Master Bathroom Decor

I may have to mark this day down on my calendar. It’s a momentus occasion, because I promised you all a week ago that I would be sharing some updates and changes in my master bathroom decor and – round of applause please…I’m actually doing it! That’s right I actually finished a project top to bottom without moving on to the next thing in the middle (you all know how my brain likes to bounce around).

Lake House Master Bath

OK scratch that, I just realized I painted my entire living room while I was waiting for my new chandelier to be delivered, so fine, my brain (and my paintbrush) are still bouncing over here, but at least I can check this room off the list!

Lake House Master Bath


Lake House Master Bath

Our master bath has always been one of my favorite rooms in our house and a definite labor of love since we laid all the tile in here ourselves, but I love it so much more now that I actually decorated it.

A vase of flowers on a table

I mean, it was decorated before with the leftovers from our last house, but for whatever reason it took me 3 years to actually get my act together in here. I guess I was too busy relaxing in my tub to care about it.

Coastal Bath Decor

It all started with this rug, we never had a rug in here before and now I have no idea how we ever lived without one. Every morning the Mr. and I would complain about our feet freezing while getting ready for the day. We would dream of heated flooring, warmer temperatures and fuzzy slippers and then some weird light bulb went off and DUH get a rug captain obvious!

Bathroom runner rug

I found this one 50% off on Overstock.com plus free shipping so I could’t pass it up. It added so much warmth to this room.

Coastal Bath Decor

The rug then led me to buy these stripey towels from Pottery Barn, you know I can’t pass up a good stripe! But this chandelier is the icing on the cake.

A bathroom tub chandelier

The Mr. and I installed this gorgeous capiz chandelier (again from PB on sale right now, go get one!) without electrocuting ourselves and with minimal cursing under our breath.

A sink and a white tub sitting next to a window

For whatever reason when we built this house the inspector deemed our bathtub technically a shower, because of the handheld shower thingy (technical terms only around here), so we had to have this awful ugly plasticy light cover over the tub, lovely huh?

Bathroom light

We always planned on changing it, and I’m so glad we finally did. When we flipped that switch it was like “ahhhh-AHHH!!” (imagine me singing in my best opera voice…ok, so imagine an opera singer singing in her best opera voice, it was like that) it just looks so pretty. These photos just don’t do it justice!

Bathroom and Chandelier

Here’s a close up, these shells are so pretty and it was really easy to switch this out (my friend Jen over at Chronicles of Home has a great tutorial on switching out a can light for a pendant, if you want to get a little better idea of what you are getting in to)

Master Bathroom Decor

This shows the hall leading to our bedroom so you can get a better idea of the space, and nope we don’t have a door, there was just no great way to break up the space. The hall is so long though that it’s still pretty private.

Master Bathroom Decor

A new crisp white shower curtain completed the mini-makeover and I’m just loving the fresh feel in this room now.

A room with a shower and tub near a window

Of course, the view is much better come Summer, right now it is so blah and white (I may have to reshoot this when it warms up) but this is what I have to look forward to…

A large tub next to a window

sigh, for now I’ll just focus on my pretty chandelier and not the snowmageddon that just keeps coming outside.

PS You can check out my DIY Chalkboard Monogram post to learn how to make your own cute bathroom  wall art.

Chalkboard Wall Art

PPS The paint color in here is Arctic Grey by Benjamin Moore, you can find the complete list of my paint colors here.

Master Bathroom Decor

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  2. This bathroom is gorgeous! We will be building our house soon and this is what I am looking forward to having – a nice tranquil bath. Do you happen to remember where the chandelier and tub came from?

  3. Love your bathroom! Is the floor grout the same shade as the grout on your walls (subway tile)? We’re redoing our bathroom and I am putting the same floor as you but I chose a darker grout for the floor than the grout for the shower walls and everyone keeps telling me the floor grout should be lighter to match the wall grout….just wondering what you did? Thanks!

  4. New to the website, but have a question about your beautiful master bath. Do you have the name and brand of the ceiling color? Stunning room.

  5. Do you happen to remember the name of your rug? That is exactly the kind of rug I’m looking for. thanks so much and your bathroom is amazing!

  6. I know I’m a little late to this post as your bathroom has been finished for a while, but what can you tell me about the cabinets? I’m just getting started noodling ideas for a master bath re do and love the feel of your bath. We are on a pretty tight budget and don’t have as much space as you do, and I am completely baffled at how to pick out cabinets. There seem to be limitless choices and manufacturers. When I asked at Lowes I thought they would have low/medium/high and it is a lot more complicated than that. God help me if we ever do the kitchen.

  7. Kelly–love this room! We are getting ready to completely gut our 25 year old master bath. It has similar layout to yours so was wondering what size your space is. Our dimensions are approx. 10 ft X 8 ft.

