Lake House Blue and Gray Paint Colors

I have been meaning to update my Lake House Paint Colors post for forever! Or for about two years since we moved in at least. Paint colors can be so tricky to pick out and by far one of the most asked questions I get on the blog. I did a paint color post way back when we were in the framing stage of building about the colors I picked, but I thought it would be helpful to show photos of each of those colors in action! Lake House Blue and Gray Paint Colors

So first off, I’ll put this handy little graphic that shows all our colors in one spot. I like to make sure all the colors in a home flow together, so I think it’s really important to lay them all out and see how they coordinate. Also, I should add we have a TON of natural light in our home. We have wall to wall windows and a south facing view, so colors tend to look lighter and less saturated in our home than they appear on the paint chip. I always recommend painting a test swatch on your wall (or piece of poster board) to see what it will look like in your own home.

Lake House Blue and Gray Paint Colors

Helpful hint the code SW is for Sherwin Williams and BM is for Benjamin Moore. Also, I linked to each room so you can check out more photos of each color.

Lake House Paint colors blues and grays

Sherwin Williams 7057 Silver Strand – We used this in our master bedroom and bath. It’s a really pretty silvery/blue/grey that changes a bit depending on the light. Here it is in our master bedroom.

silver strand by sherwin williams

Sherwin Williams 6217 Top Sail – This is a really soft pretty aqua that we used in my parent’s beach house. My daughter fell in love with it, so we used it in her beachy tween room. It is a great coastal color that still feels neutral. You can see it here in my parent’s kitchen as well.

Sherwin Williams 6217 Topsail

Benjamin Moore HC – 165 Boothbay Gray – This is one of my favorite colors in our home. I used it in our mudroom and it’s the perfect soft blue/gray color with a deeper hue than the Silver Strand. Our master bedroom and mudroom are on either side of our main living room area so you get a peek at both colors and I love the contrast against all our white trim work.

Benjamin Moore HC 165 Boothbay Gray

Sherwin Williams 7029 Agreeable Gray – This is one of the best neutral greige colors. It is warm without feeling too beige, and it doesn’t have yellow or purple undertones, which can be a tricky problem with grey paint colors. It’s really one of those colors that goes anywhere, and is a perfect transition color for in-between spaces like hallways, etc. We used it in our basement family room – see more photos here.

Sherwin Williams 7029 Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams 7024 Functional Gray – My son actually picked this color for his room (out of 3 or 4 gray options I gave him) and I must say he has good taste! I was worried originally this was going to feel a little dark, but it really makes the room cozy and has a nice masculine vibe.

Sherwin Williams 7006 Extra White

Sherwin Williams 7006 Extra White – It’s tempting to think all white paint is just white paint, but there are a zillion shades of white to choose from, and it can really be one of the harder paint colors to pick. Extra White won my heart after an exhaustive search. It is a really true white without any blue or yellow undertones, but it doesn’t feel cold or stark either. All of our trim, white cabinetry, board and batten, and ceilings are this color. You can see more of it in our living room here. Lake House Blue and Gray Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams 7006 Extra White

Benjamin Moore HC 155 Newburyport Blue – We went with navy cabinets in our basement wet bar and this is nice deep navy color.

Benjamin Moore HC 155 Newburyport Blue

Sherwin Williams 9140 Blustery Sky – I get a ton of questions about this paint color on our kitchen island and our master bathroom cabinets. It is one of those colors that looks completely different at all times of the day. It is much brighter when the sun comes out and has more of a teal look, but on rainy days it looks much more gray.

Sherwin Williams 9140 Blustery Sky

Here’s another look at it in our bathroom.

A bathroom sink and window

Sherwin Williams 0055 Light French Gray – Lastly we used this pretty gray paint for our pantry and laundry room cabinets. I wanted to switch it up from all the white cabinetry and these smaller spaces were a great place to add a little something different.

Sherwin Williams 0055 Light French Gray

So there you go – I hope that helps you see what each paint color looks like live and in action! Like I said, colors can look SO different based on lighting, flooring, other items in the room, etc… So, be sure to try a sample in your own space before making any major decisions! I hope you found this post about Lake House Blue and Gray Paint Colors helpful!

You can find more photos of our home and all the room sources on the shop our home page.

