My Snowball Christmas Tree Decorations – all the details

Hey all, are you surviving the weather out there? It finally snowed here and my munchkins could not be happier! Finally the outside matches my snowy tree inside. Speaking of my tree (how’s that for a segway?) today I’m sharing all the details of my Christmas tree decorations.

Snowy Christmas Tree

I mentioned before, I was going for a cozy snow ball fight feel this year (I know, I know cozy and snowball doesn’t particularly go together, but it makes sense in my head). Lucky for me, my flocked tree already has me halfway there with it’s snowy branches.

Flocked Christmas Tree

As you can see, I didn’t have a tree skirt for it, so I used 4 crates (from the craft store) that I painted white, around the tree. I had them in my garage from this summer project, and thought they would be perfect staggered around the bottom of the tree.

Here you can see it a little better before I piled the presents on.

Crate "Tree Skirt"

And after the presents, I love the height it adds and it makes my pile of presents look so much bigger. Santa’s got nothing on me!

Crate "Tree Skirt"

I found the cute wrapping paper at Target, but I might try to make my own again this year too.

Crate "Tree Skirt"

 I also found these mitten ornaments at Target perfect for a glam snow ball fight.

A close up of a ornaments

I added a bunch of sweater ornaments (see here how to make your own)

A close up of ornaments

and little bunches of jingle bells tied together with yarn.

A close up of ornaments

To lend a little color I added some winter berries I found in the woods,

A close up of a christmas tree

as well as a few faux berries I found in the wilderness that is Hobby Lobby.

A close up of a Christmas tree

I topped it all off with a bunch of branches to add a natural feel.

A christmas tree

A nest in a tree

and I’ve got myself one snowy, glowy christmas tree.

A close up of a Christmas tree

 Stop back tomorrow for some more outdoor decorating details or take my full Holiday Home tour here.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    FYI, the word you want is SEGUE, not segway (although it is pronounced the same). A segway is a type of transportation.

  2. Your tree is beautiful!! Can we see more of the”Peace On Earth” decoration above the fireplace?

  3. Kelly, I love the way you’ve put twigs in the tree to give it extra dimension :-) Also love the little bells tied with yarn – that is beautifully old-fashioned :-) What a lovely tree you’ve made.

  4. Kelly,
    It is so beautiful. I just love your style. Please come by my blog and share this beautiful post on my Creating Christmas link Party.
    I would love for you to show it off. So pretty

  5. oh kelly!! its gorgeous!

    where did you get your flocked tree if you dont mind me asking? if its artificial i mean. i love it

  6. I have seen this flocked look a lot lately. I like it. Your tree is beautiful. My tree is the same every year as I have too many ornaments to buy one more. I do love sitting here when it is dark outside with the tree lights on, sipping coffee, reading blogs and listening to Christmas music. Wonderful way to start a new day!
    Have a beautiful day!

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