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White Breakfast Nook Table

Alright, alright, I’m mentally preparing myself for the litany of “I liked it better before” comments coming my way, but I have mentioned several times over the 2 years of owning this table that I wanted to paint it and every time I was met with a resounding “NO!” from you all. White Breakfast Nook Table

White table navy chairs rustic wood beams breakfast nook

So let me present my case –

1. It’s one of those things that photographs well, but in real life didn’t quite work.

2. With all of the other natural wood pieces in our home (coffee table, dining room, console table, entry bench, new armchairs), it was starting to feel too much in our open floorplan and this piece stuck out as a different tone.

3. It wasn’t real wood. It had a faux finish laminate type top that looked good from far away, but it was not my favorite up close.

4. I felt like it was detracting from the wood beams rather than highlighting them.

5. It’s my table and I’ll paint it if I want to (sing it with me! “paint it if I want to, paint it if I want to”) ha ;)

White breakfast nook with rustic beams and green pillows

Now that I have defended myself to the internet, I will say I’m so happy I finally painted it! The kitchen feels so much fresher now, and I love how the navy chairs really pop. I know they look almost black in photos, but in real life, they are a pretty blue color.

White breakfast nook with rustic beams and green pillows

I also think the green pillows stand out more now as well.

So let me present my case -

I’m taking the idea of a rug in here for a test drive, so I took our entryway rug for a spin. It’s not quite big enough for the space, but I like the texture it adds. So I may add one in a larger size in here.

white breakfast nook table rustic beams blue chairs


Although I’m cringing at the thought of spaghetti night with my kids, so I may hold off on this idea until they are older!

white breakfast nook table with green pillows

I used Extra White in Sherwin Williams in Satin finish for the table because I wanted it to be scrubbable since we eat dinner here every night. I spoke with the expert at my local paint store and his biggest tips for painting a piece that is going to get heavy use are:


1. Clean the piece of furniture really well first. I used Challenger, which is a heavy-duty degreaser that he recommended.

2. Use high-quality paint. This is a formula that I bought from my local paint store that they recommend for furniture or cabinetry.

3. Give it time to cure. He recommended not eating on this table for 10 days so it can really harden up. Then using placemats for another 3 weeks after that. Once it has a good month to harden, it should be pretty indestructible and will hold up to everyday use without needing an additional sealer.

white breakfast nook table with green pillows

So there we go – a little old school DIY post for you! I’ll list all the room sources below.

white breakfast nook table with green pillows

SOURCE LIST: Contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on each bold word to check out the products.

White paint – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Wood floors – find them  here

Table – here

Chairs – here

Rug – here

Blanket – here

Green Pillows – here and here

Blue Pillow – here

Rustic Beams – these were in the basement of the old cottage we tore down to build here

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  1. Hi, You have a beautiful house. Love your eating nook. I would like to know how deep is your window seat? Thanks! Nicole

  2. Love the white table! I also have a white table and need to paint it over again. With two boys it’s bound to get dirty. I’m gonna try the finish you bought over chalk paint and hope it will clean better. Pasta sauce and dirty hands are all I see. LOL
    Would you recommend using a roller or paint brush to paint the table?

    1. I find chalk paint just isn’t that durable for something that is going to get heavy use for sure! I used a small roller for the table – thanks!

  3. You motivated me to paint some cheap Ikea dining room chairs for our beach house. They are natural wood right now and I want to go white. I just sanded them and wondered if you put anything down before the paint? Like a primer? And what kind of brush did you use? Do you remember? Originally I was thinking of just spray painting them but then saw this post. Thanks!

  4. Those wood beams are the reason why I started following you on IG. ? Your house is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a peek into your home.

  5. I am guessing you didn’t begin sharing on this blog in order to please followers. You probably shared things you liked and then people started following. That’s the order you should continue with. Don’t make decision on what you think “we” will like. Make decisions that are good for you and your family and then share them with us if you’d like. You have such an eye and gift for decorating! Keep doing what you do best and don’t worry about who isn’t following along. And for what it’s worth, I really like the table white. :)

    1. Very true Sara! Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement, you can’t please everyone all the time. My people pleasing self needs to remember that more often :)

  6. Such a wonderful place, love the table in white. I would love to do the same to our dining table but as it is real and thick oak my family would never agree. I really love your home and the beautiful lakeview. I never stop dreaming of living near the water one day – but til then your pictures help me holding onto this dream ?

  7. This is your home Kelly and you should do it the way you feel is best. You live here and you have done a great job so far. Who cares what others think the color of your table should be.

    1. Thanks Tracy! It’s easy to get in your head sometimes when you share ideas on the internet, thanks for being supportive!

  8. Hi Kelly,
    I love the table painted white! Looks so pretty against the wood beams. The pillows, chairs, rug.. love it all : )

  9. Hi Kelly,
    I think the white table looks great and I think the rug is a good idea it really finishes off that area. Well done, I’m doing a happy dance for you?

  10. Looks great! I painted my wood table white a couple of years ago, too. Still love it!

  11. Get an indoor/ outdoor rug for under the table. My favorite ones are by Dash and Albert and they can withstand spaghetti night. Simply hose it down when it needs to be cleaned.

    1. I second this! I have used Dash and Albert in my kitchen for years and they are amazing! I throw them in my washing machine and add bleach when necessary. They even have colors that would look amazing in your house.

      1. Our living room rug is Dash and Albert and it has held up so well! I’ll have to take a look and see if I can find a size that will work in here.

