’m hoping to free my socks before the snow flies.

A bedroom dresser and tv

I shared with you all last week how I hid our TV in our living room, but it wasn’t really an option in here. We decided to frame it out and recess it instead, and I’m really happy with how it looks. It seems a little off center in these pics, but the Mr. hung it absolutely perfectly. Yes, he is basically the handiest man alive – it’s just the angle I’m at (he made me clarify that one…)

A vase of flowers on a table

The best part of this room is our view and the deck off of our room.

A bedroom with wood floors and large sliding doors

We spend a ton of time out on our deck and we actually made our room a little smaller than our last master bedroom knowing the majority of our time would be spent outside during the warmer months. I have my coffee there in the morning and a glass of wine at night.

A view of a bedroom with large sliding doors

Ignore the fact that I accidentally left my lunch sitting on the dresser in the above shot (a salad and black cherry water if you want to know) it’s the latest in home accessorizing, whoops.

We went with the same 4 sliding door configuration that we did in the dining room, so the house is symmetrical on the back. I love that the doors open in the middle and really make the most of the indoor/outdoor feeling.

A bedroom with a bed and a window

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about window coverings on such large windows and doors. We used cellular blinds, because I love that they almost completely disappear when they are up and don’t block the view. We purchased ours at our local Budget Blinds. Here’s how they look pulled down. They have black out ones available that block more light, but we are usually up before the sun anyways.

A large bed sitting in a room with a dog

This is Charlie pouting, because I won’t let him snuggle on the bed. He does not appreciate my hard work of steaming wrinkles out!

A dog sleeping in a bedroom

Speaking of Charlie I just bought this bench so he could hop on and off our bed easily without hurting his little legs.

A bench at the end of a bed

I’ll link it below in the source list – we absolutely love it. It’s the perfect height and the pillow top makes it a comfy place to sit and put on socks, I mean if I could get them out of my drawer…

A bedroom with a wooden bed and sailboat painting

We purchased the bed last fall before we even built the house because I wanted to know the dimensions to have the windows and sconces in the exact right spots. The bedding and rug are from our last house, although I’ve been on the hunt for a new duvet cover as I’m thinking about a little deeper blue tone in here.

A white nightstand

I picked these cute nightstands up at a flea market last summer and the Mr. added these legs to make them taller. They are normally covered with stacks of books and full glasses of water that I never drink, but I cleaned up a little for you all.

A vase of flowers on a table

My favorite piece in our bedroom is this absolutely gorgeous painting from Melissa Lyons. It just makes me happy every time I walk in here. I have one of her prints in our living room as well (see it here). She is so talented and the sweetest person. I linked her shop below in the source list so you can check out more of her art.

A bedroom with a bed and a window

One last thing to mention is this ceiling fan. We like to sleep with the windows open as often as possible, so while I would have rather had a pretty light fixture in this room, a ceiling fan is a must for us. Luckily, I found this cute ceiling fan that still has a fun lake vibe, I’ll link it below.

A bedroom filled with furniture and a large window

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

Wall color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams, Silverstrand by Sherwin Williams

Rug – I have it in grey but it’s also available in light blue  Hayneedle

Flooring – BuildDirect

Bed – Bellacor, we have a Queen but it comes in King as well

Bedding – Restoration Hardware

Lumbar Pillow – Wayfair

Throw – I got mine on clearance  Restoration Hardware 

Bench – Target

Nightstands – flea market find

Painting – Melissa Lyons Art

Dresser – hand me down

Ceiling Fan – Here it is in in galvanized – Grayton 54 in. Indoor/Outdoor Galvanized Ceiling Fan

and in White like I have.

Wall sconces – Wayfair

Doors – NorthStar Windows

Blinds – Budget Blinds

Outdoor furniture –  Chair, Pottery Barn Ottoman, Pottery Barn

And in case you hate ironing as much as I do, here is the steamer I bought! – Conair ExtremeSteam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat; White

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  1. Where are the pillows from? Not the lumber pillow or white pillows. Looking for the blue/white striped tie pillow.

  2. What kind of floors are they? Do you have the company name and name of the product. I love the look of the wood. I am building and getting ready to choose the flooring. Thanks! Melissa

        1. I would opt for real hardwoods too typically but with our humidity levels swinging so much on the water real hardwoods aren’t very practical. They expand and contract too much. These have held up well but they do require more care than some floors.

  3. I LOVE this bed! But the links aren’t working anymore. I’m searching for other retailers. Could you tell me the color you purchased it in so I can see if I can find it? Love what you did with this room!

      1. Hello Kelly! I just found this post and I love the bed!! The links were not working for me, can you tell me the name of it and where you got it?
        Thank you!

  4. Can you share the dimensions of this Master Bedroom? It’s just the size I’m envisioning for our lake home reno!

    1. It’s 15 x 14. We had a huge master bedroom in our last house and realized it was all just wasted space. This size is cozy yet spacious enough to fit everything we need. Plus the deck feels like an extension of the room we use all the time in the spring, summer and early fall.

      1. I was reading a bunch of your posts last night and stubmled upon your wish list for this house and it is EXACTLY what my husband and I are wanting for our house! Easy bathroom access from outside, storage for all the lake stuff, larger gathering areas and smaller bedrooms, outdoor shower- I was like this girl has read my mind!!!! Love your point about the tile showers and hard water – you just talked me out of a tile shower! And with me getting bored easily and re-decorating all the time, a new shower curtain and decor does the trick vs. tile I get bored with! I came upon your website and was like wow there are so many similarities in what we are wanting for our home!! We are knocking down our current lake home in Wisconsin that we’ve lived in for 10 years, and starting fresh next year! Could you also share the rough dimensions of your living room, and dining room too? Going to our architect with sizes of rooms, so we can better lay things out and not wish we would have gone smaller or bigger in the end with a finished product! Thanks for all these wonderful, and helpful posts!

