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Easy Holiday Centerpiece – Put a Sweater on it

Have you figured out my theme this year yet? Take everything in your house that remotely resembles Christmas decor and put a sweater on it…

cue Beyonce…

or the chipmunks version if you have a 5 year old in the house like me :)

“If you like Christmas then you shoulda put a sweater on it…”

And I have to tell you with the windchill at 10 degrees today I gotta think all my holiday decor appreciates being snug inside a sweater remnant.

Sweater wrapped centerpiece

Speaking of windchill, I think I may have possibly promised you that I would show you my outdoor decor today? Well um, oops I lied cuz it got all winter crazy outside and would not stop snowing! So, I’m going to brave the elements tomorrow instead and capture some winter wonderland photos as long as my fingers don’t fall off in the process. 

Sweater Evergreen Centerpiece

So, real quick I’ll share this 10 minute holiday centerpiece. Grab some different glass jars, jam jars, mason jars, pickle jars whatever you got. Don’t be afraid to scrounge the fridge and empty that jar of spaghetti sauce into a plastic bag. 

Sweater Evergreen Centerpiece

 Take all the sleeves of the sweaters you have been busy cutting up making hoop art and sweater ornaments, and cut them into rings. Slide the rings on the jars, fill with water, some evergreen clippings, and faux berries and you’re done!

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