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Nautical Big Boy Room Reveal

The day has finally come! Little man’s nautical big boy room is done. So, quick like a bunny, I snapped photos while it was is in pristine condition before it becomes  messy, smelly little boy land littered with dump trucks, and race cars.

A living room with a bed and a window


Nautical Boy Bedding - www.thelilypadcottage.com

I kept the nautical vibe his room had before, but now he has an exciting big boy bed with fun bedding instead of a boring old crib.

Coincidentally, after a fall out of the aforementioned exciting big boy bed last week, complete with a trip to the ER and a mild concussion, this mom is missing the safety of the boring old crib…except for the fact that he could climb out of the crib, making it sooo not safe either…

Big Boy Nautical Room - thelilypadcottage

Basically, the kid needs to stop giving me a heart attack. I almost gave the entire room a bubble wrapped makeover…don’t worry – thanks to Pinterest and a few strategically placed pool noodles tucked under his sheets – he is now snug as a bug in a rug.

Reading Nook - www.thelilypadcottage.com

Remember my hand carved wall art? I hung it over here in his little reading nook.

Crate Shelves - www.thelilypadcottage.com

I wanted some extra storage and a place to display his favorite books, so I hung these crates on the wall (just screwed them into the studs). And, yes, his dinosaur rain boots are stinking adorable, and I want a pair for myself.

Big Boy Room

I love this locker I found at one of my favorite vintage stores and gave it a little spray paint makeover. Right now, it holds diapers, wipes and socks, but some day when we conquer the potty training thing it will hold his clothes.

Nautical Hat Rack - thelilypadcottage

Little man likes to accessorize so he needed a place to hang his hat collection. Although, the only hat he will wear is his beloved “moto -cyca” baseball cap…

A small child sitting on a bed

Love this kid :)

Throw pillows

I will be sharing a few DIY projects from his room later in the week, but I’ll quick share some of my shopping sources –

Comforter, plaid pillow -Pottery Barn Kids

Wall flags, life guard pillow, striped pillow case – Land of Nod

Bed – Ikea (although more on that soon, it wasn’t originally navy)

You can see the DIY tutorial on his rope lamp here.

I better get back to bubble wrapping, or look into sticking him into one of those bubble boy contraptions…maybe just trade in the baseball hat for a football helmet?

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  1. Hey, I love this room! My 3 year old has a nautical bedroom too. We are now buying a house and are able to paint-Woohoo! I NEED to know the color of the awesome soft gray walls and how did you make the white wall look like ship lap? ?

    1. Hey Bree, sorry I’m not sure of the color anymore, we don’t live in that house and I left the spare paint to the new owners!

  2. Hi! I’m sorry j found the color you used for the bed but I was curious how you painted the ikea bed? Did you have to prime it? Or sand it?
    Thank you

    1. Hey Jamie, I did an updated post about it that the paint peeled off so I would maybe try spray paint? I don’t know I definitely did not have good luck painting the laminate bed thanks

  3. Can you tell me the color blue you painted the ikea bed? I saw you said “more on that later” but I don’t see any more info on it. Thank you! Love the room!!

  4. Looking for this grey…I haven’t found one I like and ihave 6 samples painted on my wall right now *big sigh*
    I love this grey soo much. you don’t happen to know what store you went to or have the paint can with info on it yet by any chance (I know we all don’t hoard leftover paint like my husband lol)
    love all your rooms by the way :) gorgeous!

  5. On the planked wall, do you paint it glossy like the baseboard or do you paint it flat like the other walls? Thanks!

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I really enjoy your style and personality, it really shines through on your blog. Your house is beautiful and your ideas are do-able. I love the flooring you used in the kids bedrooms and would like to know what it is and if you still like it. Also, how did you decide to use laminate in the sunroom addition? We live on a lake also and will be putting flooring in the walk out basement this summer. We are debating between vinyl vs. laminate planking. There are so many choices! Any thoughts would be helpful.


    1. Hi Becky, we went with laminate in the sunroom because I really wanted a white washed looking floor in there but didn’t want real wood in there. I love it so far and actually wish we had laminate everywhere instead of wood. I’m not totally sure why flooring is in the kids rooms since we built before blogging but if you go to a flooring store and tell them you are looking for a white laminate they should have something similar. I do still totally love it!

