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Red and White Christmas Mantel

I’ve had a few comments/emails about whether I’m doing a Holiday Tour this year and I’m sad to say I’m sitting this one out. We have sort of taken over my parent’s house enough with the lego/barbie/dirty laundry/goldfish crumb whirlwind that seems to constantly surround us so I didn’t think I should push my luck by adding my 32 boxes of Christmas hoopla to the mix. I did, however, manage to decorate a bit at my mom’s house using some fresh greens and a bit of her Christmas decor.
Classic Red and White Cottage Christmas Mantel

Today, I’m sharing her fireplace mantel, you may notice this sign seems similar from my mantel last year. This is actually a 2nd sign that I used for the Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot we had at our house last year. The Christmas Ideas issue is on stands now, if you can still get your hands on one, I’m still pinching myself over the whole thing :)

I have had so many emails about where to buy one, and unfortunately, the etsy shop that made it for me is no longer making signs, BUT Haley does have a great blog, The Mountain View Cottage where she is sharing these great quilt block printables you can find here. She also said she is working on making a red version for Christmas, so be sure to check that out.

Classic Red and White Cottage Christmas Mantel

My mom had these poinsettias and cute deer candle holders in the basement and I grabbed a $6 garland from good ole Trader Joe’s.

Deer candle holders

Side note – I really wish that I would have been able to show you how pretty the fireplace looks when it’s on, but my dad was reasonably sure I would burn the house down if he tried to talk me through the process of lighting it. I’m guessing burning the house down is a house guest ettiquette no-no, so just use your imagination!

Red white christmas mantel

Now that I’ve decked the halls a bit, I need to get my Grinch booty in gear and actually start Christmas shopping. I think I hear Amazon Prime calling my name…

A stone fireplace in a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

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  1. Bought the magazine today, Kelly! Your house was my favorite, followed by the Canadian one. I can’t believe you don’t live there anymore. Your new house may be a good reason to head up to see your mom & dad this summer. We’re building, too. May be done in May. Have a merry Christmas!

  2. I love all of your posts! Thank you for sharing so much beauty and inspiration to the masses. Any idea what the brand of flooring is in your parents home? It’s exactly what I’m looking for for our lake home project! Thank you!

  3. The deer candle holder is really cute and the fireplace is very nicely decorated. I’m planning to buy Mantel like yours, it will look great on my couch too =)

  4. This looks great! Do you happen to know the name of the fireplace stone? Is it real or cultured?

    1. I don’t, they built their house about 13 years ago now, so my mom didn’t know either – sorry! Oh but I think it’s cultured.

  5. your holiday home will be missed this year, but i look forward to next years in your new home. for now, mama’s will do… happy holidays to you and your sweet family kelly.

  6. The fireplace has a Northwoods look to it and you need A Little Christmas:). My sister would love the quilt block too.
    Kathleen in Az

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