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How to Hang a Wreath without Damaging Woodwork

Popping in quick today, because I had a million and one questions (ok 12, but that’s still a lot!) about how I hung my wreaths up on my post last week. So, I thought I would show you all rather than try to answer emails (yes I’m showing you all my laziness!), so here is how to hang a wreath without damaging woodwork.

Wreath hanging on a window

It’s totally simple too, you just need a spool of floral wire.

1. Loop the wire through the wreath.

2. Open your windows and put the wire through and over the top of the windows, tie it in a knot, close your windows. Done!

Ok, well that’s a little simplified, this is definitely an easier project if you have an extra set of hands to stand on the outside and tie the knot while you hold it at the right height inside. Or you can just wing it like me and look like a crazy person hugging your window with your arms all flailing about, your choice :)

Wreath hanging on a window

See the ribbon isn’t actually holding anything up!

Here’s what it looks like from the backside –

Wreath hanging on a window

Then I just stapled my ribbon together and used tape to stick it up there. You don’t even notice the wires.

A wreath hanging on a window

TADA! No nails or hooks required :)

How to Hang a wreath without damaging your woodwork

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  1. I’m a wing it kind of gal too so that is how I’ll hang wreaths in our upstairs gallery. Love the wreaths. Thanks for the tips.

  2. That’s a great idea. I hang my wreaths on the outside using clear fishing line that I tie around. In order to keep them from falling I use a popsicle stick to hold the line inside when I close the window, I hope this makes sense :-) I live in NH and the winters are windy and the wreaths have never fallen down the fishing line is so strong.

  3. You are so funny, but thanks for the idea and not using Command because out here in the plains they work only part time even though you prepare the surface properly. The wind coming off the plains does a number on the things hung outside.

  4. That’s great — last year I made an Apologie (sp??) knock off yarn wreath and I wanted to hang it on our huge armoire that hides our old fashion TV. I looped a ribbon around one of my dumbbells and let it hang. And darn if I couldn’t work out with my weights because they were in use for other things. The mate to the one on the armoire I was using as a door stop :-)

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