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Lake House Entryway – Way Days

You all know I loooove to online shop, and one of my favorite places to shop online is Wayfair. Tons of pieces in our home are from Wayfair, so when they asked me to partner in sharing about their best sale of the year, I was in! It’s Wayfair Way Days 36 hour sale today and tomorrow, and these are the best prices you will find on everything from Wayfair. Wayfair is offering free shipping sitewide with up to 80% off rugs, bedding, furniture, lighting and more!

An entry door with slate flooring

I did a little refresh of our entryway here with a few new Wayfair pieces and I’ll also link to all the other Wayfair pieces in our house below as well.

A large front door with slate flooring

My $15 flea market bench was always a little small for this space, so this new longer bench fits the space so much better and I love the lighter wood for spring/summer. It’s actually an indoor/outdoor bench, so I could totally see this looking so pretty on a front porch as well!

A bench sitting in an entry

I added this cozy but lightweight throw for spring and a fun neutral lumbar pillow. I love the shape of this pillow it would be great on a bed as well.

light wood bench neutral blanket and pillow

My fiddle fig tree didn’t love the draft over here all winter, so it relocated to the living room and a new snake plant found it’s home in this sweet basket also from Wayfair.

A bench sitting in an entry

I haven’t had a rug in here forever because I couldn’t find something I loved that wouldn’t compete with the floor pattern. I love this neutral option that will hopefully hide the sand coming in all summer and keep the flip flops at bay. The color is really subtle but it adds a nice texture to our space.

A bench sitting in an entry

neutral entryway rug

This space feels so fun and fresh and ready to welcome spring and summer!

An entryway with a bench

I’ve linked below all of my other fave Wayfair items we have in our home, many of which are on sale today! Check them all out below and be sure to hit up the WayDays Wayfair sale before it ends tomorrow. You can see all the great sales here.


I’ve also included a few pieces below that I don’t have in my own home but they are some of their best selling items that are on super sale today!

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  1. Hi there!

    What are your thoughts about not having a front coat closet? I love your walk-in pantry so would hate to rob that space, but it seems like especially in the winter a front coat closet would really be missed when company comes over (at some point we’ll get to have company over again, right;-)).

  2. Have you had any issues with the Slate flaking? I would love to do slate this slate in my mudroom,. We installed slate outside and it flaked and broke up and we had to rip it out. I now understand that there are different grades of slate.

  3. What is the white paint color you used throughout your entry way on your walls and trim? I am renovating our old cottage and I like the white you used throughout your home. (Especially on the ship lap ceiling!). I am assuming you used the same white? If you could share the color that would be great! Finding the right white is harder than I thought!

  4. Where did you get the tile used in the entry? Is it slate or Pennsylvania stone? If you could share, I would be so grateful!

    Thank you!!! Debbie

  5. I just answered my own question!! Not white chairs from Wayfair and now they are blue from the same company as your sectional sofa!! ?

  6. Didn’t you get your chairs in the front room from Wayfair as well? I know you had some from your generous mom at first, but didn’t you swap them
    out? I was perusing your blog yesterday and
    couldn’t discover that choice piece of info.. :)

  7. I have been exploring ideas for my entryway. Loved the idea of a neural option as it can be very useful in summers.

  8. Kelly, your posts are the dessert to the end of my day! Thank you for sharing your home and great ideas.

  9. Absolutely love Wayfair! Can you tell me what size basket you have next to bench? I think it would look great by my entryway !

  10. I think your house is beautiful and have used so many ideas for inspiration for our lake house, but I thought the old black bench brought out the black accents in your lights and hardware nicely. However, without seeing the open view in one shot, the wood may play well off your kitchen table and coffee table which are wood toned, lol, this is how my internal discussions go every time I change something in our house. I hope you love it, that’s all that matters :)

    1. Hey Karen, I liked the black too but it didn’t look right with the arms on our new living room chairs. When you see it all in the space at once it makes more sense, the old bench didn’t work with the new living room. I loved the bench on it’s own if we didn’t have such an open floor plan, thanks!

      1. Ahhh, right, that makes sense after I looked at it with the chairs, which are fab, your choices are beautiful always!

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