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Colorful and Fun Kid Christmas Tree

I have another fun Christmas decor blog hop with some friends for you! Today, we are talking about colorful and fun kid’s Christmas trees and decor. We’ve all created some fun Christmas spaces in our homes especially geared towards kids. You can start the tour over at Kaleidoscope Living.

Ever since we moved to this house, we have had a fun and colorful tree in the basement, which is the kids’ zone. I just never seem to get around to sharing it over here on the blog. Mainly because in year’s past, it has consisted of whatever random leftover ornaments my kids scrounged for themselves from my collection. So, when I got the chance to participate in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge this year, I jumped at the chance to get a bunch of fun and colorful ornaments for them. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already seen it. I thought it would be fun to share a few more details and photos today.

Colorful and Fun Kid's Christmas Tree

I started with this colorful felt garland and went from there trying to pick matching ornaments in every color under the sun.

Colorful and Fun Kid's Christmas Tree rainbow felt garland

I also found these adorable Gnome Santas that added a bit more fun and whimsy to the tree.

Colorful and Fun Kid's Christmas Tree

These white stars are actually those inexpensive paintable clay ornaments. I loved that the white tied all the colorful ornaments together with the garland. Although I promised the kids next year they can paint them all before we hang them up.

Colorful and Fun Kid's Christmas Tree

I kept with the white and colorful theme with wrapped presents (empty boxes much to my kids’ disappointment) in plain white wrapping paper and rainbow-colored ribbons.

Colorful and fun kids Christmas tree rainbow colored presents

Our library bookshelves got a little Christmas zhushing too! I love the colors on these bottle brush trees, and my kids have been stealing these battery-operated Christmas bulbs for their rooms.

bright and colorful Christmas decor

bright and colorful Christmas tree and decor perfect for a kid space

By now, you all know the Mr. is the smartest person I know and that he loves a good spreadsheet. However, he has been hiding his secret crafty side from us all! I could not figure out what kind of topper to put on this tree. I was lamenting how I wish I had just a plain white star of some sort to add to it. 15 minutes later my origami wizard husband (who knew??) handed me this adorable 3D star for the top of my tree. What can’t he do? A little secret – spell, he can’t spell to save his life…

bright and colorful Christmas tree and decor perfect for a kid space

That’s it! Did you ever think you would see so much color in my house?!? Ha! My kids love it!

kids Christmas tree

I even managed to grab a matching PJs shot in front of it – major mom win! There may have been candy and bribery involved…

A christmas tree in a room with a book shelf

Be sure to check out all the other fun kid-friendly Christmas spaces below! Next stop on the tour is Lemon Thistle

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  2. We got this tree topper at Lowe’s this year, and I love it – maybe it’d work for your basement tree if the origami star doesn’t make it through summer storage. ;)

  3. Love the colorful, whimsical tree! My husband is the smartest guy I know…and can’t spell either. Hmmm…is there a correlation here??

  4. The kids tree is so much fun! Love all the bright colored ornaments and Pom Pom garland is so whimsical!
    Great job Kelly!

  5. I love this whimsical tree!!! Those Santa gnomes make me smile. ? The picture of the two of them admiring your tree is the best!! Great job, totally enjoyed this post!

  6. Love the shot of your littles admiring their happy, colorful tree. They must be wondering if all of those beautifully wrapped boxes are reeeaaally empty! ;-)

  7. Hi Kelly,

    Can you do a bow tutorial maybe on Instagram stories how to tie so beautifully like your packages?

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