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White and Navy Kitchen Christmas Decor

Hey guys, as promised, I’m kicking off Christmas this week! I was hoping to share our breakfast nook and kitchen today, but miracle of all miracles the sun is shining in Michigan today! This is a rare and welcome occurrence in November (I’m not complaining), however, it makes the lighting impossible to shoot the breakfast nook. SO, I’ll just make this a two parter like a particularly juicy Housewives Reunion and share the nook on Friday. White Cottage Christmas Decor

I mentioned I was shaking things up a bit this year and skipping the red. I love red at Christmas time, but I’ve done it the last 3 years, so it was a fun challenge to try something different this year.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

I’m going with navy, grey and white this year with lots of fresh greens thrown in the mix.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

I kept it pretty simple in the kitchen, because this room is typically messy enough on it’s own. Between homework, food prep and my kids slime making habit, keeping the counters clear is unheard of anyway. I bought this adorable little fresh rosemary tree at Lowe’s along with a fresh wreath to hang on the hood. My daughter baked this cute gingerbread cake with a very fancy Trader Joe’s box mix and then stared at me aghast when I told her she couldn’t eat it yet ;)

White Blue Kitchen Christmas Decor

I didn’t have to spend a lot to switch up my colors. Spray paint, and wrapping paper are the cheapest ways to change things up. I used all my old silver and white ornaments and just added in about $25 worth of navy ball ornaments from Michaels.

Blue island with wooden dishes sitting on it

Wreath on a kitchen island

Another great tip is spending a few bucks on ribbon, I found this navy and white one from Target and wired it to the wreath.A kitchen with a stove and hood

I found the “Good Tidings” sign at Joann Fabric. It was originally white and I wanted it to stand out more, so I gave it a coat of navy spray paint.

A bowl of oranges on a kitchen counter, with Color

My vintage colander with a bag of tangerines is my last little bit of “decor” which is really just my cute attempt to brainwash my children into eating more fruit.

Cross your fingers for a rainy day (not something I normally say) and my breakfast nook, part 2 will be up on Friday!

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  1. Hi Kelly, Simply Beautiful! How did you hang the “Good Tidings” sign with the tile overnight your range?

  2. I love the garland on the countertop and the evergreens against your fresh coat of white paint! The blue/white holiday tones are a nice switch from the traditional red/green. I love it!

  3. Can I ask where you found your pom pom garland? I have been looking everywhere for an all white one :)

  4. Blue holiday accents are perfect for your home! The “Good Tidings” sign is such a nice touch, too!
    Can you offer any tips on how you achieve such expert results with spray paint?? Do you have a favorite brand? Or sheen? Use several coats? Use sandpaper first? Thank you!!

  5. Wow! The navy is gorgeous! LOVE the Good Tidings sign. Thanks so much for always sharing your sources.

  6. Well it looks like you’ll have rain today.. at least it’s raining on the east side of the state so we may get to see that Nook after all. I love your inexpensive idea of switching up the colors. Makes me want to do the same because I have every color under the sun available to me. I probably wouldn’t even have to spray paint anything. I have way too many Christmas decorations.

  7. I, too, decorate with lots of navy! That’s what’s in the rest of the house, anyway, so it’s a good fit! I can’t forego my red, though.

  8. I enjoy your posts so much! I recently remodeled my kitchen and would love to hang a wreath from my wood wrapped exhaust hood but I think I would cringe if I had to put a nail in it!! What did you use? I didn’t know if a command strip would work. ?

    1. Yes I’m using a command strip with a hook on it, one of the more heavy duty ones crossing my fingers it doesn’t leave a mark!

  9. So pretty! And love the simple understated look of the navy and the greens. It’s easy to get carried away with Christmas decorations and go way overboard, and end up with placed clutter! Love the clean lines of just a few well placed items to bring holiday cheer into your lovely lake home.

    1. Thank you, Christmas clutter starts to drive me a little batty by mid December so I’m trying to keep it simple this year.

  10. I love the navy! Could you please tell me where you bought that adorable little wicker basket that the rosemary tree is in? Can’t wait to see the nook!


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