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Vintage Sled Front Door Decor

We are getting closer!! It actually feels totally like Christmas now since we got dumped on with the snow yesterday, my kids could not be happier! This momma is more than happy to send them outside to frolic in the snow too :)


Can I confess I’m not a wreath person? Everytime I try to make a wreath I hate the way it turns out, so this year I decided to buck tradition and put a sled on my front door. I found one this summer at a flea market for $15 and it’s been sitting in the garage ever since.

A wooden front door

My kids had been making epic plans for it, convinced it was going to be the fastest sled they have ever ridden…until I put it on the front door. My daughter may not be talking to me at this point still.

Me and my decor ideas “ruin everything!” I know, the drama!

Please tell me how an old rusty sled screams speed demon anyways? They wouldn’t make it halfway down the hill on this poor thing.

Front door decorated for Christmas

And yes, Buddy feels the need to photo bomb every single front door photo ever. He could at least smile, or stick his tongue out…he needs to work on his selfie game…

Christmas planter boxes

Remember my DIY Cabinet Door Planter Boxes? They are all decked out for Christmas too. All they needed were some greenery, birch logs and a few ornament picks.

Christmas planters

A few of you saw a sneak peek of my front door on Instagram and asked how I had hung the sled up there. I just tied a wire across the back and hung it from a wreath hook.

Vintage Sled Decor

I will say you have to be careful not to slam the door so it doesn’t scratch up the door, but we don’t use this door all that often, so it works for us.

Vintage sled

Sled and Holiday wreath on front door

Oh and here’s the proof winter has arrived in Michigan! So glad I got all this up while it was still 50 degrees out.

Vintage Sled Door Decor

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  1. Kelly, I’m sure this is a very obvious answer to a simple question; but how do you hang the garland on the arch way and pillars?
    I always want to do this with my front area too, but I don’t know how to hang them! lol
    Happy as always to see your posts!

    1. Hey Mandy! So I have a few little white nails that go along the arch, then I used floral wire to wrap around the nails and then wrap around the garland. Does that make sense? I leave the little white nails up all year long and you can’t even notice them!

  2. Forgot to mention that you have a beautiful home! We have just purchased a lake lot and will break ground in a month! Your home has giving me so much inspiration for decorating my future lake house. Hopefully living in the south we rarely get snow. But when we do its so much fun!

  3. I have been wanting to do this for years, just haven’t found a sled yet. I have had similar issues with some of my usual door decor bumping around until one day I decided to try using peel and stick Velcro dots, it has worked like a charm! No bumping and the best part of all, it did not not leave a mark on my door upon removal. Have you seen the cardboard duck tape sleds on Pinterest? We made a few and they work great! Best part, your daughter can design her own with so many patterns available now.

  4. I love the sled on the front door! Couldn’t you use outdoor Command Hooks to secure the sled not only at the top, but also at the bottom so it would not be able to move when the door is opened or shut. We use our front door all the time, so I am going to try this with my old sled hung on our front door this Christmas! Thank you for giving me the inspiration! Blessings, Patty from Colorado

  5. I love the sled on the door. The arch and the planters look great! The snow makes them look even prettier. I’m planning on putting on up a sled on my door this year, but mine is just a miniature sled. I found mine at Goodwill this past spring. No snow here in Georgia, but we do have much colder temperatures than normal.

  6. Love it!! Just add a little felt or use those felt pads on the back of the sled so it doesn’t scratch your door. Can’t believe you guys are getting so much snow. Winter is here and I still need to rake my leaves.

  7. Kelly this is a great use for my sled. Don’t you think we could use those rubber bumpers you put on the back of picture frames or some felt – to keep from scratching the door? Keep posting I love yur style!

  8. Looks gorgeous Kel!! There is a poor old front porch down the street from you still sporting autumn wreaths,if you feel inspired to do another front door post!!

  9. It’s so beautiful!! Could you stick those little felt dots to some parts of the runners so it doesn’t scratch the door? You know, the ones they sell for the bottoms of chairs, vases, etc.

  10. Your whole front area is so welcoming and just GORGEOUS!!! I had a little sled like that. I guess that makes me “vintage” too. Wonderful, beautiful, fun, fresh!!!! And more. Kelly, your designs take my breath away!!!!

  11. Beautiful front door display. Love it! We have snow early this year and it is bitterly cold which makes it difficult to decorate outside. I’ll have to wait for a warmer day but you have inspired me with your wonderful sled. May I suggest stick on felt pads for chair legs on the sled rails to prevent scratches on the door.

  12. I love the look you have going, it reminds me of old times I just heard about. Thank you for sharing, I am still working on getting the Christmas spirit this year. It has been hard sense I found out I was dying to find and stay happy right now, but I know I need to push on for my children even if there all adults. Oh its hard on us all this year, but I know the Lord is right here with us. Sorry for babbling. GOD bless.

  13. I love the sled, garland, and planter boxes! You’ve definitely inspired me to get my decorations out early this year! I’m not sure if it would be possible or not, but you might try placing small felt adhesive circles on the back of the sled. I have several metal decorative door decorations and the felt circles work beautifully for me. I place them on the areas where the decoration seems to hit the door with the most pressure when the door closes. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  14. You’ve just inspired me!! We are snowbirds and fly South the day after Christmas. I think I’ll hang our snow shovel on the door, add a few touches of greenery and a bow — ecco!! our front door decoration. WOW! This could start a trend. :-)

  15. Oh that last picture is so festive especially when you have Christmas music playing on your Pandora!! Love the photo bomb of the dog, so cute!! Love the sled too :)

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