  8. I love the little grey table (with scalloped edging under the tabletop!) that you have next to your tub. Perfect size for for a tiny space I need to fill next to the bed. Do you recall the source for your table? Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Kelly,

    It’s me again (yes, my bathroom is still not finished :( ) I had e-mailed about the shower base you used and you mentioned it was a fiberglass base you purchased at your hardware store….. all of the ones I have seen do not look as though they have a lip high enough for use with a shower curtain and that they are mostly made to accommodate glass doors. I was leaning towards getting a custom made marble base that would have around a 5 inch step out – am I being the neurotic home owner and overly picky? Thanks Kelly! ~Trish

  10. Just LOVE your style! Your bathroom is a sweet spa-like retreat! We want to do the same floor tile in our master bathroom. Do you have any info on it? We would appreciate it SO much! Thanks! :)

  11. Hi Kelly, The layout of your bathroom (although the shower and bath are opposite) is very similar to the layout in my master bath. I just hammered out all of the tile and drywall in the shower and was wondering if you had the built in doorway and removed it so your shower was more open? Also, the base of your shower looks like a solid piece and not tiled, where did you purchase it? I LOVE your bathroom….it will be my inspiration room :D

    1. Hey Trish, not sure what you mean by built in doorway? We bought our shower without a door so we could have a curtain instead is that what you mean? Yes the shower and base are all one fiberglass piece we just bought it at a local plumbing supply store. Good for you tiling and drywalling, go you! Good luck!!

  12. Love your bathroom! What great taste. Is tile on the floor hard to keep clean? What color grout did you use?
    Thanks for sharing your talents!!!

    1. Hey Lillie, it isn’t too hard to keep clean bc we went with a medium grey grout color, it would probably be a nightmare if we went with white grout though :) Thanks so much for reading!

  13. Beautiful bathroom! We are building a house and I am looking for a tub faucet with a long reach like yours. Where did you find yours? Thanks for your help.

    1. I think I just got it at a local plumbing supply store, sorry! We built the house before I was blogging so I don’t have the best info on everything :(

  14. Beautiful– what paint brand/color is used for the walls? its gorgeous!


  15. I don’t what to say except that I love everything about this space! Oh, and I have the same problem of focusing on one project at a time. I’m in the middle of a bathroom makeover and porch remodel, while at the same time I keep dreaming up new ideas for other rooms. Not sure there is a cure for that though :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It just never ends does it? I’m doing my daughters room and our living room right now ha, just can’t ever turn my mind off!

  16. Gorgeous! The new chandelier is perfect. Love the colors and all the accessories. You’ve done an amazing job Kelly, as usual!

  17. I’ve been reading your blog for some time now but have never commented. I love how calm and relaxing your house is! And You’re bathroom is beautiful and very inspiring. We actually remodeled our master bath in December but haven’t quite finished decorating yet. I was wondering where you got the shelves with the chrome brackets. We are looking for something similar!

  18. wow it’s gorgeous!! can you tell me where the shelves are from? I’m looking for some for our bathroom next to the tub.

  19. Looks beautiful! We’re in the process of remodeling our bathroom and was looking for blinds that aren’t huge and chunky, it looks like you have something on your windows, can you share what they are and if you like them ? Thanks !

    1. Thanks Rebecca, they are those fabric kind of accordion style blinds? Does that make any sense? We ordered them from a discount window covering place, but I love that they pull all the way up so you only see about an inch of white and they provide complete privacy when they are pulled down. Hope that helps!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about it! I can picture swinging shutter doors or a sliding barn door for a cozy feeling when you are soaking in the tub. It miight even accentuate the cool arch above the door. Lovely room!

  21. You’re bathroom is truly dreamy! If it weren’t weird to take a bath at a total stranger’s house, I would invite myself over! ;)
    Love the rug, love the towels, love the chandelier. As always, you did a beautiful job!

  22. There are very few homes in blogland that I could just bring my toothbrush and move into….but yours in one of them!! I’d be in that tub all the time…and that view. Love love love!

  23. BEAUTIFUL bathroom Kelly! Love it all! I am decorating my bathroom right now too and having the hardest time finding a rug that fits our space! Your runner looks perfect for that room!

    1. Hey Shelby we got ours from one of those direct buy type of places, I don’t see a name brand on it anywhere, sorry I’m no help!

  24. Kelly your bathroom is a little piece of heaven. Gorgeous view and beautiful tub. It is weird the way inspectors work isn’t it?? That rug from Overstock is so pretty and tile on the floor perfect. I love Overstock, it is my computer version of HG as well as many other stores, LOL.


  25. I love your master bathroom Kelly! We are looking to do something similar tile wise in our new master bath. Can you tell me where you got the white subway tile and floor tile and the names. Trying to find some pretty and affordable options!!

  26. Love it all! Worth the three year wait for sure!! Ps: that hallway is the size of our master bedroom! I need to move to Michigan!!

  27. Your bathroom is so pretty and so spacious. I love the tile too. How lucky you are to have such a retreat!

  28. If you haven’t already started one, you HAVE to right a book. Your decorating style is so classic and you are a hoot. I am officially claiming snowmaggedon. Living in Canada, I can definitely relate. You are without a doubt, one of my favourite blogs.

  29. Your bathroom is beautiful. You’ve done a great job and your attention span is fantastic. I have the attention of a flea. I get bored doing something when it takes a long time. I love the view of the lake. It would be wonderful to soak in the tub and sip some tea or wine and just reeeeeelax.

  30. Hi Kelly, your bath is so bright and fresh looking and I don’t miss the door at all.

    Love the tub and lovely light fixture. Great touch of color in the rug and towels too.

    My pleasure to pop over and browse around.

    Hope you have great week.

  31. Well I think your bathroom is just utterly gorgeous and clean and bright looking! The bath looks so good to soak in (and I’m not a bath kind of person!). I’m sure your view out the window is lovely no matter what the weather – at least you get a change of seasons up there to look forward to – me, down-under, only has summer year ’round – sigh! Wouldn’t mind a snow-fall now and again!

    1. I do love the change of seasons, I just wish winter lasted about 2 months and we could have spring already :) Summer year round sounds pretty good right now! Thanks Petra!

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