Red and White Christmas Tablescape

I’m sharing a few more photos of my Christmas Tablescape that you got a sneak peek of in my Holiday Housewalk tour.

Classic Red Christmas Tour

I have to admit tablescapes are not my strong suit. We do most of our entertaining in the summer, so we can all be outside enjoying the lake. I’m waaaaay casual in the summer, think red solo cups and paper plates. There also tends to be a big stack of leftover kids birthday napkins in lieu of fancy cloth ones, (and arguments over who gets the last Frozen napkin.) in other words I can’t set a fancy formal table to save my life!

A table decorated for Christmas

That’s ok though, I’ve decided my new take on tablescapes is to just throw everything on the table like I normally do and wash my hands of the whole thing. We always do our parties buffet style anyways, since I’m all about people fending for themselves.

A plate of food that is on a cutting board with a cake, with Table

Just ask my kids, they both know how to get themselves breakfast on a Saturday morning, because this momma isn’t serving anything before 9:30 am…

Classic Red Christmas Tour

I like to think I’m raising self sufficient kiddos whilst I sleep in…

A table decorated for Christmas

I know, I even multi-task in my sleep, it’s a talent of mine….

 A holiday table

You may recognize these candlesticks, they have been all over my house and spray painted 4 different colors now. The deer, I dug out of my mom’s basement last year and gave him a coat of spray paint too. My table runner is from H&M, the little faux boxwoods are Ikea with some ribbon taped on. I just threw a strand of garland from the tree on there for a little something extra, done and done!

I mean, red solo cups would totally fit right in…

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  1. Kelly, I just love your tablescape. Red is my favorite color, especially in my kitchen. I also decorate with red at Christmas time (no other color works for me). I really like the red candlesticks;.I have been looking for a set of three wood candlestick, but the were always so expensive. Just this past week I was in Big Lots and found a set of three wooden candlestick at a fairly reasonable price so I purchased them. They are red but not the color of red I want. I like the color of red that yours are. Can you share with me the color and brand you sprayed your candlesticks. Thanks. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Looks absolutely perfect! Like everything else you do. I am so casual too. I didn’t even want a formal dining room for fear that it would look to “formal.” Then I decorated it as casually as I possibly could so it didn’t stress me out. Ha! This gives me so many good ideas for how to make the table feel decorated without it being dressy. Love it! And I just got your card tonight! ADORABLE. Yours is coming soon! xo

    1. I still wish I had a gorgeous formal dining room like yours, yours feels perfectly california casual though, I could for sure hang out in there :)

  3. I would never have guessed that your table wasn’t carefully thought out. You have such a knack so making everything look so effortless. I love how classic the red and white is and I just bought myself a strand of those red beads at St. Vincent!!! I can’t wait to try and recreate this table scape some day :) You’re amazing! Liz

  4. I love your casual table, especially that adorable reindeer. We entertain a lot and it’s always informal so I can relate. My kids are starting to learn how to cook after I watched the kids on Top Chef. If those little kids can do that, my 12 year old can make his own egg sandwich!

  5. What a beautiful table scape. I love how u “threw”it together. Let’s some.of.know.to be beautiful doesn’t have to.be time consuming…..and I love how you are teaching your children self-sufficiently

  6. PS I think it’s great you are teaching your children to be self sufficient! Mamas have to get their sleep too! I do the same, only my time is 9:00.

  7. I love your comment about your candlesticks being painted 4 times! Ha, I love it as I do this as well. So easy to do!

    Very beautiful dining room, even though I am not usually a fan of color red! I think it’s the balance you have with the white, greenery and so much natural light.

  8. Kelly,

    Your entire Christmas decor has been an inspiration for me this holiday season. Last year I decided going forward I wanted my holidays (all of them) to have a more casual, comfy feel. I can’t begin to create the atmosphere of living on a lake up north since I’m down here in south Louisiana but you have definitely helped me achieve what I was working towards! You’re tablescape is just perfect!!

    Merry Christmas,


  9. Kelly,
    Your home is beautiful as always and I so enjoy every minute I spend here seeing what you are up to. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. Kelly I love the unconstructed feel of your table, truly gorgeous in all it’s casualness. Sometimes place settings can feel so restricted in their formality. I’d even bring my own red cup to this party.

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