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Beach Condo Coastal Decor – Master Bedroom and Bath

Ok, quick popping in today to share the master bath and bedroom makeover over at my parent’s new beach condo. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this post here for all the details and let’s continue the tour.

Here’s the before – and another ceiling fan that bit the dust :)

A bedroom with a bed

And after!

A bedroom with a bed and desk

I’ll try to keep this short. Mainly because we are in the last weeks of school here, and I’m actually dashing this off in the carpool line at school – 7 more pickups left, not that I’m counting.

A made bed in a room

We didn’t swap much in this room besides bedding and paint, but wow what a huge difference that makes! The furniture in here is kind of enormous and ornate, not really my mom’s style, but we couldn’t talk my Dad into moving this furniture out of there since it weighs a gazillion pounds. We did at least get rid of the enormous dresser, because it was just way too much furniture in one room.

A bedroom with a bed in a room

Ideally we wanted to paint the bed all white to downplay some of the more ornate detailing but we ran out of time. So, for now we gave the nightstands a little makeover to break up the matchy-matchiness of this set. Here’s the before –

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

And After –

A bedroom with a bed and nightstand in a small room

New lamps brighten it up in here and help with a more casual vibe.

Bedroom lamp

On to their little master bathroom area, before –

A room with a sink and a mirror

And after –

Beachy Decor Master Bathroom

Again crazy what a difference a lighter paint color can make, also the walls were all previously painted in a semi gloss finish which really highlighted every imperfection, switching to more of a matte finish was key too.

Master bathroom beach decor

We also painted the mirror and swapped the light fixtures. We didn’t have a lot of options as far as lights went, because there was a huge hole in the wall behind the existing one we had to cover up. Thankfully, this one fit perfectly.

Master bathroom decor

Putting up a pretty shower curtain for a pop of color and losing the glass door was our next move. Removing a shower door is so easy – you basically need a screwdriver to undo a few screws and that’s it. Here’s the before of the door/shower curtain combo, not sure why they had both?

A shower curtain next to a window

And after –

Beach Master bath decor

Oh and we swapped out the dated medicine cabinet for this pretty mirror.

Coastal Master Bath Decor

Tada! Quick and easy transformation, and my mom is already sleeping better in here…

We will not talk about how the first night we were down here she took a sleeping pill (she never sleeps well away from my Dad) and somehow sleep-ate an entire bag of candy orange slices in the middle of the night unbeknownst to her…

nor will we mention how she woke up covered in sugar with a previously mentioned candy orange slice stuck to her cheek.

Me being covered in paint and her being covered in sugar, we were a hot mess that morning.

BUT that definitely didn’t happen…just between us, love you mom! :)

Stay tuned for next week, I’m sharing my favorite part of the whole tour – the kitchen!! Don’t forget to check out their living room post from last week if you missed it!


Bedding – Amazon

Lamps – City Furniture

Paint – Top Sail by Sherwin Williams

Mirror – Wayfair

Light Fixtures – Home Depot

Shower Curtain – HomeGoods

Wall Art – HomeGoods


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  1. Gorgeous makeover. Is the bedroom painted in Topsail as well? If not what is it please? It looks more blue. So beautiful!

  2. Beautiful decorating! I love how you added a pop of white to the night stands and didn’t paint the headboard. Nice work in the bathroom remodeling too.

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  4. Ever since I saw this post from back in June, I’ve been contemplating painting my inherited (came with the beach house we recently purchased ) master bedroom furniture that is very similar to your project….before I get started, I have to ask if you’ve done their bed white yet, and if so, could you please post a picture so I can get a better idea how it will look? I love following you and you’re “oh so perfect, and I want to do everything you do” ideas!!!!! It’s been so hard to change that “palm tree” decor to “light and bright beachy” feel. Your blog has helped me tremendously to take the plunge and just do it….thank you so much!!!

  5. I have a similar situation with a shower door over a tub. What did you do to cover up the holes from the shower door screws? And how does that look to you?

    1. Hey Marsha, so there are just a few small holes left and all you need to do is fill them in with a little white caulk. They are barely noticeable!

  6. You girl’s and I are on the same wave length. Lighten and brighten! The rooms look great. Love the lamps and the wall color. Could be because that is the color of my master bedroom and bath. And yes, I painted my heavy furniture white. Love, love what you did!

  7. oh my word!!!!… I laughed out loud when i read “candy orange slice stuck to her cheek’!! LOL!! so funny. everything looks great. thx for the updates ;-)

  8. Been waiting for the second reveal…Love every inch of it, Kelly! You have given me so much inspiration these past few years since I’ve started following you, that I decided to transform my island home into coastal. I live only 5 miles from the beach on the east coast of Fl., so why not! Right? I’m having so much fun! Love the lighter colors, and of course shopping for coastal decor! My husband says “go for it”! So I did! He’s even Love’n it too!

    1. Thanks so much Nancie, that means a lot! I really appreciate you always leaving such sweet and supportive comments. It’s readers like you that make blogging so fun, and I’m jealous you get to enjoy the Florida sunshine all the time :) So happy you have jumped in with redecorating!

  9. The power of paint is proven here. It’s such an improvement. Love the night stands and the beside lamps. Great job.

  10. Wow, I love the transformation of the nightstands! They definitely fit in with the coastal theme now!

  11. Love tracking the “magic,” you and your Mom are creating in the sunshine state! As always, everything is absolutely lovely. I appreciate you sharing her love for Orange Slices… This story will never grow old for me. ? The giggling begins each and every time I think of it! ??

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