Merry Christmas

Well, somehow we have just about reached the end of this crazy year. My kiddos are finishing up school this week, and I’m going to take a few weeks off to spend time hanging out with them, whether they want to hang with me or not… :)  I want to say a big thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading my blog or chatting with me on Instagram. I love to share my ideas, projects, and recipes with you all, and I’m so thankful for this little community here! I still can’t believe that my little hobby has turned into a full-time job. I’ve had so many fun opportunities thanks to all of you for stopping by here year after year! The real MVP – The Mr. Charlie would also like special recognition of his many great contributions here on the blog.

Lake House Christmas Decor

The blog would not be a success without his superior photo bombing skills and vital assistance during brainstorming sessions.

A laptop computer sitting on top of a book

He comes up with his best ideas while napping…

Lake House Christmas decor

I normally post a little nighttime Christmas tour this week to wrap up the season, but since I didn’t really go all out this year, I thought I would just share a little camera roll dump instead. I also typically share our family Christmas card… yeah, didn’t get to that this year either… It feels very 2020!

The Mr. and I have been walking at night, partly for exercise and partly just as an attempt to stay sane and leave our house once a day. I snapped this shot of our house afterward last night. The Mr. couldn’t believe our children had every light on in the whole house (has he met them? I’m not sure they even know light switches also go down!), but I thought our house looked all warm and cozy.

A person wearing a hat

Maybe because it was so freezing outside! The Mr. has outfitted us in the warmest walking gear complete with matching headlamps. I have to say I have been nice and toasty on our walks and the fresh air feels good. If you follow me on Instagram, you may be jealous of my full cat burglar outfit – I’ll link it below along with Dan’s heated vest he is obsessed with. The lake is starting to freeze, so pretty soon we may be able to take those walks on the ice which is always fun.

Frozen lake with the sun shining on it

I will miss the sun shining on the water in the afternoon, but my kids are so excited to ice skate when it gets thick enough!

A man standing next to a forest

My three favorite guys hiking this past weekend. We are ready for some snow around here as it’s skipped us so far this winter.

Lake House Christmas Decor

While we are on the subject of the Mr. – I want to give him proper credit for snapping the above photo which turned out to be my most liked photo on social media this year. Well done sir!

Lake House Sunset Christmas tree

Normally I’m ready to take my tree down right away, but I have to say I think I’m going to miss those twinkly lights this year.

Lake House Christmas Decor

Couldn’t resist snapping this cozy shot. And Charlie couldn’t resist the chance to cozy up with his favorite girl by the fire!

I think that’s all I have for you this year. I do want to take the time to invite you to my Church virtually if you are looking for a place to watch Christmas services. We have been missing gathering with our Church family, but our church Ada Bible has done such a great job with their online services every week, and I know they will have a fantastic Christmas service as well. You can check it out here – Ada Bible Online.

Wishing you all an extra safe and healthy Christmas and New Year – blessings to you and yours!

P.S. Linking our cold-weather walking gear for you below in case you want to be a toasty ninja too ;)

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

Fleece Lined Leggings

Balaclava Shirt

Fave walking shoes (we both have them)

Heated Vest

Head Lamps

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  1. Hi there, I know you’re offline (hope you’re enjoying it!), but had to share…my husband asked me if I happened to have bought him a heated vest for Christmas! I hadn’t heard of them until your Post about Dan’s vest. I had thought about it after the post…so I told him I had a link for him to check out, so thank you!😉. Best wishes!🎄

  2. Hey!

    Merry Christmas Kelly and family, you are an adorable couple and family. Enjoy your time off! Could you also share what brand your furry hooded jacket is?

  3. Always love seeing your blog emails in my inbox…wishing you and your family an amazing holiday season. Thank you for opening your home to all of us!

  4. Merry Christmas Kelly and family, you are an adorable couple and family. Enjoy your time off! Could you also share what brand your furry hooded jacket is?

  5. Oh goodness, Kelly, looking at this post is like looking at a living Christmas card with the sweetest little fur child! Thank you so very much for all the smiles and giggles and kind words all year long. Your blog has truly enriched my life, especially this year when I really needed it. May you and your loved ones make the most special memories together in the next few weeks and be blessed with health, love and happiness in the new year. Merry Christmas!

  6. I know getting out of the house even for a walk at night is a good thing; with your beautiful home and family, staying in would be easy to handle.

  7. That picture of t he tree with the lake in the background-GORGEOUS. Have a blessed Christmas with your lovely family. 🌲

  8. God bless you and your family this Christmas! I will be checking out your church’s Christmas service. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your time off!!

  9. Merry Christmas!! Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoy your blog so very much. God’s richest blessings on your family this holiday season. Enjoy every second!! See you next year!

  10. Please tell us what breed Charlie is. He’s so adorable in all the photos. Makes us want a doggie to go in our stocking. 😊🐶

  11. Such a beautiful place! Is this on Conesus Lake in New York? Sure looks like it! A blessed Christmas to you, too!

  12. Love your blog. And you and your husband so cute I must say. Hope you and your family have a Jesus filled Christmas

  13. Hi, your house looks amazing! Will you please share links to the rug, accent chairs and coffee table in your living room? THANKS so much!!

    1. Hi Joanne you can find all the exact links on the shop our home page on my blog but the accent chairs are from Maiden Home and the coffee table and rug are from Wayfair – thanks!

  14. Merry Christmas Kelly, Dan and family . Thank you for all you do for us. You will be missed the next couple of weeks . Stay healthy and safe. See you soon.

    1. Enjoy your beautiful property. You make it beautiful and warm; so lovely for all of us. Merry Christmas!🎄🙏

  15. BEAUTIFUL! God bless you during this season and so proud of you for stepping away to be present with your family Time is fleeting and before you know it they will grow away for a bit as teens then move on.. Love Every Minute. I will be checking out your church for some Christmas Worship time

  16. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks so much to you for sharing your home and ideas with us. I always look forward to see what new things your up to and what’s happening in your life. I to have paired down my Christmas decorating this year and it feels nice to just focus on the family and the season. Blessings to you and your family and yes your fur baby to.

  17. Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing with us and we can’t forget Charlie! Thank him too!! I enjoy his photo bombing ❤️

  18. Merry Christmas Kelly! Enjoy this time with your family, kids grow up so fast!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home, makes me miss my home state of Michigan. I ordered the headlamps for my husband’s stocking. Look forward to night time walks without a flashlight!

  19. I love reading your blog. You have a beautiful home! We have snow here in northern Michigan so it looks like Christmas! Merry Christmas and enjoy your break!

  20. I can feel the nostalgia as a child..❤️🎄 your kids will have the most coziest and memorable childhood. Have a very merry Christmas! Christ was born to save all.. Wonderful Counselor!

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