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Wood Range Hood

This is my hood…

A kitchen with a hood and open shelves

This is me trying to cook with my hood…

A person standing in a kitchen

ok, so this is really me pretending to cook with my hood… Right before we took it down… But I wanted you to get the idea…

Also, ignore the fact that I’m wearing workout clothes…

Also, I have sunglasses on my head and not minnie mouse ears…

What I’m trying to show with my fuzzy iPhone pic hastily taken by my favorite 7 year old is that I am tall. Not crazy tall, but still I’m 5’9, and I have about concussed myself 32 bazillion times on this freaking range hood. You would think after 4 years I would have adjusted to the height of it, but no, every time I use the back burners, I nail my forehead on it. I couldn’t take it anymore! It was time to move it!

And I mean, if we are going to move it, we might as well change it just a teensy bit too right? (This was my argument to the Mr. anyways…)

Wood kitchen hood with subway tile

I actually originally wanted a wood range hood, but the place we got our kitchen cabinets from didn’t sell any that would work with the open shelving we had. So, I settled on the stainless one that I never loved. I also hated that it didn’t really line up with the open shelving. You see, I have OCD symmetrical issues and when things don’t line up it’s like little “danger warning” red lights flashing every time I look at it. I know, it’s that traumatic…

A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Why I never thought to just have a hood custom built at the time I will never know, but believe me, it basically occurred to me every time I banged my head on the stupid thing. I finally had my uncle build this one for me and I love it!

A kitchen with a sink and a refrigerator

I wanted a wood tone to break up all the white in the kitchen, so he used walnut to match our floors. I added 3 coats of satin water based clear poly to seal it.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and a sink

I don’t have plans for how he built it, and it probably wouldn’t help you anyways because the dimensions would have to be very specific to your kitchen space. Basically, he built a a big wood box and then figured out the angles to cover the existing hood. He used a router to cut grooves into the walnut plywood to make it look like planked boards – it is a lot cheaper to go that route.

A kitchen with a wooden floor

Then all we had to do was move the existing hood up to a more tall-girl-friendly height and pop the new wooden hood right over it.

Kitchen and Wood

I can’t even explain the joy it gives me to leisurely lean over my stove and not knock myself out.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and a microwave

Plus, I just love the cottagey warm feel the new hood brings to the kitchen.

A kitchen with a subway tile

 White Kitchen Wooden hood

 So, please fellow tall girls, tell me I’m not alone and that you have knocked yourself out cooking before? Now, if could just find a maxi dress that actually hit my ankles, all of life’s problems would be solved!

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  1. This is truly stunning. I’m adoring the change and looks perfect next to your open shelving. Happy you won’t be damaging yourself anymore


  2. I love it! You have my dream, favorite kitchen! I always show my husband your blog photos, “This is what I want when we finally settle down and stop moving!” It looked great before but the wood looks fabulous!

  3. We are in the process of renovating a 1956 home. This hood is my DREAM!! I can’t wait to show it to my SIL or my contractor or someone who will make it into a reality…….
    p.s. thanks for sparing me the head banging on a regular range hood!!!

  4. Oh, and if it’s ok with you, I am deffinitaly using your kitchen as inspiration on my New Dream Home! Better yet, will you be my Designer? I absolutely love your style!

  5. What a brilliant idea. I really like the wood look and I love that it matches the floors. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

    Sidenote – You look like a supermodel in your workout clothes!

  6. Your new hood is gorgeous, Kelly. Even though I’m only 5’2″, I can relate. Every time I scrub my tumble marble backsplash behind my slide in oven, I hit my head on the microwave on the way out I guess I lift up my head too soon! Lol! I have a forever indentation on top of my head. We are going to be building a house in the Spring. I’m choosing a double wall oven this time for sure. Hopefully, my head will have time to heal!

  7. It’s really beautiful. I love the warmth and richness it gives the kitchen. Plus, no more headaches!

  8. Looks AMAZING!! love it. Was wondering how difficult it was to move the utensil bar up? Do you have it screwed into the tile? I have often wanted to put one of these up but was afraid of the damage it would leave if I wanted to remove it. Thanks Kelly.

    1. The new hood does look fabulous !!
      I have the same question as Gloria about moving the utensil bar.

  9. Kelly it looks beautiful! I love how you make us laugh with your posts! I’m only 5’4″ so my husband and teenagers do all the “reaching” for me. So glad you will enjoy cooking again. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  10. Absolutely love the upgrade! The custom hood really adds a bit or warmth into your kitchen. It’s also a nice change from the standard stainless steel you see everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Kelly, I am the same height and so feel your pain. When we bought our house it w as sized for someone 5’2″. Needless to say there were a lot of head slams & ouches. When we redid our kitchen I had everything sized to my height. All I can say is woohoo no more headaches, lol! Enjoy your new found freedom from headaches it looks fabulous!

  12. Well I guess the old hood “knocked” some sense into you and you made your move. I figure if you whine long enough someone will listen – guess your uncle did. Great uncle!! I’m not tall but I’m short either. My hubby is tall and puts all of my spices on top shelves. I can’t reach the darn containers. I have a little step stool I have to carry around with me. Now Kelly, I’ve been a loyal reader for quite some time and somehow I can’t believe you didn’t think of putting on a HUGE bandaid on your forehead once a week, only when hubby was home. He would have gotten tired of seeing your poor abused forehead and gotten the hint :-)

  13. Wow, that is gorgeous!! I love love love the warm wood in your beautiful white kitchen. I’m 5’10” and on the eternal search for an appropriate length maxi skirt too! :)

  14. Sorry, I don’t feel your pain…I am 5ft lol! I do understand it must have driven you nuts! I love the look with you kitchen it’s perfect!

  15. LOVE it! It’s gorgeous. I’m the same height and really really hated the hood over our stove
    And kept hitting my head on it too. Wasn’t until we replaced it that I cooked again! Sad…

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