        1. Hey Trish! I’m so glad you are finding some helpful info! There is SO much to consider with building and so many decisoins to make it’s been fun to share our experience. Our living room is 22×20 and our dining room is 15×12 good luck with all your planning!

  5. Hi! I am curious about the walls in your house. Are they drywall with wood strips spaced equally apart or is it real board and batten?

    Thank you! Your home is beautiful and your bedroom reminds me of growing up on the west coast. Love it!


  6. What a beautiful space!! On a side note, I’ve been reading about Feng Shui recently and they don’t recommend putting pictures with water in the bedroom.

    1. It’s around the corner off the hallway to the bathroom, I guess I haven’t shown photos of it before because it’s nothing special just a typical walk in closet.

  7. The rug that is linked looks different? Hayneedle has a gray/cream rug available now, but the striping is different. Also, where are the glass floats from? Love them on the dresser! If they are older and unavailable, what is the “netting” made of? Great house! Love it!

  8. Oh. I just jokingly told my husband I found someone just like me on the internet (I cannot iron). He commented back “you’re not on match.com or something are you?”
    We too bought a house on the lake that we intend to grow old in, and we’re remodeling like crazy.
    Thanks for some pinsperation.

  9. This room is so dreamy and relaxing! You are so talented! I think one of the biggest stars of the room is that view! I am constantly trying to figure out what settings to have my camera on to make the room look bright but to also clearly see out the windows. Is your room naturally bright enough that you can turn the exposure down enough to see what’s outside while keeping the interior bright? You’ve captured that room so well.

  10. So, so pretty! Every detail is perfect! I love your style and I am trying to figure out how to imitate it in my own house. What would you do if all of the pieces of your bedroom furniture matched? (Do you have a horrified look on your face?)

  11. Each time you share a part of your new home I think that’s my favorite! Truth be told, I love it all!!! So much fun to share with you. And, you’ve convinced me, I need a steamer too.

  12. Love your style. I allways get excited whe I see your posts! Looking at purchasing your bed is it the oatmeal Coler? And did your husband make the nightstand legs ? I have similar nightstands and would like to ad legs also!

  13. Just one more beautiful room to be envious over. Your home is unbelievable. I love all of it. Scenery is fantastic to look out at. Work well done. Betty from Ontario,Canada

  14. Your absolute honesty makes me laugh. No secrets here. Lol
    I love a bright room and purposely hung blinds that give me privacy but let the light in. That way, I wake gently to the morning light. Your windows are amazzzzing!

  15. How lovely! There isn’t one little detail I would change. The fan is gorgeous and the sassy swollen drawer even adds a bit of character. I am so inspired by your decorating style! Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Extremely restful! Love, love, love everything about this room. I will take full responsibility for you missing the ironing gene. My mom was the master ironer and I am terrible at it! Needless to say the steamer is in my Amazon cart as I type!

  17. I love that you’re using your great grandmother’s dresser. It’s cute & tres chic at the same time!
    Beautiful light and airy colors!

    1. Thanks Nicole it is the one piece of furniture that I have had since I was little, not sure I will ever part with it. Sticky drawer and all :)

  18. Kelly, this is a lovely, serene room, and that view is sublime. Your entire home is a happiness fest. Charlie is an adorable grumpy guss.

    P.S. I love my steamer. It has transformed a number of bedskirts, among other things.

    Cheers, Ardith

  19. I am so impressed with your style. It is so relaxing and beautiful. Absolutely love every part of your home you have revealed. Looking forward to seeing more!

  20. Perfect! Agree–deck off the bedroom is mandatory, especially with that gorgeous view. I also love the silver clock on one of the nightstands. Source?

    Don’t fret, little Charlie; our biggest Wolfhound (190 lb) has that same expression when he has to wait as I’m switching out ‘dog covers’ on our bed!!

    1. Hi Lisa, oh boy I’ve had that clock of probably 10 years I really don’t know where it came from! And it doesn’t work anymore but it’s just so pretty :)

  21. Oh my! I could live in this room forever! Love it. I love the duvet the color it is, but can’t wait to see what you put on that bed next.

  22. Such a beautiful bedroom! I absolutely love everything. Would you mind sharing the name of your flooring?

  23. Beautiful and Charlie is so adorable I do not like to iron my bedding it is just something why? You are going to crawl in and they are going to get wrinkled anyway!! LOL!!!! Thank you for sharing and God bless

  24. It’s a beautiful retreat. I love how the outdoors frames your bed. It’s like having two paintings flanking it. Just gorgeous. Also, I know what you mean about the deck, my husband and I ate supper on our deck every night but about three this summer. Enjoy it.

  25. Oh…the openness…the airiness…….the calm that it invokes……and of course…we can’t forget…the magic……perfect…..even the dresser…..it all fits.

  26. I simply love what you’ve done. Yes!! You can tell me I told you so when I pooh, poohed your idea of moving from your other house. And being a friend, I will gladly send you some of my old socks. One or two might be a little worn but they are soft and comfy. You won’t even need to send them back. Just give me your address and I’ll gladly send them COD. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Sending Hugs!!

  27. Ha – My nightstand always has books and a glass of water that I never drink too! For some reason, I bring a glass of water up to my room every night, take one sip and then it sits there -full until I dump it out in the morning. Love, love, love this room! It’s so bright and cheery and the deck with that view is amazing! I also love how you can’t even tell you have window coverings until you pull them down.

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