    1. Hi Jeri! They are planks and I just bought 12 foot boards and nailed them up there with spacers in between, if you search plank wall DIY on pinterest you will get a zillion tutorials. Good luck!

  7. Kelly- I’m looking for this Navy blue color for a sign I’m making for a customer! The Navy blue you used on your sons bed, which is adorable, by the way! Please help me to find it! Thank you!

  8. My son has the exact same bedspread and bed! I really need some ideas for pillows and back wall so this is perfect! I am doing this right away. Thank you so much!!

  9. Oh my goodness, Kelly I want to move into that room~! ADORABLE! Sorry about Jack’s head bump… dear precious boy! You have done a fabulous job with his room! l love every inch!

  10. This room is so unbelievably cute and cool at the same time! I love your whale artwork especially. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but is the comforter the blue or gray rugby?

  12. Darling room! Wondering about the name/brand of the paint color. I thought it was gray, but someone else thought it was taupe. Thanks!

    1. It’s 8784D Blackthorn. I think it is Miller paint? Google it and you will find the info on it – sorry I can’t be more specific, it was a color match my paint store did for me. I do love the color though :)

  13. Love the whole room! What paint did you use on the taupe walls? It’s so warm and different!

  14. Love it! Question… What is the grey ish/ bluish paint color that you used? I’m
    Looking for something similar for my sons room and I really like the color you chose.

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  16. Love this Nautical Theme!!! I will definitely have to save this one in case we have a boy of our own one day! :)
    Visiting from “Happy Hour”

  17. SOOO cute! I love it! My husband always wanted a nautical room if we had a boy. ;-) The locker and crates hanging are fabulous. Another great room makeover!! :-)

  18. Just darling. You inspired me to finally finish Gage’s room so I’ll be posting this week. I actually went from nautical to baseball as per requested by my child but I still love the nautical. When they get older they start to form opinions…..

  19. Completely obsessed, Kelly! It’s such a beautiful room ehhmm I mean cool :)

    1. Hi Marty, sorry I missed your party – my computer was down last week, I’ll try to stop by this week! Thanks :)

  20. Kelly this is AMAZING!!! Seriously one of my all-time favorite kids rooms ever! It is definitely a space that he can grow into and you did such an incredible job. Well done!

  21. I love it! Can’t wait for my little guy to get out of the crib as well. Oh and the hat rack rocks! Great job, thanks for sharing

  22. His room is adorable!!! I am working on a very, very similar style for my little guy. Wondering where you found the floor lamp? Great job and great pictures, thanks for taking the time to share!

  23. Your little guy is so fortunate to have a mom who puts so much love into creating such a wonderful room for him! So many great details. It’s really fantastic, Kelly!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  24. Hi s new room is FABULOUS and will grow with him (I know this…I’m almost “finished” raising two guys of my own). ..The idea of pool noodles under the sheets is also PERFECT! I’m storing that one away until there are some “small children” in my life in the FAR distant future (since I’m still raising my “men”). xo

    1. Thanks Kimberly, I can’t take credit I saw it on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find the original source to share – hate when that happens!

  25. It looks great, very stylish and sweet but totally “boy” too. We had a major head smack last week too, no concussion (well…I don’t think…), but good gracious there was a lot of blood. Esp love the hat rack!

  26. Love the room!! Did you use MDF board for the wall? I’m trying to figure out how to do a wall like that in our guest room

    1. Yes Molly it’s MDF! If you click on the link in the post where I talk about his old room, I share the info on his plank wall.

  27. LOVE the room! I’ve been moving things around in the house and I find your blog so…..inspiring. you are one talented young lady!

  28. Kelly,

    Could you explain your comment re: the pool noodles under the sheet for safety . . . we are dealing with similar issues with a toddler climbing our of the crib, and we are well on our way to converting to a “big girl bed!” The room is amazing!

    1. Hi sure, I can’t take credit it for it – it was on Pinterest but I couldn’t find the original source so I couldn’t share it – take one of the thicker pool noodles and stick it under the fitted sheet. It forms a nice little barrier on the edge of the bed!

      1. I did this over 5 years ago for my oldest and I had seen the idea in a magazine. It is the BEST thing ever and it really works! Both my kids slept in new big beds with this and we did not have any fall outs! Family and friends have used it as well. Good Luck and I hope you have no more trips to the ED (at least for this!)

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