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No Sew Bed Canopy

WARNING: This tutorial is a complete re-enactment, the materials are real, the actors are fake, and the end results are fab.

Ok, ok so we all know I’m not the best at writing tutorials, mainly because I always forget to take photos of the process.

Mainly because I’m too busy winging it anyways, and I have no idea what I’m doing, so telling others how to do whatever crazy thing I’m doing seems kind of hilarious anyways.

BUT I’m going to try my best to explain this easy No Sew Bed canopy I made for my girlie’s room since I have had a few emails begging me to share. I didn’t take any photos along the way, so I tried to go back and take photos to help it make sense, hence the re-enactment warning at the top of the post.

Wallpaper and mirror with canopy

Now that I have made this sound extremely difficult for no reason at all, other than to babble on like I normally do at the beginning of a blog post – here are the things you will need :

6 yards of fabric, a thinner sheer polka dot fabric with a lace edge – the lace edge means no hemming!(depending on your ceiling height you may need a bit more or less, mine are 9 ft)

Staple and Lace

1 1/2 yards of lace fabric

a roll of white grosgrain ribbon

staple gun

hot glue gun

colored chalk

So you all know I hate to sew and I could probably build an entire house with hot glue and staples so I figured this canopy should be no different.

1. First step is making an arch on the ceiling to follow. I determined I wanted the canopy to come out 1 ft over the bed and about 3 1/2 ft wide. So I made 3 dots on the ceiling with color chalk and sketched an arch from those dots. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, mine wasn’t, once the canopy is up you can’t really tell.


Did I say colored chalk? Well re-enactment remember! I couldn’t find the blue chalk back I used, so just pretend with me.

Chalk line on a ceiling

2. Cut your fabric in half, I used 3 yards on each side because I wanted them to pool a bit at the bottom of the floor. I left a 1 ft gap at the top because I wanted the shabby knotted ribbon look at the top, but you could totally skip these steps and use more fabric and just staple that directly to the ceiling. I’m getting a head of myself again (see tutorials – not my forte).

3. Hot glue 18 inch sections of white ribbon at evenly spaced intervals along the top edge of your fabric. I think I used about 8 per side.


4. Measure up 12 inches of the ribbon (I just eyeballed it, you know I don’t actually measure things!) and staple it up to the ceiling around your arch you drew. I know some of you are thinking just staple it? Well, it seemed the easiest to me and it has been holding now for 3 months with no problems. Plus when she is sick of it the holes it will be easy to cover up.

5. Now you have your 2 panels hanging from the ceiling. I cut the lace fabric I bought into long thin strips and tied them in knots at varying lengths. Then I stapled those to the ceiling on the inside edge of the canopy, along the arch to fill in the empty spaces.

Staple gun


6. Draw your curtains back on the sides with an extra piece of ribbon and zhussh (soosh? zuzch? not sure the spelling on that, but imagine me doing my best Zsa Zsa Gabor accent and saying zsooosh dahling, zsoosh!) the fabric a bit til you get the look you want.


7. Do your best Vanna White impression (albeit a toothless Vanna White) and enjoy!

A little girl posing for a picture

Does any of this make sense? I know I’m making sound harder than it is, basically draw an arch, hot glue, staple and you’re done!

DIY No Sew Bed Canopy


Wallpaper and mirror with canopy

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  1. Hey! I seriously love this! Thanks for sharing. Where did you buy your fabric?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Cassy it was from Joann Fabric just ask them where you can find eyelet lace and you should be able to find something similar.

  2. This is so lovely! I’d love to make it for my little girl. Just wondering what are the curtain panels attached to? It sounded like they are one foot below the ceiling, but how do they stay up? Are they glued or attached to the knotted ribbons somehow or did I misunderstand this? Thanks in advance!

  3. Ok so apparently we were on the same wavelength as of late creating a no sew canopy of sorts – love yours!! Mine is portable and used safety pins instead of staples but I think they are in the same class of easy, cheater DIY components, don’t you? Happy day to you!!

  4. Love what you’ve done here. Where’s there’s a will there’s a way – love your DIY attitude. Your girl is very lucky to have a mamma like you

    1. Thanks Julie! She does love her room and her friends come over all the time and tell her they want to move in ha :)

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