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Oar Rack Wall Decor

I’m getting ready to leave for a few days to go to Chicago with my mom to celebrate a BIG birthday of hers! Yes, you guessed it, she is turning 21 ;)  I’m taking her to see Hamilton and we are so ridiculously excited. My daughter is at camp for the week, so the Mr. (with help from my Dad) will be holding the fort down with my son for a few days. I’m crossing my fingers that my 6 year old isn’t hanging out in his underwear drinking root beer and eating pizza on the couch by the time we come back.

Before I go, I wanted to quick share a project we finally got to this weekend.

A room with a wood floor

You remember a few weeks ago, you all had fantastic ideas for what to hang on the blank walls in the entry way. A lot of you wanted to see the oars we had from our old house here and I loved that idea, but wanted to hang them vertically this time around. Also, I wanted to avoid putting a zillion nails in the walls, so I found this oar rack on Amazon. You can find it here –  Royal Barge Decorative Oar Rack (Oars Sold Separately), (affiliate link) I ended up buying two of them.

A close up of oars

I’m loving how it turned out, even though the Mr. was not thrilled trying to hang these things. Really is there any worse place to hang something than above stairs? There is just no way to go about it without taking your life into your own hands a bit. Thankfully, no cranky husbands were hurt in the making of this blog post.

Oars hanging on an entry wall

These are all just a collection of oars I have been hoarding over the years and I threw them up there for now. I think I will be on the hunt for a few different oars because there are a few more empty spots, but I think these add so much character and fun to our entry for now.

A group of different types of wood oars

The best part is it will be super easy to swap them out as I collect more oars. They just slide right in. If you look closely you can see we did wrap them with a little floral wire. We figured with our kids bounding up and down the stairs all the time it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have that little extra safety precaution.

Wood oars hanging in a staircase

Oh also, I don’t think I ever showed the cute carpet runner down my stairs! I actually shouldn’t show you, because I can’t remember the brand of this carpet and I know someone is going to ask. I’ll try to look it up when I get back, but it’s a gorgeous herringbone pattern in blueish/grey and a sand color which has been great for hiding dirt.

Stairs with a carpet runner

It has kind of a fun nautical rope vibe that I love.

Stairs with a carpet runner

Here it is from the basement too.

Stairs with a carpet runner

I’m off to pack for a few glorious kid free days with my mom, but be sure to follow along on instagram as I’ll try to do some stories of our little girls trip!

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  1. Love the oars! I bought a new one but have been looking for old ones since last year. mine will be a hand railing for my new porch steps– if i can find one– actually need two. any ideas where to look besides garage sales and antique malls?

  2. The oars look fantastic! They are perfect for that spot! The carpet runner is also perfect…you are doing a great job putting this beautiful home together.

  3. Love the oars! I have some at my beach property that I might try and do something similar. I, too, need to know the deets on that rug runner. Love!!

  4. I’m cracking up thinking of your son in his underwear drinking root beer and eating pizza. He may never be the same after a weekend bonding with the guys. Love your oar display,the perfect thing for a lake house. Safe travel for you and your mom.

  5. Looks great. I’ve been looking for a solution to store/display a few ukuleles that have been in my husband’s family forever. I wonder if this oar rack would also work for a couple ukuleles?

  6. did you ever figure out the carpet? It is pretty fabulous, would love to know… but totally understand!

  7. Happy b’day to your mom! Oars look great and Iove the runner. Have fun in Chicago ?

  8. I love this! I’m in oar hoarder- I just saw a really cool one at Goodwill and had to stop myself because I had no idea what I was going to do with all of them. Now to find a spot tall enough!
    Is the carpet called Tuftex from Shaw? It looks like one I was looking at. (Only Natural II)

  9. The oars look great! And I LOVE the carpet runner. It flows so well with the nautical vibe. I look forward to you possibly finding the brand of the runner! Have fun on your trip!

  10. I love how the wall of “paddles” (1 “oar”) looks. It really does make a statement. Oars have an oarlock and are used for row boats. Paddles are used for canoes.

  11. Really enjoy your nautical touches….makes me wish, once again that I lived close to the water…( for so many reasons)….but, anyways…treasure these times with your mom….that is most important….my mom is 91 and has dementia,…sometimes she remembers me, sometimes not….I miss the mom that I could talk to, and do things with….but mostly the talking….having a conversation. Enjoy your trip!

  12. The house is really coming together. That runner is great — you don’t hear the boom, boom, boom of kids running up and down the stairs. Have a great time with your mom celebrating her birthday! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on you on Instagram.

  13. Your home and your style is superb! I love your easy but classy decor,can’t wait until the next post. Happy birthday to your mom.

  14. Fabulous stair runner! Oars do add a great vibe and add interest and color! Have fun with your Mom, it’s precious time☺️

  15. Where did you purchase the sofa and two chairs with the ottoman? I love that set! I live in Virginia so not sure it will even be available, but thought I would find out! I’m sure you all will enjoy your lovely home for many years!!

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