Lake House Tour – My parents house

The little muchkins start school on Monday, although I can hardly call them little munchkins anymore – how do I have a first grader? And little man starts pre-school too?!? The teacher may have to pry my curly haired little baby out of my hands…deep breaths right?

Basically, this last week of summer has rendered me useless in the DIY/blog/do anything remotely productive category. So, I did the only sensible thing and called my mom. I have had several of you ask me to share photos of the outside of their home and I thought now would be the perfect time since I can’t seem to accomplish anything around our house.

So, without further ado I present my parent’s Lake House Tour – tada!
A lake house exterior images

This is the back yard, or the front if you are normal, but we have this debate all the time on the lake that actually the lake side of your yard is the front of the house and the street side is the back.

Blue and tan lake house exterior front door

And yet my mom always calls this the front door, but it’s the back of the house? It’s all very confusing…

A lake house with lots of windows and tan siding

This is the lake side/back yard/front side? Stick with me here, I know you basically need a degree in rocket science to figure it out…

A lake house fire pit

My parents just put this fun fire pit in and it’s just like a gas fireplace. No boy scouts required for building a fire, just the turn of a key, which is nice when you are having a s’more emergency

A lake house fire pit

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a sudden urgent need for a s’more in their life?

Fire Pit Design

I love the large porch on the back of their house, it’s such a nice spot to hang out. This is an especially nice napping spot, if you ask the dogs anyways.

A lake house back porch

A lake house sitting area outdoor

They also put this outdoor kitchen area in a few years ago for a fathers day gift for my dad.

An outdoor kitchen with a table and chairs

I think it may be the favorite feature for my kiddos, because they can always grab a juice box or chocolate milk from the fridge when they are out running around the neighborhood (if you are new here, we live about 15 houses down from my parents, kinda weird, but kinda great). And you know Grandma always has the fridge stocked!

Outdoor kitchen

The big closet doors  behind the grill here are genius and I wish we had something like this, they hold all the tubes, skis, wake boards and life jackets.

An outdoor dining set on a patio

This is their view of the lake (albeit on a very gloomy cloudy day) and they have this nice boardwalk by the water’s edge to sit on.

Deck by a lake

Alright, back to getting organized for school! It’s not weird that I’m just now cleaning out her backpack from the last day of school right? I mean, that’s totally great timing…praying there are no left behind snacks turned slimy science experiments waiting for me…

I’ll be back next week (once we settle into school) with a sunroom update and maybe even the start of some fall projects!

If you want to check out more of my parent’s house I have other rooms up on the blog –

Living Room

Guest Room

Master Bedroom in progress

Piano Room

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  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you knew where your parents got the white high top Set near the kitchen. It’s beautiful!
    Thank you!

  2. Kelly,

    I just had to check out this front vs. back of the house for myself. I had never heard of the lake side referred to as the front, but kinda understand where you are coming from, so here is what I found.

    According to Oxford Dictionary, front is defined as the following: The side or part of an object that presents itself to view or that is normally seen or used first; the most forward part of something. According to Wikipedia, in the performing arts, front of house (abbreviated FOH) is the portion of a performance venue that is open to the public.

    I would have to speak in general terms, what your mom considers the front door really is the front door. It is what the general public has the most access to and can drive by. It is also what is used first when a guest arrives, generally speaking. Being on a lake, allows for special access to a house. One could argue that on a boat the “back” side is what is seen and used first. :) I, myself, would still go with the general rule and agree with your mom, her idea of the front of the house is accurate.

    I do know most people say people’s back yards or the back of the house is often the nicest. It is generally the most private and where people spend the most amount of time so why not make it nice!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing your home and your life. Love the creativity!!!! One day I am going to be brave and start my own blog. I have a name in my head and have for some time. Why do we talk ourselves out of things?? ha

  3. Seriously, growing up on a lake I was told by my Grandpa who lived on the same lake that the front of the house is the lake side, still confuses me too! Anyway, what a beautiful home, I especially love the “Front” with all the windows and the patio placement.

  4. Whoohoo! Can’t wait till next August when we get to come up. Lots of new stuff since we were last there. Thank God the boardwalk wasn’t there when our son beached the jetski!

  5. Your parents home is beautiful which ever side you enter. Did you both have the same contractor? Your homes have a similar feel. You and your parents are living my retirement dream. We have traveled to quite a few areas in Michigan through the years. Love the Saugatuck, Grand Haven areas, which would allow not to long a travel for family members. How nice to have your parents so close. We built our country home in 1988 about an hour outside of Chicago. We have the backyard pool, hot tub and new outbuilding, but dreams of retirement lake life stir when I visit your blog. We are not fully retired yet, so I’ll still keep peeking on lower Michigan properties and dream a little more. I can’t wait to see your reveal on your sunroom. Love your homes.

  6. Wow! Just beautiful. I love everything about it!! Thx for sharing …. My girlfriend just sent her oldest to college for the first time. I’ve been crying with her….so hard! My oldest are juniors in high school so we start the college hunt this year. Each stage brings tears. Different seasons in life….cling to God, He does give us the strength we need. :-) have a blessed day Kelly

  7. Your parents have a beautiful home, Kelly. Love the blue & white! We’ve been thinking of putting in an outdoor kitchen. Just not sure where to put it. We have a built in pool which takes up a lot of space on the lani. Any suggestions?

  8. Hey Kelly, any idea what paint color your mom used on the front/back door ;)? Thanks!

  9. Your parents have a beautiful house and how lucky to have them close by . I think you’ll really need mom and dad – their shoulders to cry on – plus a s’more after you leave the little guy at pre-school. It is tough!! I’m getting emotional and it’s been quite a few years for me.

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