Christmas Chalkboard

So, didn’t think you would need an instruction manual to read my chalkboard, did you?

Me neither, it all made sense in my head…until the Mr. pointed out it didn’t…


Here, we’ll do a test – read this:


A blackboard sign


Now did you:


 A. Read it left to right


 B. Correctly read it clockwise?


If you said clockwise, congratulations! Your brain works like mine, or should I say sorry, your brain works like mine? :)


A close up of a sign


I got this idea to make a wreath using Isaiah 9:6 when I was paging through the Rachel Ray Magazine at my mom’s house. They had artwork that was a wreath like this, but the wording was all about what was in the magazine issue. (I tried going to the website to find it, but had no luck!)


After sketching it all out, it made sense in my head to obviously draw the words around the circle but I guess I could see how it makes sense to read it left to right as well…not like we read left to right normally or anything…ahem…


For the people that answered A. above,
 let me share my Handy Dandy Instruction Manual with you –




See, makes so much more sense that way, right?


“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6


I love that verse especially at Christmas time, I can’t hear it without singing (in my head, you do not want to hear that out loud) Handel’s Messiah “Unto Us”. So beautiful, my Grandpa always had it playing at Christmas when I was a little girl.



A close up of text on a black surface


A close up of a sign

A blackboard sign on a wall





After seeing these pictures, I realize I need to clean it up a bit more, I had it about 75% done when my favorite little 4 year old ran her fingers thru it when I was changing her brother’s diaper. 


Deep breaths!




I put her to bed, had a glass of wine, and reworked the whole thing, and it actually came out better the 2nd time, so maybe she did me a favor…

or maybe it just looks better after the wine? :)


Am I crazy? Did you answer B too?

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  1. love it….I saw that picture too and wanted to do something similar…love that we’re creative twins……I think it helps that I know the verse so I was able to read it right away….hugs..xo

  2. Ok, it doesn’t make sense to read it from left to right. I mean that’s for Japanese people, right? It seems like husbands in general enjoy some disagreeing. Why would they ever say yes honey without a fight?

  3. Beautiful,
    Read it from the capital A, which to me would begin the reading!
    Lovely, might have to give this a try myself!!
    Sending wishes for a lovely festive season to you and yours!
    Nerina xOxO

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