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White Rustic Christmas Mantel

Happy Monday guys! I don’t typically post on Mondays, but with my kiddos home at the end of this week for the holiday, I thought I would stop in and say hi today. I’m sharing my Christmas mantel in case you are looking for some tips or inspiration this week.

Navy and white Christmas decor rustic mantel

My mantel has always been a favorite space of mine to decorate. This year I kept it simple and left our mirror up that is normally here. Mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to nail any extra holes in our beautiful wood work. I’m still working on my nail hole phobia in the new house…

A fire place decorated for Christmas

I added these chunky candlesticks that I have had for a million years and if you have been reading the blog for a long time you may recognize them. They are currently gray (thanks to a coat of spray paint), but they have been red, blue, black and white. I use them every year in various spots and just paint them to match my decor.

A close up of a fireplace with a round mirror

If you read my post on Friday about our breakfast nook (find it here), I mentioned I start with a faux garland and work in some fresh greens. I did that here as well and added a strand of battery operated lights and a bunch of sticks from our yard that I spray painted white.

A close up of a fireplace mantel with garland

I used these cozy knit stockings, which I wired right to the garland. So, there are actually just two nails holding up this whole garland. My mantel is old and rustic so I don’t mind putting nails in it, but if you have nice wood work like at our last house I used 2 small white nails in the top of our mantel that I kept there all year round so that I wasn’t constantly ruining the wood. I use floral wire wrapped around the garland and then tied to the nails to get this swag effect.

Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings with garland

I found these super cool giant snowy pine cone looking things at a local green house (Fruitbasket Flowerland if you are in the Grand Rapids area) and wired those into the garland as well. Spoiler alert, I also put them in my tree.

A fire place with a round mirror and candles

A close up of a fireplace

Another quick tip, I have made a mess of my mantel in the past with candles, so I finally bought some of those led candles and I’m not sure why I didn’t do it sooner. My favorite thing is they are on a timer, so every day at 4pm they automatically flicker on and it makes this room so cozy. Especially with my mantel being so tall, I would probably never really light these candles and now they are “lit” everyday.

A fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture decorated for Christmas

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving this week and I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of you who stop by here. I started this blog on a whim 6 years ago and it’s grown into not only such a creative outlet for me, but I also really love connecting with all of you. Your emails, sweet comments and fun ideas over the years always mean so much!

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

Paint color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Rug – Dash and Albert

Pillows – HomeGoods

Wrapping paper – Target and  Target,

Candlesticks – not sure I’ve had them for 10 years but here are some similar ones

Stockings – Wayfair

Mirror – HomeGoods/DIY but here is a similar one

Coffee table globes – HomeGoods

Stone – J&S Stone Quartz, the color is Price

Chair – hand me down from my mom but she had them custom made at a local store, here’s a similar one.

Light – Bellacor

LED Candles – World Market

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  1. What type of greens did you add? I love the look and want to add to mine but I’m not the biggest green thumb and have no idea what to add!

  2. Beautiful! I love how it looks like you spent a ton of money but you are very frugal about decorating!

    1. I definitely decorate in a high-low combo. I splurge on certain things that I want to last but Christmas decor isn’t one of those things :)

  3. Thank-you for brightening my day and inspiring me. I love seeing your new home and how you are decorating for Christmas.

  4. It’s beautiful. I’m really loving your garlands. They look so lush and green. I can’t believe you have that whole thing on just two nails! I use the LED candles on my mantel also. Ours sits up so high I would have to use a stool to reach them. Love the ones with the timers.

  5. Love, love, love your living space – it’s the best! I’d like to know if the Bellacor chandelier gives off enough light or do you need other supplemental lighting? If you do use other lighting do you have outlets in the floor?

    1. We have 4 cans in the ceiling as well but we rarely have them both on at the same time. There are 12 lightbulbs on the chandelier so it really kicks off a ton of light.

  6. I love the simplicity of your mantel. I still use real candles but I think I’ll change to LED ones this year. Having them come on at a predetermined time is perfect. I bought a pair of little girl skates at a thrift shop and changed the laces for red. So, I can incorporate them into my decor this Christmas. Happy to see you using them, too.

  7. It all looks beautiful Kelly! I also love the added touch with the ice skates ?.. have you ever tried the Command strips? Just wondering how they work around the house. Maybe an alternative to nail holes ??? Ha! Happy Thanksgiving.. thx for all your inspiration.

    1. Lisa,
      I use command hooks for swags and wreaths. They work well. I’ve never had anything fall down and the best part is no holes or mess.

  8. How do you clean your hardwood floors and are they hard to maintain with the grooves? I got a sample of the flooring because i love yours so much, but that is my only concern. I love everything about your home, is so cozy looking.

    1. Hi Tonya I pretty much just vacuum them and mop them every once in a while with a barely damp norwex mop. I don’t have issues getting stuff in the grooves, so far at least!

  9. I truly love the idea of mixing the faux and fresh greenery. It’s so hard to find an affordable garland that looks full and natural. I love the simplicity of this look. I bought some bendable twig lights from Christmas Tree Shops. I use them for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, in with my leaves and berries for fall and greenery, etc. for Christmas. They are battery operated too, so bonus there!

  10. We use an led candle in the bathroom for a night light, and even pack one in the suitcase when we travel. Love it!

  11. Absolutely stunning! Your space seems really warm and cozy, and that garland is drop dead gorgeous, thanks for sharing. I always look forward to seeing your posts for inspiration!

  12. I have a mantel that every year I do up the very same way…..I do like it when it’s done but now I’m thinking about maybe I should change it up…just because I can…..thanks for the ideas!

  13. Your mantel garland is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Simply stunning! All of your clever tips and tricks make me want to run right out to my local nursery except it’s only 6 a.m. here, lol. Many blessings to you and your sweet family this Thanksgiving!

  14. The mantel looks awesome! I totally agree on the battery lit candles. The best! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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