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Dining Room Lights

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I ditched my cute Pottery Barn Mason Jar light fixtures above our dining table last week. I still love those fixtures, but they didn’t work quite right with the new sunroom lighting.

A vase of flowers on a table

So I grabbed these simple black barn light style pendants from Wayfair.

A room filled with dining furniture and vase on a table

 I was totally excited about hanging them and putting on my electrician hat (I don’t really have a hat, but I have done some successful electrical work in my day, and by successful, I mean I didn’t electrocute myself or wind up with a permanent Marge Simpson hairdo…).

I got the one light up no problem and then went to the hang the next one, when I realized I goofed up big time. The lights touched each other. Yeah, it was not a cute look. My old lights hung closer together, because they were smaller and I didn’t take this into account when I ordered the new ones.

A dining furniture with a red buffet table

 Thankfully one of my dad’s friends is an electrician and he popped over and moved it over 6 inches for me. Crisis averted with minimal grumping from the Mr. since he didn’t have to try to attempt the project himself.

A dining room table with chairs

 I love that they have the same barn light feel that the sunroom fixtures have and they go well with the new mudroom lights too.

Pardon the gloomy weirdly lit photo, it will not stop raining here! I’m hoping to see some dry weather tomorrow, so I can get all my flower boxes planted and share some of my tips and tricks for those next week.

A window box filled with flowers

Here’s how they looked last year, crossing my fingers for another good batch of flowers this year too!

In the meantime I’ll just enjoy my cute new perfectly spaced lights.

A clock on a wall in a dining room


Table – World Market (they don’t make this version anymore)

Rug – Rugusa

Vase and faux plants – Pier 1

Clock – Joss & Main

Lights – Wayfair

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  1. Can I ask…how did he move the light 6 inches and keep the ceiling looking good? Is your ceiling textured? I’m in the middle of a remodel right now dealing with the lights.

    1. It’s called Photoshop LOL! Ha Actually he took the circle he had to cut out and popped it into the hole that was left behind. I patched it but I haven’t painted it yet bc I don’t have any ceiling paint left. So I definitely fixed this in photo editing but in real life it would look fine if I just finally painted it :)

    1. You have a beautiful home!! Can you tell me the name of the blue paint in your dining room? Thanks!

  2. Kelly, your blog is one of my favorites. I hope you and your lovely family have a safe and beautiful memorial day weekend!!

  3. K those are perfect!! That was one of the main issues I had picking lighting for my house. I’d find a fixture I loved but it didn’t flow right with the rest of the lighting. Tried hard to find lights that I loved, were unique for each room, but also went well together. Ugh. Makes me tired just thinking about it! :) LOVE your new lights Kelly! That sunroom still makes me weak in the knees…

  4. I love the new lights but I love the kitchen table and dining room chairs even MORE!!! I wonder if I could redo my dining room table and chairs similar to that style?? Right now it’s a super heavy dark wood stain. I have light colored cabinets and wood floors so the white and natural color wood would compliment them quite well! I just love watching all the changes you make. They always look perfect! xo Liz

  5. Love your new lights and they do go good with the ones in the other room. You are a busy person changing things around but, we so enjoy it. Thanks Kelly

    1. Thanks Antonella, me too, love the cottage feel these lights have, welcome to my crazy little blog! Thanks for reading!

  6. Kelly,

    I must be blind because I never even noticed new lights there on Sunday. I noticed the mud room but not them. They all look great and flow so nicely. How did you get the ceiling painted so quickly. Love mom Rinz

  7. Love the new lights. I think they make a much better statement than the original ones. I just love your home and your wonderful decorating talent! Always excited to what’s next!

  8. What is your secret to getting such great results with both sun-lovers (petunias) and shade-lovers (impatiens) in the same box?
    Is it possibly your Eastern exposure?

    1. Hi Nancy, last year was kind of an experiment bc we cut down a bunch of trees and lost some of our shade. I planted sunny and shady plants to see what did better. Surprisingly then both did well but I’m going to go with petunias this year bc the impatiens bit the dust in august last year. The front of our house is an eastern exposure so I can kind of go either way with them.

  9. A subtle change makes a big difference. Your flower boxes are beautiful! I’m going to use them as inspiration for 2 of mine this year, the other one is completely in the shade, so I don’t have many options. By the way, did you sell the Pottery Barn light fixture already? If not, let me know! I might be interested. ;)

    1. Oops, never mind. I was picturing the old light as one big one. :) Either way, nice change and beautiful flowers! ha!

    2. Thanks Lindsey, just planted all 7 of my boxes today and I’m wiped! Can’t wait to share the details :)

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