O Christmas Tree

In keeping with my natural woodsy Christmas theme this year my tree has the same log cabiny snowy vibe happening.


A room filled with furniture and a Christmas tree


I used a lot of burlap ribbon and natural elements like pine cones.


Christmas tree

This Happy Holidays ribbon I found at Michael’s and just cut it and stuck it in the tree, doesn’t get easier than that.

Tree and Ornament


This idea is all over Pinterest but I modge podged some ornaments in book pages. Most people use beautiful old music sheets or vintage books. I used an old paperback detective story I picked up at a junk shop, I don’t necessarily recommend this! The Mr. pointed out there were a few 4 letter words on them that I didn’t notice, oops! Nothing says Merry Christmas like curse word laden ornaments :)


I also love all the flocked trees I have been seeing, so I picked up a couple of cheap flocked garlands and wound them thru my tree to give me the same look.

A close up of a tree

I made this cute garland out of old book pages (curse word free this time!) and yarn. 


A close up of a tree


Remember my DIY wrapping paper? I’ve been busy spray painting more.


Gift wrapped presents


I tried to get a couple of night time shots too…

A christmas tree in a dark room

(just noticing as I edit this photo that my favorite 4 year old put her little red and green Christmas chain on the tree, sneaky girl, can you spot it?)

A close up of a sign

Merry Christmas!



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  1. Love this tree!! I am so excited for Christmas to come so I can finally decorate my own home!
    Is it bad that I am researching Christmas already?

  2. What an amazing tree!! I love the rustic /cottage feel to it!! I’m in awe!! I pay attention to every detail and was very curious to where you got those adorable stockings? They go so well with the tree and all the other decor in your theme!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!! Can you please tell me about the wooden sign in the back? Did you make it? Details pleeeease!!!

  4. I loved your paper, and I love your tree!! Woodsy christmas decor is my favorite, and yours is perfection. I like the bits of flocked garland instead of the whole tree :) Saw you at TTT!
    ~April @DimplesandDelights

  5. Wow, Kelly! Your tree is just so lovely! When I saw it come up on my screen, I just sighed…the perfect blend of pretty natural and simple elements! Love how you tucked the burlap garland, too! Thanks so much for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!
    Christmas joy to you!

  6. Oh, this is so beautiful Kelly! I went with a natural and flocked looking tree this year too! I love your curse word free paper garland!!! You really have the touch! I am so inspired every time I visit!

  7. Gorgeous tree! And yes, I found your daughter’s garland – mine keeps sneaking some of her homemade beaded ornaments on ours. I’m trying to integrate more burlap into our decorating this year so this is a nice example for me – thanks!

  8. Such a beautiful tree!! Luv the addition of the flocked garland. Soo wanting to use that idea. I too have been admiring the flocked trees….. this is very doable . Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Gee
    Come one over and visit at my place :-)

  9. What a gorgeous tree! I totally giggled when I read about your curse word ornaments! Love it! I totally did that once with a tray I mod podged book pages to. I realized after I took pictures of stuff on it, that it had a big old cuss word front and center! LOL! I love all of your beautiful touches to your tree!!

  10. Lovely! Love how you added the flocked garland – I will have to remember that little trick! what a great idea!
    And I still just love your modern looking fireplace with all your other stuff! I was thinking about it the other day and thinking ‘now which blog was that? i sure hope I followed it!’ so glad I did!

  11. I love your tree Kelly! The natural elements are so cute! The curse word ornaments will be the talk of the Christmas party, Im sure! I love how your daughter snuck in her own decorative touch on the tree too. She must get that need to create from her Mamma?
    PS: My kids have moved their favouritte decorations on our tree down to their level and spiderman was in the manger.. ;) Kids are the best.

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