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Living Room Decor – Finally Revealed!

The fireplace tile is in!

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

The walls are painted!

A living room filled with furniture

The new throw pillows are fluffed!

A pillow on a white sofa

All in time for the living room wall to get knocked down to make way for the new sunroom, whaaa, whaaamp. But that’s ok, I’m too excited about the new sunroom to care about the disaster it’s going to make this room.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Before it’s a total mess let’s take a little tour of the new living room decor! Although I’m sure in another 2 months it will look completely different, since I know some of the things in here will be relocating to the sunroom.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Remember this all started with me going to the hardware store for drywall anchors and ended up with me painting my living room? Just another day in the life, here’s the before color again…

A living room filled with furniture and a window

I wanted a bit more neutral blue. I didn’t want to be so locked into the teal-ish tint of the blue in the sunroom. I felt like this room just needed a bit more fun and color!

A living room filled with furniture and a window

The new blue just takes it down a notch, literally, it was just one notch down on the paint chip, I went with Brittany Blue by Benjamin Moore. I love how well it works with red, green, yellow, navy. It’s the perfect neutral blue for in here.

Shelf filled with books

Blue throw pillows on a white sofa

And the tile, yeah! Oh my goodness, you all know how long I waited for this stuff. I’m so happy with the change, it feels so much more comfy and casual in here now. It just feels like more us.

Here’s a close up…

Grey Stone Fireplace

This painting is hanging out here for the summer on loan from my mom’s house. It’s nice we both like to rotate our mantels so we did a little swap. Speaking of swap, remember how I’m helping my mom with her room makeover? We decided her wicker chairs that I had been borrowing from storage would look great back in her room now, so off they went (it was a sad day at our house)….but I found these weathered grey ones at Ikea that I actually like even better than hers. So it all worked out.

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Grey Stone Fireplace

I’ll be sharing  more summer decor later in the week with my whole summer tour, so be sure to stop back for that!

A sofa table behind a sofa

And of course more updates on the sunroom soon, including some of my lighting and flooring selections.


polka dot pillow, navy ticking pillow, red floral pillow – Pottery Barn

white and blue embroidered pillow – Target

striped blanket – West Elm

wicker chairs – Ikea

blue striped pillow, metal tray – HomeGoods

grey vintage pillow – H&M

blue chevron blanket – local store here called the Hanger

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  1. Can you tell me where you found your ottoman? Looking for one like this! The room is beautiful!

  2. Hello! Love your work. One of the pics showing the wicker chairs shows a white/blue striped ottoman/poof – where is it from?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Your home is beautiful. Been pulling my hair out trying to remodel our house. Do you remember the name or manufacturer of the fireplace tile? It is the exact gray tones we are looking for.

    1. I don’t so sorry Debra! This is the number one question I have been getting lately and I’m kicking myself that I don’t have the answer!

  4. Your fireplace looks great! We have been planning a similar redo to our fireplace, I was wondering where you ordered your tile from?

  5. I LOVE your entire house! Where did you get your couches? I want some exactly like them but in tan (don’t trust my dogs and kids).

    1. Hey Annie, got them at a local clearance sale a zillion years ago and they have no tags or anything on them :( no that’s not helpful at all is it? ha Sorry!!

  6. Love the new blue walls…. I’m off to get a sample!!!! Also love the cushioned coffe table – pottery barn???? I’m looking for one similar for my sectional couch!!!

    1. Hey Kimberly I got it a local store on clearance and sanded the finish off the legs :) but yes PB has a very similar one!

      1. Of course…… Everyone that I have loved lately was purchased on clearance!, and they are all gone — story of my search lately. I really liked yours. I’m just not ready to break down and get the expensive PB one just yet. Thanks and Happy 4th!,,,,

  7. Your whole room is put together beautifully…I especially like your pillow selections.

    Love the stone on the fireplace with the inviting wicker chairs nearby. So welcoming.

  8. Kelly this is just so beautiful and has a perfect feel for your home. Well worth the wait for that tile. It is so gorgeous and goes great with the style of your home.


  9. Everything looks wonderful!! But I’m sure that it will triple in awesomeness when you get your sunroom done. You won’t want to ever leave the house unless it’s for some more decor stuff :-)

      1. Can you share where you bought your fare Leigh table? I love it and have been searching the internet everywhere for it, but can’t find it! Thanks!

  10. It’s all so beautiful Kelly! I never get tired of looking at your living room. And the new tile looks amazing! We used an almost identical stone for the back of our swimming pool. LOVE your taste. LOVE the new sunroom plans. LOVE you!

  11. I absolutely love your home! Every little touch is just perfect…and the fireplace change looks amazing!

    Seeking Lavender Lane

  12. on my way, so steal all your gorgeous pillows!!! LOL….you are the master of arranging everything! Super great Family room! Christine from Little Brags

  13. Strange question but do you have to have flood insurance where you live? Can you tell me how wide your fireplace and built ins are. I would like to put something like this in my house.

  14. Gorgeous!! I have been checking your page, just waiting for this! ;)
    I am going for a similar feel to our living room. I have been wanting so many things from the Nautical Line at Target! But sadly our Target’s here in Canada don’t seem to have the whole collection (none of the throw pillows).

  15. I love the Brittany Blue in the living room! Such a great color. And the fireplace looks beautiful. Definitely worth the wait. And the wicker chairs…..oh, I just love it all!

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