White Kitchen and Bar Stool Update

One of the questions I get asked the most is how certain things are holding up in our house. From our couches to our kitchen table to certain paint sheens – you all want the scoop! I’m always happy to give my opinion (just ask my kid’s, ha!), and by far one of the most received requests I’ve gotten lately is how our bar stools from Serena and Lily are holding up. With good reason since you may remember my kids destroyed the last ones we had… in less than 9 months.

classic white kitchen blue island lake home

Serena and Lily just sent me a few new products to share, so now seemed like a great time to revisit their Riviera bar stools and take a spin around the kitchen.

A kitchen island with stools

First up, let’s talk about these bar stools – the quality is SO good! Our kitchen is the hangout spot in our house for sure, and these stools take a beating from my kids. They lean on them, tilt on them, knock them over, and they are still kicking!

classic white kitchen riviera bar stools black lanterns

Our island is usually homework central while I cook and try to answer questions (except the math ones, I leave those to the Mr. as I would like the children to actually pass their classes), so these most definitely get used every day.

pantry wallpaper classic white kitchen blue island

They look so much more delicate and fragile than they are in real life. The best part is they wipe down really easy too. I still can’t talk about the tomato soup incident of 2019 (too soon, too soon), but let’s just say they came out completely unscathed.

A kitchen with a blue island and stools

They added the perfect pop of deeper blue to coincide with our navy breakfast nook chairs.

cane tray kitchen island

I love the addition of this Bedford tray on our island. The detailing on it is gorgeous, and I love having a tray corraling everything so it’s easy to move when I’m cooking.

kitchen island cane tray vase of flowers green apples

I usually keep fresh cut flowers from the yard in here. but I snagged these on a Trader Joe’s run this week instead. I used a combo of white stock, wax flowers, and seeded eucalyptus for a pretty wildflower look.

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

You may notice I swapped out the rug situation in here too. It’s so nice having a longer runner in here vs the tiny one I had by the sink. This is an indoor/outdoor rug that is supposed to be really durable and able to be hosed off. I will report back on how it holds up when we inevitably spill on it, but I love the texture it adds to our space!

white and wood kitchen step stool

A good kitchen step stool was the thing that was missing from my life that I didn’t know I needed. My little guy usually hops up on the counters to grab stuff, but now he just grabs this cute stool and everything is so much easier to access. I even use it to reach my tippity top cabinets near the ceiling. Bonus – this has made his chore of emptying the dishwasher much easier too.

white kitchen blue island riviera bar stools black lanterns

I would definitely buy these bar stools again. Serena and Lily pieces can be an investment, but the quality never disappoints me! I’ll link all of my fave Serena and Lily pieces below and I included a full source list at the end!

SOURCES: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

Cabinet color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Island – Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams

Countertops – Misterio quartz by Vicostone

Bar stools – find them here

Tray – find it here

Step Stool – find it here

Rug Runner – find it here

Table – find it here (I painted mine white)

kitchen Chairs – find them here

Glass Vase – Hobby Lobby

Cabinet Hardware – find it here

Pantry wallpaper – find it here

Light fixtures – find them here

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  1. I love the color of your kitchen floors. Can you tell me what color they used for the stain and finish?

  2. I love everything about your home! I had a question about your lighting fixtures throughout the house. Are they black or bronze? Thanks again for all your gorgeous pictures.

  3. Oh, Kelly, you had me laughing out loud (I was a math major) and I love your new kitchen runner. After one too many dinners that probably rival your mysterious ‘tomato soup incident of 2019’ (more laughter), I invested in a really good quality indoor/outdoor room-size rug for my dining room and couldn’t be happier. p.s. The Pumpkin Butterscotch muffins were a huge hit! Thanks so much for that simple, delicious recipe.

    1. Indoor/outdoor is so smart with kids and I need to send my daughter to your house for math, oh man I’m the worst with it!

  4. Kelly, I have the same light fixture over my island. The hubs hates the glare from the bulbs. We changed them out to lower wattage and installed a dimmer (now they buzz), but they are still rather glaring. Do you have this issue? What bulbs do you have?

    1. Can you find frosted bulbs in this style? I’m pretty sure I had those in an old chandelier I had. My husband is super sensitive to light (might have been a mole in a past life) and frosted bulbs usually diffuse the bulb’s element enough for him without sacrificing too much actual light. Not sure how common a frosted flame shaped bulb might be anymore.

  5. I have always loved those barstools! Now I may have to get that tray and the step stool! Everything goes together beautifully!

  6. Those are great bar stools and they would be perfect for my home. Thanks for sharing. Always love it when I have a post in my inbox waiting for me to read it! :)

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