Lake House Paint colors blues and graysLake House Blue and Gray Paint Colorslake house paint colors

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  1. Kelly, Just wanted to tell you I shared this blog with my brother who is doing a complete remodel on a house he bought and he chose all 3 of his paint colors from your colors based on this post. He’s a single guy overwhelmed with choices and you made this decision easy for him.

  2. Beautiful colors! I noticed you mentioned two different colors for your kitchen island. I read on your blog that you used BM Blue Note and then I see here that you used SW Blustery Sky. Am I reading something wrong? Can you please clarify?

  3. Beautiful! Where is your dresser from underneath your TV in your master bedroom?
    I’ve been looking everywhere for something like that!!

  4. Kelly,
    Beautiful home! Love your choice of colors. We are going with Agreeable Gray too.Planning to go with Matte finish too.
    Did you use Duration, Emerald or Cashmere?
    First time home owners here, your comment would certainly help.

    Thank you

  5. Can you please tell me what Brand and Color your kitchen and living room floors are? Just LOVE!

  6. Hi
    I am wondering what color you painted the dining chairs in the lake house. You mention gray chairs…on the computer they look white. Can you tell me the color you used. thanks

  7. Hello, beautiful home! What color are your kitchen walls? I love the Newburyport Blue on the kitchen cabinets !

  8. Hi, I’m trying agreeable gray in my north facing family room and it’s not so agreeable-it looks lavender and nothing like yours as shown. Suggestions?

  9. Beautiful home!!! Painting a small bathroom (no window) and while I always love color, leaning to a white shade for clean look. . Hallway leading into space is SW Agreeable Gray. Vanity is gray w marble gray/white top and flooring is beautiful farmhouse style darker wood style tiles. Question…will white make the room too cold and sterile appearing? Also concerned it will make trip work all blend in without any pop. Or should I lean to a warmer shade, say w tan tone? A million thanks in advance for your guidance!!

      1. I’m your living room, the ceiling, trim, and batten are extra white. Is that the color of the walls as well? I’ve painted my living room theee times already and can’t see to get the white right. Did you do the walls as well as the ceiling in matte with the trim satin?

  10. What is the name of the wallpaper in your laundry room? I’m thinking about putting it in my foyer.

  11. What is your exterior color and roof color? I’ve been ruminating about making a choice and I love your home!

    1. Hey Amanda our siding is vinyl shake by Mastic in the color Natural Slate our roof is Driftwood by CertainTeed I believe.

  12. Hi Kelly, beautiful choices!
    Did yours the extra white on your laundry room wall?

  13. Hi Kelly. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. You have gorgeous taste in everything you picked. I love how it all goes together☺

  14. I used Agreeable Gray and a step lighter than topsail. I love them except for one thing that I hope you have an answer for. If you get a mark on the wall, you cannot wash it off without it showing that you did that. It takes the mark but the paint spot stays a little darker. How do you clean a mark off the wall. I tried to just touch it up with paint and that shows too.

    1. Hey Sheila, I haven’t had issues with that I typically use a magic eraser gently and that takes care of it. We used a matte sheen not sure if that makes a difference? Thanks!

  15. Did you use the same sheen of extra white on your ceilings, walls and trim? I am just about to do extra white in the largest room in our house and I picked satin for everything.

  16. Hi Kelly,
    I was so thankful for your paint color post. Your post was so helpful to me. My house flooded when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. It was a very devastating time and I had so much to deal with!! I loved your paint color choices that I ended up using three paint colors you had posted (SW Extra White, SW Silver Strand, BM Neburyport). Thank you so much for your inspiration : )

    1. They are Engineered Hardwood floors from Build Direct by Vanier the color is Robin. You can find them linked on my FAQ page – thanks!

  17. Such a beautiful and versatile color palette. It’s so lovely with your blues but would work well with virtually any accent color. p.s. I hope your girls weekend was wonderful!

  18. I used your palette when we moved into our new home. It turned out beautiful. It made color decisions so easy and the whole house harmonizes. Thank you for saving me money and hours repainting because it wasn’t just right!

      1. Hi. Are you able to tell me the brand and color of the floor with the Silver Strand painted walls? Thanks in advance. Would love to use the whole theme in our bedroom.

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