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Grey Mudroom Cabinets

I had lofty goals of calling this mudroom makeover week on the blog, where I showed you a couple of progress posts on my mini-makeover here in the mudroom. Until I realized that would have required me to actual taking progress shots of said mudroom. Also laundry happened so, I’ll just skip the nonsense and get straight to the reveal!

Grey painted mudroom cabinets

Tada! Let’s back up the bus and I’ll show you the before –

Mudroom lockers

These builtins were originally supposed to be stained a dark color to go with the flooring, but the painter goofed a little and started spraying them white. Then he tried to paint them this brown color to look like stain, but I was never totally in love with them.

They were looking pretty beat up and 2 weeks ago I’d finally had enough. I drove to the paint store, grabbed a grey paint chip at random and bought a gallon of paint. Even the paint guy was like “do you want to take this chip home first and check it with your walls and flooring?”

No sensible paint store man, I do not. That would make entirely too much sense for the irrational home decor bender I’m on…

Also, then the Mr. would find out what I was up to, better he just walk in and smell the paint fumes :)

I was a woman on a mission, I went with my gut and grabbed the paint.

Mudroom lockers

I’m so happy I did, because I love the lighter look in here! It has changed the whole feeling of the house, because this is what you are greeted with when you walk in.

Grey Mudroom Builtins

Oh and check out my new lights! I grabbed these beauties from Home Depot, there are 2 of them in here. Confession time – when we were building I may have gone over budget in the lighting department (just a smidge) so in order to compensate I stuck $20 boob light fixtures in here. It’s been my goal in life to rid our house of these for the last 4 years and I’m so happy I finally did!

Grey Lake House Mudroom

Here’s the other side of the room. This door leads out to the patio and the lake. I made this Lily Pad Cottage sign with some leftover cabinet doors from my DIY planter box project and painted the oars in here too.

A sign on the wall

Another confession – the first time I painted it I wrote 2001, which is the year I graduated High School so I’m not sure what on earth I was thinking about, but the Mr. thankfully set me straight before I nailed this into the wall.

A sign on the wall in a mudroom

I snagged these 2 baskets at HomeGoods, after taking over the basket aisle for an hour (sorry fellow shoppers if you were there at the same time as me, I was on the hunt!) I could only find one and I was determined that this basket had a twin somewhere in the world.

A close up of a door in a mudroom

Here you can see into my newly redone laundry room that is off the mudroom (check it out here for more details).

A mudroom

Thankfully the Mr. loves the change, as usual. Even Buddy seems to be digging it…

except that was really him pretending to be all cute and pose for a photo…10 seconds later he bolted out the door after a squirrel and I spent the next half hour chasing him down. What a con artist.

A dog standing in a mud room


Grey Paint – Thorwood by Graham

Wall Color – Silver Side by Mythic

Baskets – HomeGoods

Oars – Etsy (I bought them unfinished and painted them to look old)

Pillows – Ikea tea towels and Joss and Main

Rugs – Joss and Main

Lights – Home Depot (outdoor section)

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  1. Hi there, I absolutely love these cabinets/drawers! Are they IKEA? If so, do you know which ones they are? I would love to recreate this!

  2. Love your cottage. I am in the midst of rebuilding our cottage. What is the flooring you used in the mudroom? Thanks.

  3. I just discovered your blog tonight, thanks to Layla at The Lettered Cottage. I’m already a fan! Looking forward to following you.

  4. I love it!! You crack my up! My friends all think I am insane with my decorating A.D.D. I want to re-paint my living room (for the 5th time in 3 years) and everyone is trying to talk me out of it ;) My poor hubby just shakes his head and tells me that our house will never fall down because of the amount of paint on the walls.
    But I have big plans for this house and until I have it feeling right I wont give up!

  5. Kelly this looks AMAZING!! Having a moment of “me time” amid the chaos at my house right now to check in with your blog. :) Your home is beyond beautiful and your posts always make me smile! xo

  6. OMG I want to paint all my cabinets that same gray color! SOOOO beautiful. I could spend hours just wondering around your home soaking in all the beauty. Now that we finally have our new home I can start working on projects just like this! You are such an inspiration :) xo Liz

  7. Looks beautiful. I love how you’ve used a lot of gray and blue but everything still feels warm and welcoming. Your pictures always have me wishing for a lake house of my own! LOVE.

  8. Too funny- love your sense of humor! haha!! I love everything about your pictures and that Lily pad sign- swoonnnning!!
    p.s. Buddy is just too darn adorable!!:)

    1. HI Risia, I used the back of two cabinet doors I had and painted them white. Then I used stencils to write the letters and finally sanded the whole thing down for a distressed look.

  9. Looks great, although with your magic touch could it be any less ? Love the Lily pad cottage sign !

    1. You are too sweet Marijean, thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to make a sign for our cottage forever so glad I finally did.

  10. I am totally confused by your pictures. I love what you have done, its beautiful but in some pictures the cabinets are different than the other pictures (some pictures you have these big doors and others it is just a bench).

    1. Hi Elizabeth sorry to confuse you. I have two sets of built-ins one is on one side of the room and the other is on the other side. Unfortunately the room isn’t big enough to back up and get the whole room in the photo so you can get a better feel for the space. The one side walks out to the lake (which you can see with the open door) and the other side goes out to our garage. Hope that clears it up!

  11. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who puts outside lights indoors. They are so rustic (not to mention less expensive). Win win

  12. Looks great! Love the gray and your sign is really cool too. It’s a great space.

  13. Kelly this makeover is great! I love the look of the grey cabinets, it really helps to lighten up the space. It makes me want a mud room even more!

    1. Thank Alicia, I know! I never considered this space dark before but now I can’t figure out how I lived with it so long!

  14. I think we are twins seperated at birth. I love everything you do! Your colors, your syle, the way you have just enough without things getting too cluttered. YOUR SUNROOM. and that Master bath… swoon! We bougtht an old lake house 2 years ago almost. It was built in 1976. That makes it 39 years old. I love so much of what you’ve done, Soon Ill show mine. the exterior of your home is so awesome too. Is that Hardy Board siding? Thanks for sharing your home. Its spectacular. :-D

  15. I am in tears over here laughing at your “irrational home decor bender’. I have been an avid home decor blog reader for years now and this warranted my first comment. I read this after I have painted my front door 5 colors in the last 2 days. I love your humor!

    1. Well I am honored to be your first blog comment! I’m so glad you get me :) I personally have painted our living room 3 times in the past year so I understand your front door completely!

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