Re-purposed Popcorn Tins

Hey all, I’m slowly but surely working on the laundry room/puppy haven this week. I did this quick and easy project during nap time yesterday.


repurposed popcorn tins


First step eat an entire bin of popcorn.


Paint popcorn tin.


Fill with food.




dog treat tins DIY out of popcorn tins


I have to admit I had the worst time painting these letters, not sure why, just couldn’t make it look right. That’s ok – they are dog tins…to hold dog food…how cute do they really need to be?

That’s what I keep telling myself every time I use them anyways.

dog food container diy


There are a zillion ideas for painting these on Pinterest, but this is the first one I saw via the Popcorn factory that gave me the idea to paint them. I used regular old paint (the leftovers from my Laundry Sign) and it will probably chip off in spots, but again it’s for a dog – what does he care? :)


Ok back to the laundry room…and the laundry…


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