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Sunroom Update – 2 steps forward, 1 step back…

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this past week, I was down in Atlanta for the Haven DIY bloggers conference. It was so much fun seeing old friends and new and hanging out with other crazy bloggers like myself! I had so much fun in fact, I took approximately 4 lame photos because I was too busy chatting to actually document anything. So just imagine me having lots of fun living it up with all your favorite DIY bloggers and of course studiously taking notes in the classes learning how to improve this little ole blog.

Before I left we had some big news (finally) for the sunroom….

Adding a sunroom addition

the windows came!!

Insert me jumping up and down clapping my hands like a 5 year old on Christmas.

A room with a large window

They were the right size and going in beautifully – hooray!

Then came time to put the slider door in…

A sunroom addition

and it was the wrong size…


it’s like the grinch stole Christmas, without the cute little dog with antlers to soften the blow.

So now we are waiting another 2 weeks for the new door to come in, you know approximately day 2,036 of construction on this quick 4 week project.

I snapped a few photos this morning since the polar vortex has apparently returned in July with a 65 degree rainy day and we are stuck inside. So pardon the gloomy lighting and gray clouds.

Here’s what it looks like from the living room – we still have this weird temp wall holding up the ceiling, because they need to install the new header yet.

A sunroom addition

You can see the baskets I ordered below the windows, I got 6 of them and they will be built into the window seat along this wall. I brought 2 out so you can kind of get a visual.

A sunroom addition

The new windows in our master bedroom!! Well not new, this is the old door from the dining room downstairs with new  transom windows surrounding it. This was a huge money saver for us, since originally we were going to do 2 sets of slider doors upstairs until we saw the $$$.

A large sliding glass door

It looks like this from the outside. As you can see it really changes the whole look of our house and I’m so excited about it.

A sunroom addition


A sunroom addition

A sunroom renovation

A large lawn in front of a house

As you can see we have a ways to go and it has been kind of a bummer on our summer. It’s a little hard to have those lakeside bbq’s when your backyard looks like this.

An outdoor dining set on a patio

So if you are wondering why you haven’t been invited over to party, it’s for your own good :)

Oh and the electricians were here! Everything is all wired up and ready to go and they even moved my dining room light over for me.

A dining room with windows

Twice, ahem.

I’m sure I’m the electrician’s favorite person ever.

Ball jar lights

They were always in the wrong spot to begin with, (miscalculation on my part) but once we swapped out the door for a window they were really wonky. So now my crazy obsession with symmetricalness is complete, all the planets have aligned, all is right with the world and my lights are hanging above my actual table vs hovering over in the middle of the room.

I know I have issues.

Cross your fingers the inspector shows up tomorrow and insulation happens later this week, which means we could possibly be laying our floors this weekend! In which case say a little prayer that the Mr. and I are still talking to each other on Monday :)

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  2. The sunroom will be beautiful once everything is finished. Glad you had a fun time at Haven.

  3. Oh Kelly, you have such a gorgeous view. I’m sure it is so frustrating
    When things don’t get ordered correctly. I agree with the others, it will all be
    Worth it in the end. The waiting period is always the hardest :-(
    But there is always a lesson to be learned too. Have fun laying the floor this
    Weekend. I’ll say a prayer it all goes smoothly :-) thx for sharing with us.

  4. It’s beautiful and will be worth every single moment of frustration when it is finished. We renovated an old teardown cottage 12 years ago (which we couldn’t afford to tear down) and the results were, and still are, amazing. But the process can certainly be a challenge! Enjoy your new room, and thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share with us. PS. I was actually excited to see I have the same clock as you in my cottage on my dining room wall — I must have better taste than I thought I did!

  5. I just love the idea of putting your last name – Tyvek on the outside. That is very clever and you’ve kept up the blue theme with the tarp. Very color coordinated!! Now whoever boats by can say ” Look, there’s the Tyvek house! ” You must have a lot of relatives because I’ve seen quite a few Tyveks around. There must have been a pin on Pinterest with the blue tarp because I’ve seen that too. :-) Seriously though, we’ve been through the same thing when we’ve built/remodeled. Just think how beautiful everything is going to be once you’re done. Happy to have you back.

  6. We can understand your frustration, we are adding a 20 x 24 addition to our house. The contractor didn’;t show for 2 weeks. We are into week 6, and the foundation and subflooring are in, they plan on framing today. Love following your construction. Your view is to die for.

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