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Classic Christmas Tree

I’m spilling some more details on my Christmas Tree today. I wanted Christmas to be a little cozier and more colorful for my kids this year and I also wanted to give it a little old school twist. Which consequently equaled dirt cheap and as easy as well. Always a win win in my book. I think I spent under $10 on my tree decor this year.

Classic Red Christmas Tour

My first plan of attack was to make some popcorn garland. I imagined the kids and I sitting around a cozy fire, stringing popcorn and laughing all Little House on the Prairie style. In reality my daughter strung 3 pieces of popcorn, announced she was bored and my kids got in a popcorn fight instead. All the while I slaved away jabbing my thumb with a needle every 5 minutes, only to discover Buddy was happily eating the bottom of the chain as I was working on the top.

Classic Christmas tree

Yeah, it wasn’t exactly the June Cleaver holiday memory I envisioned, but I love how it turned out nonetheless. Let’s not talk about how the bottom half of the tree is now missing all of the popcorn garland. I have separately caught Buddy and little man munching on the tree, so it was a group effort. :)

Red ornaments on a Christmas tree

After I tackled the popcorn garland I added all the red and silver balls I had in my ornament arsenal. I also reused my sweater ornaments form last year and even made a few plaid shirt ornaments too.

Christmas Tree

These tags are by far my best find, they look like cute little chalkboards and I have gotten so many compliments on them. Ok are you ready for this, I picked up a pack of 25 of these in the Christmas Craft section of Hobby Lobby for like $3! They are cards meant for kids to color for a craft, but they made the perfect tree decorations!

Christmas tree ornaments

A few red wooden bead garlands, and a Santa hat topper and I was done. Oh and a bunch of you asked where I got my flocked tree from, I found it at Walmart for $100 last year. I’d love to upgrade someday, but for now it works.

Also can I just tell you, I was SO proud of myself for getting our Christmas shopping done early this year. Wrapping all the presents way ahead of time, so I would have them for my photo shoot!

Yeah, well, I sort of forgot to put tags on any of them, ahem…I just had to unwrap about half of them after sitting by our tree for an hour shaking all the presents trying to figure out what was inside…

Christmas Tree and Garland

I’d say there is about a 50/50 shot the Mr. will be accidentally opening a barbie on Christmas morning… :)

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    I’ve been following your blog for some time now, I just haven’t commented. You always crack me up! I LOVE your Christmas tree and would like to copy you as we’re in the market for a new tree this year…can you tell me EXACTLY what kind you got? I can’t believe it’s Walmart! It looks amazing! :)

    1. Hey Kelly! Oh man I grabbed it a few years ago so I’m not totally sure the exact kind or if they even carry it anymore :( It was the only flocked tree they had at the time? Good luck with your search, thanks so much for following along and commenting!

  2. Hi there! I’m new to your blog and I love it. Your tree is darling. You have inspired me! Thanx Jo

  3. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been up to my eyes in Christmas stuff since after Thanksgiving. Going through 27 years of stuff to decide what to use and keep took forever.

    I feel bad but I was laughing with the popcorn. If it makes you feel any better this reminds me of my childhood. It looks pretty. Love the Santa hat as the topper


  4. When wrapping…write names w/ a sharpie on the bottom of the package, so you don’t loose track of what’s for who :) Then your presents will be picture ready w/ those gorgeous gift tags & bows. I would hate to rewrap more presents :)

  5. I wish you would have videoed the whole scene — kids tossing popcorn at each other, mommy busy trying to thread popcorn leaving a trail of blood on the corn and Buddy happily munching on the string. LOVE IT!!!! Reminds me of the time that I made gingerbread ornaments inspired by Woman’s Day magazine. They turned out beautifully and I was so proud of them. Then I started to see bite marks on the hanging ornaments. It was my four year old son taking bites out of the ornaments. His reasoning was that they were cookies and he was hungry. :-) I should have kept some of them to give to him now that he’s an adult.

  6. Tree looks great and so does your decor! Love the lanterns. Where are
    They from? At least your hubby has a sense of humor… Barbies will make
    Good memories!! :-)

  7. It was probably about 10 years ago, when my girls were young that I also forgot to put tags on the gifts. I had to open each one. I hAvent done that since!

  8. I am glad I am not the only one. I also thought stringing popcorn garland was a good idea. I gave up. And I also screwed up tags one year, I blamed Santa, and he had long night and mistakes happen. Thanks for the giggle.

  9. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Do you mind sharing where your beautiful tree is from? I am absolutely in love with it!!! Love all the pops of red too. What a beautiful touch!
    Thank you!!

  10. LOVE IT! I never put tags on my gifts. I wrap each person’s gifts in different wrapping paper and half the time don’t tell them which paper is theirs. I’ve even had to make little notes on the bottom of presents to remind myself which presents they are supposed to receive together. I just love the fact that you forgot to put tags on your presents, makes me feel a little better. And your tree is absolutely gorgeous, puts my black Star Wars tree to shame (sorry Yoda).

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