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Gray and White Christmas Front Porch

I finally made it outside to get my front porch and window boxes Christmas ready! I was hoping the weather was going to cooperate (one always hopes this actually, when one lives in Michigan) and give me a pretty new dusting of snow to make everything magical. Gray and White Christmas Front Porch

Front door with benches

Alas, there was no new snow in sight. So, I did what any normal half crazy blogger does and I shoveled our yard for the last bits of snow to throw near the porch. Mainly because there were a ton of leaves there and somehow I reasoned in my head that covering them with shovels full of snow would be quicker/easier than just raking them and bagging them. I also inadvertently stepped in a Charlie “present” while shoveling the yard in my pajamas. So, you are welcome for that mental image… Thank goodness our street is pretty quiet in the winter as the choice words that rang out weren’t exactly spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear! :)

A door with a wreath

I stuck with my less is more simple approach this year out on the porch with a wreath and garland. I used a faux wreath and garland that I had in the garage and wove in some cedar clippings form a local nursery to freshen it up a bit. I hung it with a command hook rather than one of those wreath hangars. We have an extra tall door and I find that those don’t hang down far enough for me.

A house with bushes in front of a building

I added a gray velvet bow to tie in my striped gray lumbar pillows. Also, notice Charlie stalking me as usual through the window. He is very concerned as to why I am shoveling snow at the house.

winter window box ideas red branches and cedar boughs

For my window boxes, I took a little walk through the woods and collected some greens from the yard. I also bought these red-coated sticks at the nursery. This would be such an easy DIY with some spray paint and sticks too!

A house with bushes in front of a window

In the past, I have added ornaments or more “Christmasy” items into my window boxes and then I’m sort of stuck with them until the weather thaws. This year, I wanted to do something that would be good to go all winter long. I tossed a few shovels full of yard snow (dog poo free thankfully) at them to make them a little more festive. I can’t wait to see them coated with actual fresh snow too.

winter window box ideas red branches and cedar boughs

I bought these evergreen trees last year and planted them in these planters. They looked cute out by the pool all summer and the Mr. helped me drag them back over here for the winter. That’s it – my gray and white Christmas porch is complete!

A front door with benches

If you have missed any of my other Christmas decor this year, you can check out our living room here and our kitchen here.

Gray and White Christmas Front Porch

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  1. Is that a dummy window in top part of the porch and does it have a vent or access to the attics?

  2. After 23 years, we are redoing the asbestos siding on our house, and we redesigned the front windows to look like yours – bumped out and with a roof. What is the white trim work made of, and how thick is it? I’d love to show you when it’s done!!!

  3. It’s just beautiful! I’m getting ready to build a new home at the lake. I love you shake color, would you share?

  4. I love the simplicity of your front porch ! Gray and White?? I would not have considered that, but am so ready to do something similar after seeing this. I have never commented on your post, but just love your style, both writing and decor. Always looking forward to what you are doing! silly question , looking for gray velvet ribbon online and not much there, went to my local Michaels and not a thing! Any suggestions? Merry Christmas

  5. Hi
    I love your exterior colors.
    Would you be able to share the color of gray shingles? The combination with the white and black standing seams is so beautiful.

    Thank you!

  6. Very beautiful…love the simplicity! (Yes, you could add more…but sometimes it’s good to step away and not look for that perfection – refreshing to see that in a blogger). What kind of command hook did you use? Is it directly on the glass window or the white portion? I live in Minnesota and need something for hanging a wreath besides the hook over the door type hanger but the glass is super cold so not sure a suction device or sticky will stay i place.

  7. Love it! And your post! You are so funny! I like seeing that side of you! I was wondering where you got the ribbon for the wreath! I love it and tried to find something similar today with no luck!

  8. Yes! Love the subtle look. You can always add a bit of red next year if you miss it. But I love what you’ve done this year. Sometimes less bright red really IS more!!!!

  9. You always have the most beautiful, full garland. Can you please do a tutorial on how you add all the different faux and real together? I love your porch and mantle!

  10. Very pretty! Love your simple, elegant style. I’m a lakeside resident of West Michigan, too, and I keep wondering when the last of the oak leaves will fall. I can see myself doing the same thing as you did – throwing snow over them! Just FYI – those red coated sticks are from a red osier dogwood tree (although they look more like bushes.) They grow here in Michigan and if you drive some back roads, they’re easy to spot because of their distinctive color this time of year. But don’t try to save them for next Christmas, as they do fade.

    Keep up the good work, no matter what the neighbors may think!

  11. Love the greenery and the simplicity. Can I be honest here? I’m Just feeling it needs a little somethin’, somethin’.

    1. Thanks Maureen, it may need something else, but I’m in a place of “it’s good enough” vs. needing it to be perfect this season :)

      1. I love the way it looks and have to agree with Lyn above. In searching for decorating ideas for my newly remodeled front porch area I found too many bloggers ideas to be way over the top. Part of me also wondered where I would store all of that “stuff” the rest of the year (and my house is good-sized!). Love it!

  12. Merry Christmas, Kelly. You’ve created a serene holiday entry. It’s absolutely lovely. Cheers, Ardith

    Meanwhile, Charlie was looking out the window thinking “Oh, no, mom…don’t. Don’t step over there! Nooooo! Oh man, I’m in so much trouble.”

  13. Love the simple look. Less really is more. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes life of a blogger!

  14. I also enjoy the simplicity of your styling. My house is decorated with white, touches of green, and white battery candles on timers inside; For the outside we have a very large green wreath with white lights on our front porch, and have white candles in the windows. Some of the bloggers I follow really do it up a bit too much for my taste. I call my decorating more seasonal, and I tend to leave it up until Valentine’s Day.

      1. Your home is beautiful!! I am in the process of choosing a white paint color for my front door-but there are so many variations to choose from. I love the classic look of yours! What did you use for the white paint on your front door?

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