Christmas Chalkboard

So, didn’t think you would need an instruction manual to read my chalkboard, did you?

Me neither, it all made sense in my head…until the Mr. pointed out it didn’t…


Here, we’ll do a test – read this:


A blackboard sign


Now did you:


 A. Read it left to right


 B. Correctly read it clockwise?


If you said clockwise, congratulations! Your brain works like mine, or should I say sorry, your brain works like mine? :)


A close up of a sign


I got this idea to make a wreath using Isaiah 9:6 when I was paging through the Rachel Ray Magazine at my mom’s house. They had artwork that was a wreath like this, but the wording was all about what was in the magazine issue. (I tried going to the website to find it, but had no luck!)


After sketching it all out, it made sense in my head to obviously draw the words around the circle but I guess I could see how it makes sense to read it left to right as well…not like we read left to right normally or anything…ahem…


For the people that answered A. above,
 let me share my Handy Dandy Instruction Manual with you –




See, makes so much more sense that way, right?


“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6


I love that verse especially at Christmas time, I can’t hear it without singing (in my head, you do not want to hear that out loud) Handel’s Messiah “Unto Us”. So beautiful, my Grandpa always had it playing at Christmas when I was a little girl.



A close up of text on a black surface


A close up of a sign

A blackboard sign on a wall





After seeing these pictures, I realize I need to clean it up a bit more, I had it about 75% done when my favorite little 4 year old ran her fingers thru it when I was changing her brother’s diaper. 


Deep breaths!




I put her to bed, had a glass of wine, and reworked the whole thing, and it actually came out better the 2nd time, so maybe she did me a favor…

or maybe it just looks better after the wine? :)


Am I crazy? Did you answer B too?

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  1. Hello Kelly,

    I hope this message finds you well. This Christmas artwork is incredible!

    My name is Daniel So, and I’m the editor of ChurchPlants.com — a site dedicated to helping people who have started (or are considering starting) new churches. We’d love to share this artwork on our site on Christmas Day as an encouragement and blessing to the ChurchPlants community. We would, of course, credit you as the artist (along with a link back to your site).

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


    Daniel So
    General Editor, ChurchPlants.com

  2. I realize this is an old post but absolutely adore this wreath!!! Would you consider making one to sell, sealing it in a manner to preserve it?

  3. I love this piece and so does a friend on mine that asked me to personalize it for her. It turned out great although my first love is the bible verse. Thank you for the inspiration. I have finally figured out how to link your work to my new blog. Slow learner.

  4. You created a wonderful piece.
    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter which way your eye goes to read this wonderful wreath, because the message comes through in each section. Each part of that psalm can stand alone.
    It would be such a shame not to be able to preserve this and take it out each year.
    If you can photograph this in such a way as to put it on a USB stick and take it to Staples where they can print it out for at a cost of about $10.00.
    Thank you for sharing your project.

  5. I ADORE that, even though I did read it wrong. :) That way, I had to mentally stop and go through it again because it sounded wrong, and it certainly bears repeating…over and over and over. So it makes absolutely no difference how you read it, really. Every word is beautiful. I love to look at this. You should make it a printable!

  6. I read it the correct way. Of course, I already knew the verse! LOL
    Anyway, what size is the frame/chalkboard? Also, can you tell me the approximate size your letters were?
    Is there something you can spray on this to preserve this from year to year?
    Thank you so much! It is absolutely beautiful <3

  7. Here from Housepatality. Shirley featured this beauty and I had to learn more. The quote itself is perfect and together with your artwork, it’s really wonderful. Yes, wine makes everything better. You know your 4 year old was just saying she wanted to be noticed. They have their ways!

  8. Love it! May I use this on my FB collage for a cover photo? I will give your blog credit on the about page and in my photos section. :)

  9. Love, love, love this. Did a test w/the hubs & he read it counterclockwise. When I read it to him the right way, he saw the light & said that it made more sense to read it ‘our’ way. ;0)

  10. I had no trouble at all reading it – I just love that song so much. I love all of Handel’s Messiah & have heard it in concert many times. You did such a beautiful job.

  11. It’s gorgeous. Wish I could hire you to make one for me, you’re truly talented!! Found you at the Homespun Christmas Party
    ~April @DimplesandDelights

  12. This is absolutely amazing. I love the Scripture and how you used different fonts and created the wreath. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  13. Lets see…
    I answered B, of course!
    Can anyone read this without singing The Messiah in their head?
    Everything looks better after wine! (but it’s gorgeous with or without:)
    And what’s with these kids putting fingers through our masterpieces?? Mine are luckily old enough to know better, but I’ve had other little people do the same. Ok, fine… so little people are used to being able to play with chalkboards… but don’t they know a masterpiece when they see one? Yours is definitely a MASTERPIECE!!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  14. Oh my goodness Kelly, this is a masterpiece! I love Isaiah 9:6! I would love you to show us how you come up with all the fonts… start with the idea and take us step by step and picture by picture till the end! I LOVE your creativity… and your sweet spirit!

  15. I love it! I thought there were already some tools to do this kind of “chalk board art”, maybe stencils?! but nope! I’ve got to get a glass of wine and just do it! :)

  16. This is gorgeous. You’ve definitely inspired me. I think this is one of my favorite examples of chalkboard art. Now, off to find a chalkboard and a festive saying.

    Thanks for linking up to our Better Late Than Never Party!

  17. love it….I saw that picture too and wanted to do something similar…love that we’re creative twins……I think it helps that I know the verse so I was able to read it right away….hugs..xo

  18. Ok, it doesn’t make sense to read it from left to right. I mean that’s for Japanese people, right? It seems like husbands in general enjoy some disagreeing. Why would they ever say yes honey without a fight?

  19. Beautiful,
    Read it from the capital A, which to me would begin the reading!
    Lovely, might have to give this a try myself!!
    Sending wishes for a lovely festive season to you and yours!
    Nerina xOxO

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