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DIY Round Mirror

Today I’m going to show you all how to make a mirror…

out of a mirror…

Yes, ground breaking stuff around here, as usual.

I mean, I’m sure you all remember waaay back when I got all crazy and made a bookshelf out of a bookshelf right?

I know, I deserve some sort of creativity award, true story.

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Seriously though, have you ever found something that is exactly the right shape or style but the color is all wrong or maybe it’s a teensy tiny bit too small, but you have your heart set on it so you are just gonna bring it home and make it work anyways?

And by make it work, I mean overhaul the whole thing, I’m gonna make this work if it kills me, make it work?

Well, I have been in search for a round mirror for our fireplace mantel for a while, but was having a hard time finding a large one that wasn’t a zillion dollars. I spotted this cute aqua mirror on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby and knew it was too small, but I just loved the shape. But, no I was going to be responsible adult and not buy the wrong thing even though it was 50% and only $30! But no, walk away Kelly, walk away.

So I did, I went home and was so proud of myself, until I couldn’t get it out of my head and started dreaming up ways I could fix it. Again, being the responsible adult I am, called my mom who was going to be near Hobby Lobby and had her pick it up for me :) Thanks momma!

Well, I got it home and no surprise it was too small. (bad iPhone photo)

A close up of a mirror

I had a plan though, what if I could make it bigger? So I hit my scrap pile of wood in my garage (doesn’t everyone have a garage full of scrap wood? The Mr. hates this habit of mine.) and I found a big enough piece of plywood to cut 2 circles out of.

I used the same pencil and yarn technique I used to make the circle for my DIY fire pit cover. I cut out a circle, another round trim piece to mimic the trim on the original mirror and 4 rectangular pieces. Then I sanded them all down and glued the whole thing together with gorilla glue.


I painted it all in a base coat of leftover dark grey paint. Followed by some Annie Sloan dark wax. I finished it up by dry brushing the whole thing with white paint to bring out the details a bit more.

Round mirror

Boom, mirror out of a mirror people!

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

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  1. Hi! I took a screenshot of your fireplace and have been trying to figure out what material the grey (brick?) area around the fireplace is. I LOVE it!! Could you tell me where you got it? Thank you so much!

    1. It’s a stone tile, that comes in big sections, I’m kicking myself bc so many people have asked this and I never wrote it down. I would head to a local tile shop and they could tell you I’m sure!

  2. So cute! What type of plants are on your mantel? I’m trying to find attractive houseplants for some touches of green!

  3. You crack me up :) I love the mirror out of a mirror idea! I wish I would of seen the bookcase out of a bookcase! You are truly so creative! I love your ideas!

  4. This looks great! I’m wondering what did you use to cut the circles out? Did you cut the pieces yourself or have them cut somewhere? I would love to know as I’d like to try to replicate this for my mantel. Thanks Kelly!

    1. If you check out my fire pit cover post I give step by step instructions on how to cut a circle using a scroll saw, it is really easy and a scroll saw is fairly inexpensive too.

  5. The mirror project turned out great, but the striped stool in the photo caught my eye too. I have a similar stool I ‘ve been wanting to recover. Did you recover yours and do you have a tutorial on that project?

  6. You really out did yourself. The mirror is great and you copied the original small mirror pattern so well. You can not even tell you added the larger part on. Well done. You are such a wonderful inspiration. I feel like I can make anything thanks to you. Thank you.

  7. Amazing! Looks great, love the color too. Women everywhere are digging through their closets and garages looking for old mirrors now!

  8. This looks great! I have a large rectangle gold (ugh) mirror over my mantel. I think I could do something like this. Keep up the good work Kelly, I just love your blogs.

  9. Well aren’t you clever!! That really looks great. I wish I had all the mirrors i’ve given Good Will. Now that I think about it – I wonder what ever happened to our big round mirror in the shape of a ships wheel – it was in our boys room. Hmm, I could take the spokes off and then use the roundness. Now you’ve got me thinking!! Tell your Mr. it’s a good think you’ve got scraps in the garage :)

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