  12. LOVE, LOVE- looks great and makes all the details in that space pop, even the wood pops more around window frame :)

  13. I love it white! It really does make the accessories pop and the chairs look great with it. Keep trusting your gut instinct; it doesn’t steer you wrong!

  14. Have you seen the website: Ruggable? The pad stays down, but the “rug” can be tossed in the washer. I am using them throughout my new house, because: Grandchildren. They keep coming out with new designs. The downside is you have to write to them, to get a sample, and they are $10 a pop.

  15. Love it white!! Good call. As you pointed out, and others have said, the white table allows the beams too really shine.

  16. Looks great!! I like the cleaner look visually. Plus always do what makes you happy in your home. :)

    1. No poly because I was worried about it yellowing over time. Just high-quality paint and letting it really cure.

  17. I obviously need more tea this morning. I read through the whole post waiting for the “after” picture, and thinking, “Why would she paint this? It’s gorgeous in white.” You’d think I hadn’t been following you for years or something….. I love painted furniture, and have done a few pieces in my home this year with great results. Your whole place looks beautiful, as always. PS, still wearing my J Crew sweater blazer that you recommended (mine’s camel) and getting compliments on it every time I do. Think I’ll bite the bullet and order another one, so thanks.

    1. Ha! Sorry Lynette I really should have included a before pic as well! I blame all the cold medicine I’ve been taking lol! And I’m so glad you love your sweater blazer, I bought a light gray one too!

  18. Omigosh, I love it so much better painted white! It just goes better with you whole scheme. It makes the blue chairs pop and all of your pillows too! Love love love it!

  19. I like the new table! I’m with you on faux wood and shiny laquer distracting the eye from those gorgeous :) real distressed wood beams – that would totally bother me! I’m a stickler for real solid wood pieces if they are going to be wood they should be wood (I’m looking at you IKEA) and that would bug me so I totally get why you wanted to paint it.

  20. Sounds like all your worries about reader reaction were misplaced, yay! It looks great! So, what’s next at the “lake cottage of perpetual projects”? ?

    1. Thanks, Ginny, I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone! I’ve got a few projects coming up in the basement now that I’ve swapped all the furniture around. And of course, I’ll be talking window boxes again soon too!

  21. I prefer this new look! The combo of the white table and the navy chairs is spot on!!

  22. I LOVE it painted! I love painted furniture in general. Don’t get me wrong…I can appreciate beautiful stained wood. My wood preference is weather worn pine…not a big fan of oak.
    I also love your chairs with it.

  23. I had to look back at one of your old posts to see the “before” table. I really like the white table a lot better than the wood look that it was originally. Great job!

  24. I love it too! I totally agree with you, it really makes the chairs stand out so well. And it highlights the beam. The rug adds a level of coziness to the corner and anchors the table, perhaps indoor outdoor rug since it is a lake house. You can hose the kids and the rugs off on spaghetti night! lol

  25. I Love White furniture so love it, your home is truly beautiful, when I awake in the morning and see “the lily pad cottage” in my email it brings a smile to my face and inspires me for the day, so thanks for always sharing.

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon that means a lot! Truly I appreciate you subscribing and following along, you all make my day!

  26. I love the way it gives your beams more presence! Those are too beautiful not to be the major feature. Your home is gorgeous, so, don’t second guess your decisions based on us in cyber land. You have incredible taste!

    1. So much better! I never really liked the old color, it just seemed off and the white looks amazing! Good call.

  27. I love it white! In fact I don’t even remember what it looked like before ??? ??‍♀️ And I love the idea of a rug under the table. It grounds it nicely. Good job Kelly! Thx for sharing ?

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I do like the way the rug grounds everything, I’m determined to find one that works now!

  28. Great choice, the white let’s the beam stand out. It definitely has that lake,cottage look.If you love it,nothing else matters. You have my vote.

  29. What???? You painted that gorgeous table???!!! How could you?!?!?!?! …………..just kidding…….I LOVE it in white. :D

  30. I love your entire home but if I’m being honest I was never crazy about your table before. ? I LOVE it painted white!! I am with you-I think it allows your beams to really stand out and everything else just looks better!! Great decision! ?

  31. I liked the old table but I like the new one too. Maybe the old one just photographed well. But you do what you want to do!
    I do not like the chairs, however. I may be in the minority but that’s just my opinion. Everything else is just beautiful!

    1. I Always love everything you do! Yes, I liked the table before, but I get exactly what you are saying.
      I read the reviews on the table when I was looking and I remember the comments about the “wood” being a disappointment. I’m sure it looks fresh and revives your outlook because the good design of the table stands out now.

      The white table, blue chairs, rug to warm
      up the space … all great!!

      I am going to peruse your blog to see if you say anything about your tile and grout color. I had planned to do a light gray grout for my white tile and every time I mention it to a tile salesperson they turn up their nose. I can only figure they are purest and like the same color grout as the tile. ? I spied yours and think it looks gorgeous. Is the lighting playing tricks or is your grout color a light gray?
      Keep the projects coming!!

      1. Hey Sue, we used a mid gray toned grout I like the texture it adds to our space but I know the tone on tone look is on trend right now too. Do what you love and don’t let snooty salespeople talk you out of it ;)

  32. Looks good. Such a gorgeous spot in your lovely home. Those beams are just amazing!!!!

  33. I liked your old table but I like the painted table just as much! I’m glad that you followed your heart and painted it. You live with it and you should do what makes you happy. Your home is gorgeous!

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