DIY Extra Long Lumbar Pillows

Hey guys, I’m popping in today to show you my new DIY extra long lumbar pillows! I’ve been on the hunt for really large, long lumbar pillows for my front porch benches since last year.

DIY extra long lumber pillow

I’ve tried a few different pillow combos out here, but it always looked messy and busy from the street, so I decided one long pillow was the solution. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find any that didn’t require a 2nd mortgage on our house (holy cow those things are expensive!), and then one day it hit me that I could make my own with a body pillow!

DIY extra long outdoor lumbar pillow

You know, those full size body pillows that become every pregnant woman’s best friend? The Mr. was actually slightly jealous of mine for a time, because it was the only thing I wanted to snuggle with when I was 9 months pregnant sweating to death in the summer.

DIY extra long outdoor lumbar pillow

So, I bought two body pillow forms on amazon, I think they were around $15? I found this cute blue striped fabric from Spoonflower. It’s not actually outdoor fabric, but these pillows are so far under our porch that they never get wet.

diy extra long lumbar pillow

Just a little dusting off was required for my sewing machine (and my sewing skills), but I quickly had myself two cute DIY extra long lumbar pillows. One thing that did make this easier was that I used decorators fabric that was 54 inches wide, so I didn’t need to do any seams. I basically sewed two lines and I’m going to add a piece of velcro on the other side, so I can switch them out with the seasons. The velcro was my brilliant instagram follower’s idea – I just had them safety pinned! You all are SO helpful!

cottage window boxes

My window boxes are looking pretty good, although we have had a ton of rain here and not much sun, so I feel like they are lagging behind a bit for almost July.

potted hydrangeas front porch lake house

My potted hydrangeas are going strong though. I snagged these pots on Wayfair and spray painted them white because the original grey didn’t look great with the grey tone of the house. I loved the size and shaped of them though. I planted some ivy along with the hydrangeas, and I plan on transplanting these in the fall like I did last year.

dark grey shake siding lake house

It’s coming along out here! I’m still hoping to do a post about our landscaping, (as many of you have requested), but I just happened to snag these few shots before the rain came again.

striped outdoor lumbar pillows

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

SOURCES: (affiliate links used)

Planters – Wayfair

Rug – Ballard Designs

Fabric – Spoonflower

Siding – Vinyl shake by Mastic the color is Natural Slate

Metal Roof – Color is Burnished Slate

Roof Color – Driftwood

Door – Thermatru

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  1. can you show the floor plan plan? I am looking to build a house in the next couple of years, and I really like the presentation of your home.

  2. The Thermatru entry door looks awesome. Can you let us know the the model number details so we can get the same for our house?

    1. Hey Daniel, unfortunately, I don’t have that info for you! I just picked it out of a Thermatru catalog my contractor had and didn’t write down the exact info – thanks!

  3. This says you will replant your hydrangeas .. where to? How do you replant ? And what goes in there after? Story I’m a beginner

  4. Lovely. This the look we want for our current renovation. Can u tell me the name of the roof manufacture?

  5. I’ll have to check those out because you’re right, they’re practically invisible. Exactly what I want. Thank you :)

  6. Love it. So fresh and crisp. I noticed that I never see window treatments. May I ask if you do have them and they’re just well hidden? I love the open windows, the natural light, the scenery and the bright sunshine coming in, but I’m also wondering what you guys do to maintain some privacy?

    1. We don’t have them on a lot of the windows because our house doesn’t really face many houses on the lake and they are too far away to see in. We also own the property across the street to no one is facing us there either. There are one 8 houses down our cul de sac so not a lot of traffic either. We do have cellular pull down blinds on all the bedrooms and baths, but they are nearly invisible when they are up!

    1. No they don’t like the afternoon sun at all! These are the Endless Summer ones I believe? They get morning sun but afternoon shade.

  7. Kelly your home is so welcoming, just wondering did you plant your hydrangeas in the planters or leave them in the pot? Thanks again for sharing. Jony

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