Simple Christmas Mantel Decor

Simple Christmas Mantel Decor featuring a black mirror, asymmetrical garland swag and candlesticks.

stone and white fireplace with black mirror candlesticks and garland swag Christmas decor

I wanted to keep things simple with my mantel for Christmas this year. I’m still working on projects at the guest cottage, so Christmas decorating has taken a bit of a back seat this season.

White living room with stone fireplace with black mirror and faux garland Christmas decor

I’ve actually been enjoying the less is more approach the past few years. I’ve been pairing things down, and instead of decorating the whole house to the nines, I’m keeping to just a few strategic areas.

White living room with stone fireplace with Christmas decor. Black mirror and faux greenery

Our Christmas Mantel, front porch, and our tree of course. Well two trees, the kids have a tree downstairs that they decorate however they want.

white living room with black and brass Christmas decor. Christmas tree and decorated mantel.

This year I wanted to highlight my new mirror above the mantel. This black Emmy mirror is from Crate and Barrel and I absolutely love it.

Christmas mantel with black mirror and green garland with candlesticks

I was going to include it in my fall decor, but it arrived a bit too late. It’s looking perfectly at home on my Christmas mantel.

white living room with stone fireplace decorated for Christmas with garland and tree

A living room filled with a Christmas tree and garland

I kept the same candlesticks from my fall decor and added my collection of faux greenery in an asymmetrical swag.

A fire place decorated for Christmas with garland

That’s it! Oh, and I spent a good hour untangling the battery operated Christmas lights, but then done! You would think I would learn at some point to roll those up nicely :)

Christmas living room with black and brass accents.

Let’s talk about the greenery again as I get questions every year about it. I’ll be posting a video on instagram for those of you who want a further visual of how I get such a full garland every year. I’ll break it down here too.

Stone fireplace with rustic beam and faux garland

How to make a full looking Christmas garland with faux greens

  1. First, I start out with an inexpensive garland. You know that super bendy wired kind that you can shape however you want. It doesn’t look real in the slightest, but it is easy to manipulate into the exact shape you want.
  2. I keep the same small two nails in my mantel that I use year after year. Floral wire wrapped around the nail and then the garland is the key to keeping the garland in place. Command hooks could also work if you want to avoid nails, but this does get heavy depending on how many strands of garland you use.
  3. Next, I add in several types of realistic looking garland. I’ve been collecting mine over the last few years, but I’ll link some similar below. I like to use a mix of greens to add interest. You can wire these in with floral wire or just use the flexible branches of the inexpensive garland to hold them in place.
  4. Now is when I like to add the battery operated twinkle lights. I like to use the kind on a timer and set them to go on at dusk and stay on til about 11pm.
  5. Last, I add in any additional decor. I’ve used pinecones, ribbon, ornaments, berry sprigs, etc. Really just pick anything that works with your theme.

A fireplace in a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

I decided to just stick with plain old greenery this year, but I’m really happy with how fresh and classic it feels!

A fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture decorated for Christmas

A fireplace in a living room filled with furniture and a Christmas tree

You can take a look at past Christmas mantel decor below.

Fireplace Mantel Christmas Garland

Green and Brass Christmas Living Room

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Emmy Black Mirror 

Wooden Candlesticks

Black Candlesticks

Fireplace Stone 

Paint Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams



Accent Chairs 

Tree – Sanibel Spruce Balsam Hill

Black Throw Pillow


Coffee Table – no longer available

Large stone planter

Medium stone planter

Small stone planter

Faux Jasmine Garland

Faux Fir Garland


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  1. Kelly, it’s just beautiful! I love the simplicity…so classic. I use Command hooks but think your tiny nails are likely better.
    Just wanted to say kudos for the correct spelling of “mantel.” Even the pros often don’t know.

  2. Hi. Can you tell me where you got those candle holder jars on the table behind the sofa? Did I miss a post with them? LOL Thanks!

  3. Hi Kelly,
    This looks gorgeous and within my skill set!! :) I was just wondering where you placed the nails for the garland… are they on top of the mantle, under it, or on its face? Do you leave them year round? If you have any pics of them before you put the garland up, that would be awesome. Thanks for all the inspo!! Merry Christmas!

    1. I place them on the top of the mantel towards the back so they are more hidden. They are really small nails I keep there year round you can’t even see them :)

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