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New Paint Color – Let the makeover begin!

Remember about a zillion years ago when I told you all I was helping my mom redo my parent’s master bedroom? And then, you know, I went all radio silent about it? Well, today is the day! Don’t get too excited we aren’t nearly finished, but we had a million setbacks in this room.

And when I say setbacks, I mean we possibly spent way more time sending each other pins on pinterest and dog-earing design magazines than, you know actually doing anything :) We finally decided it was time for some action and picked a paint color.

Remember the BEFORE? It was time for the drab green to go….

Master Bedroom redo before photos

We knew we wanted a very pale light and airy blue in here, but also a blue that would coordinate with the pops of navy we are planning on. I hit up my local Ace Hardware on the hunt for the perfect blue.

Lucky for me Ace Hardware is unveiling their new Paint Studio this month! The Paint Studio is sooooo nice, I love how well lit it is, so you can really get a good feel for the color. I’m like a kid in a candy store in there, they have everything displayed so perfectly, it’s hard to pick just one color.

Peek O Blue paint color

So I picked 243…ok well maybe not that many, but I did take quite a few paint chips home with me. We quickly zeroed in on these fab Clark+Kensington color palettes.

Clark+Kensington Peek O Blue

I loved that they paired the pale blue right next to a navy, so we could get a feel for how well they were going to work together. We got a few sample cans, (they sell them for just $4.99 – perfect for trying a color out) since I have major paint color anxiety when it comes to blue.

I wanted to avoid the “congratulations it’s a boy!” feeling that light blue can sometimes have.

Clark+Kensington Peek O Blue

 The winner was Peek O’ Blue 1016 in eggshell by Clark+Kensington, are you ready for the AFTER shot??

Drumroll please….

Clark+Kensington Peek O Blue

Can you believe the change? My mom is in love with it (and my dad is just happy to not have a thousand paint chips taped to his walls). It is so calming in here now and you really notice the great architecture of the room. I also have to add, besides the paint covering the green up beautifully, it hardly smelled like paint in here. Totally love this paint.

Pale blue master bedroom

 Like I said we are just getting started in here, so don’t get too attached to anything. It will have new flooring, a new bed and an amazing plan for built-in bookcases around the bed. Just concentrate on the bedding and the wall color for the time being.

White and Navy Bedding

We actually painted their master bath, bedroom and sitting room, because they are all open to each other. Here’s a sneak peek at the sitting room too…

Lake house sitting room

The little wicker love seat in here might look familiar, since I borrowed the matching chairs that she had in storage for my family room. I made the unfortunate mistake of mentioning how good said chairs would look back in this room, now that it’s painted…

So their extended stay at my house has come to an end (boo!). I know, I’m such a good daughter to return my mother’s own chairs to her :)

Pale blue master bedroom

If you’re new here, I should mention my parents live just down the street from us on the lake, so of course I had to share their view too.

A body of water surrounded by trees

 Stay tuned for more progress to come in this room, and I pinky swear it won’t take another 6 month…well fingers crossed anyways!

Oh and you can check out more of my mom’s beautiful house here and here.

Light blue master bedroom

 Disclosure: I’m a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel. Ace Hardware provided me with products and compensation for this post, but all opinions and awesomeness are 100 percent mine. All opinions and positions here do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

Logo, company name, with Paint and Color

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  1. Hi Kelly
    I just recently painted our master bedroom the exact same color and was wondering if you would be willing to share where you purchased the bedding . Beautifully done.

  2. Hi Kelly I have followed you thru many moves and am always amazed how you pull another rabbit out of a hat and dazzle us once again. I am in Florida east coast and my question is paint color. I just finished painting our bedroom “Topsail” a color I was sure I selected as one that you used and love? DID I imagine it? I also thought you channel had listed your go to paint colors but I could not locate it. Could you tell me if Topsail was one of your color choices and what other colors did you use to go with in in ie connecting halls and rooms? Our oped living room , dinning room and kitchen is next, PS your great and I do love the color of our bedroom. Just ordered pure white plantation shutters ! Yahoo.

    1. Yes Topsail is a color we have used several times in their Florida home. If you search Coastal Paint Colors in the search box on my site it should pop up!

  3. Hi Kelly!
    I am in love with your paint color but I’m not finding it online! Do you know if there is a similar color swatch I can check out from Ace?Thank you!

  4. WHite is my color. I have a white house, white van, white truck, white walls, white wrought iron set and everything I buy is white.
    But this light, light light shade of blue is VERY tempting to me. Tell me what the color number is….. I believe I will try it.
    It’s gorgeous ! ! ! You get an A++++++

  5. Wow! Love the blue and love that it doesn’t scream baby blue. I have been looking for more of the gray blue and
    as one of your readers mentioned I might try the gray owl.

  6. What a difference a color change can make. So worth the wait it is gorgeous. So bright, cheery and relaxing.

  7. So fresh. I think this room is well on it’s way to becoming spectacular. That wicker settee gave me an idea for my library room…so thanks!

  8. Kelly,
    I miss that beautiful house and especially the awesome people that live there!! It’s been well over 5 years!! SOMEDAY, we’re going to get to Michigan again, or just vacation with them in Florida!! Say hi for me!!


  9. This is looking great and I can’t wait to see more. Love t hat loveseat and I am always amazed by the views.


  10. Looks great! I’ve been looking for inspiration for our master bedroom and this does the trick! Any chance you could share the source and/or brand of the bedding, pillows, etc?

  11. Lovely. Just painted with grey owl by Benjamin Moore. A beautiful grey with a hint of blue.

  12. So open and airy now! Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing….hope we don’t have to wait many months to see the final result ;-) lol.

    1. I hope so too! It’s so hard to get on anyones schedule to get the cabinetry built, the tile installed and the flooring. We are working on it..

      1. I hope you know I was only teasing you Kelly :-). I realize things take a lot more time than we expect them to! :-)

  13. Love the results of phase 1 of remodel project! Can’t wait to get to the bathroom and new flooring completed!! Loved working with this paint! It feels so open and airy in our bedroom now! I am happy, happy! Thanks for your help with the decisions so far!! Love you- mom.

  14. It looks great!! I love that blue and as I said about your blues it looks like it was made for a house on a lake. I am anxious to see the other changes you’re going to make. And I can see what a wonderful daughter you are to actually return your mom’s items without pouting — you didn’t pout did you?? :-)

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