Black and White Staircase Gallery Wall

I think over the course of our marriage, the Mr. and I  have faced three great tests of our marriage…

Trying to fit a queen boxspring down a spiral staircase in our first apartment.

Wallpapering our first home’s kitchen,

and now hanging this gallery wall over the staircase…

Black and White Staircase Gallery Wall

A gallery wall of black frames

I’m happy to say there were no Rinzemas harmed in the making of this gallery wall, but it was close. ;)

A gallery wall above a staircase

Let’s just say we didn’t use proper OSHA approved safety precautions when hanging this gallery wall. The important thing is, it’s done, we survived, and we are still on speaking terms!

Wall and White

All joking aside, I’ve been wanting to incorporate more family photos somewhere in our house. We have made so many great memories over the years, that I was determined to actually print a few and display them.

A room with art on the wall

I was ready for a change from the oar wall that has been here for 4 years as well. This seemed like the perfect spot, until I realized just how hard it was going to be to hang. Major kudos to the Mr. for getting the math just right!

A room with art on the wall

I grabbed these frames at Target about a month ago, and they’ve been sitting in the entry staring us down ever since. We finally decided to tackle it this weekend. One thing that made it easier was using velcro command strips vs nails or screws.

A room with art on the wall

I’ve used these for gallery walls before, and they are so much more forgiving if you need to make little adjustments here or there.

A room with white walls and black photo frames

Just be sure you use the correct size for how heavy your frames are. These each weighed 5 lbs but we used the command strips to support 10 lbs just to be on the safe side.

Wall and Door

I’m so happy with how this black and white staircase gallery wall turned out! It makes me smile every time I walk by and see the photos. It really refreshed our whole entry.

A room with a wooden floor

I know there were a lot of fans of the oars. Don’t worry I think they will find a new home at the cottage next door. Speaking of the cottage next door, I was hoping to give you all an exciting update over there because the windows were delivered last week. Unfortunately, we are hitting a little snafu. It’s a long story, but now we need to reside the whole thing too. So BIG update coming, hopefully next week (fingers crossed)? It’s a bit of a mess now, but it’s going to look SO cute in a week or two.


Wall color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams


Tile – Slate floor by BuildDirect



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  1. Kelly, the pictures look great, kudos to you both! I also love the way the wood floor balances the black and white – it all looks classically beautiful! Do you happen to have any information on the species, maker, or color of the wood floor? It is just perfect. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Oh, I LO V E the gallery wall, Kelly, and I’m SO happy you’re still alive to tell us about it! ***wink***

  3. Love the gallery wall! And empathize about the cottage siding. Every project seems to have some hidden issue – some big , some small. I tried a handy Pinterest tip on cleaning the gunk off your stairway railings with Murphy’s Oil Soap. It turned out the gunk was actually the degraded finish. It was going to be so labor intensive to refinish (and still look so outdated) that I started researching the cost of replacing – and my husband caught me! Turns out we had both been thinking we needed an update there so this winter we DIY installed new spindles, sill plates, and custom handrails. It looks fantastic and my over zealous cleaning was the “kick-in-the-pants” we needed to get that project started.

  4. My husband and I did this similar gallery a few months ago with the same frames. Fortunately our 32 year marriage made it through… but it was touch and go for a bit too :) Love how cute yours turned out!

  5. I like the gallery wall. I would prefer smaller mats and larger photos. Your home is beautiful and I have followed your blog for years. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  6. Love your house and cottage so much. I live in Ohio and if I win the Gaza million lottery I will renovate my 111 year old house to look as much as yours as possible!

  7. ….only 3 great tests of your marriage – that’s pretty good. LOL The gallery wall looks amazing and really
    blends well with everything in the entryway. As always, great job! Can’t wait to see the cottage updates.

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