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Master Bedroom Update

Hey! I feel like I haven’t talked to you all in a while, we took the kids to Disney last week and had a blast riding all the “roaster coasters” (as my son called them). We had the best time, I might try to throw together a quick post about it mainly because I have some of the most epically hilarious photos of the kids that are begging to be shared…

Also if I owe you an email, FB comment, blog question, Instagram shoutout or my firstborn child; I’m slowly, slowly wading thru the 152 gazillion emails in my inbox that I ignored for the week while I was hanging out with the 7 dwarfs like the grown up I am.

But back to why you are probably all here, ready for some home decor inspiration? I started revamping our master bedroom this summer and I showed you bits and pieces along the way, but never the whole shebang. I thought we were about due for an update, now that the new doors and trim are all finished in here!

Bedroom with bed and chairs

Not too much has changed since I showed you how I DIY’ed this headboard, but I did bring my grandmother’s cane backed chairs up here.

A chair that is sitting in front of the bed

Which little man promptly put his foot through while reenacting the Lego Movie, hence the need for a cute pillow to cover up the ruined back, sigh…

A bed in a bedroom with nightstands

Our old dining room rug from Pottery Barn found a new home up here as well, the bed may be strategically covering up a giant ketchup stain…

Are you sensing a theme here? Basically all the ruined leftovers of the house have made their way up here, but that’s ok it’s kind of working?

Ok and can we talk about the new view thanks to the new doors? There used to be 2 big windows up here, but this door really makes our room feel so much larger! (Details on the outdoor furniture and deck here)

Bedroom doors overlooking a lake

Yup, my favorite place on earth. We reused our old 3 door sliding door from downstairs and brought it up here and then added the transom windows all around to really open it up, this saved us SO much money on our renovation.

Here’s what it looks like from our bed.

A bedroom with a bed and a large window

On this side of the room is my painted armoire, one of my very first blog projects ever. And actually my first attempt with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, little did I know I was going to practically paint everything I own with it.

A dresser in a room

You can get a peek of our master bathroom down this hallway (check out the grand tour here.)

A vase with flowers in front of a window

Oh, I also never showed you these cool tobacco drying racks I picked up at the flea market! Love these things, I was looking for something huge for this wall, since I got rid of the ginormous dresser that used to be on the wall. I love the texture and interest they bring to the room.

A bedroom with a bed and a chair in a room

Here’s my “let’s pretend I bring the Mr. coffee in bed with a book and cute napkin, all the while the bed remains suspiciously perfectly made up” shot :)

A cup of coffee sitting on top of a bed, with a basket

and my nightstand devoid of it’s usual stack of 32 books, and empty wine glass ;)

Bedroom nightstands with lamps and a plant

I’m still loving my Ikea Hack nightstands, you can check out how to make your own here.

Ok and I can’t resist sharing just a few shots of the trees right now, ahhh, love this time of year in Michigan!

A large body of water with trees in the background

A tree in front of a house


Bedding – Shams, Duvet cover – Pottery Barn

Quilt – my grandmother’s

Nightstands – Ikea

Bed Frame – Pottery Barn

Headboard – made by me, find it here

Lamps- Homegoods, repainted, check out the post here.

Mirrors – again with the DIY, make your own here

Shadow box – HomeGoods

Paint Color – find it here

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  1. It’s beautiful!!! I’m thinking about getting that bed with the drawers…but then think, heck, the ikea one is only $200. Torn. Sometimes I’m not so thrilled with how PB furniture wears. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love your house and especially your room with that view! I live in the desert. My bedroom view is the beautiful Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, but nothing compares to the fall in the East. We just got home last night from visiting PA, the Amish country and their amazing fall colors. My husband said we should take a trip every fall to see the fall colors. I think next year we will visit you :)

  3. With a view like that I’d never leave my bed! Where did you get the adorable You Are My Sunshine pillow? Please tell me Etsy so I can order one too?!?!?

  4. The room is so pretty but those doors, windows and deck! Wow! I honestly would just sit out there all day. Enjoy it, its beautiful.

  5. I was hoping to get some coffee in bed! Awww darn!! I wouldn’t get out of bed with that view. It is absolutely gorgeous!! You’ve done a great job of using all of your slightly used items. I’m looking forward to your stories with the dwarfs.

  6. Spectacular view from your bedroom! My, have something warm to drink out on your deck. Love it!

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