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Outdoor Furniture Splurge vs Save

I’ve got summer on the brain, and I’m so ready for patio weather! However, it snowed here on Sunday. SO much snow that we had to road trip home from Nashville because our flight to O’Hare was canceled. As usual Michigan has its own ideas about springtime, and I’ll be captive inside a little longer. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan for sunnier skies so today (per your requests on Instagram!) I’m sharing a little Outdoor Furniture Splurge vs Save. I’ve linked to all of our outdoor furniture (most of it is on sale for Easter) along with some less expensive versions of the same look to help you get your house summer ready.

Let’s start over at the pool, which in its current state is closed and filled with leaves and bugs and who knows what other scary things it has accumulated over the winter.

Contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on each bold word to check out the products.

Pool Cabana Makeover

I love our sectional from Hayneedle – it’s so comfy and the cushion covers are easy to wash. You can find it here.

Outdoor furniture splurge vs spend

I found this look for less, which isn’t quite the same configuration but would give you the same vibe. It’s a great deal at more than half off the price of our sectional. Find it here.

white pool lounge chairs

We also have these lounge chairs by our pool. I looked around and couldn’t find a less expensive version because they are already at a great price for a set of two, find them here.

Let’s swing over to our deck off the master – we have these amazing armchairs from Pottery Barn. You guys, I can’t believe I don’t have better photos of these! Our deck will be one of the first projects I shoot when the sun shows up, coming soon! Here is a view of them out our door at least ha!

outdoor furniture spend vs splurge

Here’s what the Pottery Barn ones we have look like.

splurge vs save outdoor furniture

We actually had these at our old house too! I think we have had them for almost 5 years now and they have held up so well! I toss the covers in the washing machine every year and the wicker is still in perfect condition. They are an investment, but the quality is fantastic. Find them here.

outdoor furniture spend vs splurge

I found this less expensive version here.

spend vs splurge outdoor furniture

These are a good option too and they swivel, find them here.

adirondack chairs lake house patio furniture

Down by the patio, we have Adirondack chairs surrounding the firepit. I love the classic look of Adirondack chairs and we always keep a few out on the dock too. We have had the traditional wood variety, which if you are careful with them (storing them in the winter, painting or sealing any cracks especially on the legs of the chair), can last quite a long time. We also invested in some Polywood ones a few years back. They are made from recycled plastic, are super heavy duty, and maintenance free. Find our Polywood chairs here. Our firepit table is on sale this weekend too if you have been on the lookout for one, we love ours!

lake front fire pit table

Here is the wood version from World Market that we have had for years and years now.

A close up of a chair

Here is a good sale on the plastic version.

A close up of a chair

We also have a Polywood dining table on our deck that we love and eat all our meals on in the summer. Find it here.

outdoor furniture spend vs splurge

I love this less expensive version that would give you the same feel for waaay less. Plus, it has so many great reviews! I’m tempted to grab this for over by the pool. Find it here.

spend vs splurge outdoor furniture

I’m also linking to most of the outdoor products we have around the house here as well if you are on the hunt this weekend. Just click on each image to get more info.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend with your families. It looks like it may actually be warm and sunny for us, so we don’t need to wear snowsuits over our Easter dresses to church ;)

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  1. Your home is so beautiful – inside and out! :) We have been very happy with our Threshold brand outdoor furniture from Target, which looks very similar to the PB chairs on your bedroom deck. I love how the wide, square arms are the perfect place to set a drink. Ours have held up very well (except for where the squirrels have chewed on them!).

    I love the look of Adirondack chairs, but I’m wondering… Am I the only weirdo who can’t sit in them without feeling dizzy? The low seat combined with the recline and hard back makes me feel like I’m in a roller coaster car climbing up a steep hill. Instant motion-sickness for me, even though I’m sitting still. I know… it’s so strange! Too bad, because they’re so cute and beachy!!

    1. Oh that’s funny! I’ve never had issues sitting in the Adirondack chairs, hmmm…now I’m going to have to pay attention to that the next time I sit in one.

  2. I was just telling my best friend about your gorgeous pool cabana! Thank you for the great picture! I too am curious about how you maintain your outdoor rugs. Happy Easter!

    1. Hey Jil, I just vacuum the rug under the cabana usually but I gently power wash the others in the spring typically.

  3. Thanks bunches for the resources. I’m curious about the outdoor rugs. Not so much where they came from or the cost, but more about what it’s like to actually live with them and care for them. They look fabulous, such a great way to anchor a sitting area. But how is it living with them? Do they require maintenance? Get smelly? Do you sweep them? Any thoughts are appreciated!

    1. Hey, Becky, the rug under the cabana stays dry so I just vacuum with our cordless vacuum like a normal rug. My other rugs I power wash gently typically in the spring when I put them back out. They don’t get smelly at all but we have a lot of sun so they dry out just fine after any rain etc..

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