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Butler’s Pantry Wallpaper

Is it weird if I want to invite my friends over to have a glass of wine in my pantry? If it’s not, you are all invited! ;) With the wine fridge, access to snacks, and now this gorgeous wallpaper – this room has further solidified itself as the best spot to hang out in the house. Well, ok maybe it’s lacking the view that the living room has to offer, but it’s a great spot to take a “mom breather”. Butler’s pantry wallpaper.

butler's pantry black and white wallpaper

When my kids aren’t ransacking it.

Butler's pantry cork wallpaper

Although now that I have it a bit more organized, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised with how much easier it is to keep tidy.

Butler's pantry wallpaper

First, let’s back up and admire the wallpaper. It’s so beautiful in person, I can’t get a photo to capture the cork like texture – it’s so cool!

Butler's pantry wallpaper open shelves

I have to say, I’m so glad I hired this out. It took him much longer than he originally planned. He wallpapered around those built in shelves like a champ (they were custom built and painted so there was no easy way to take them down without damaging them or the walls), and I still have no idea how he managed to match up the pattern perfectly!

black and white pantry

I don’t think he knows how he managed it either, because he said his brain hurt from all the math and staring at the geometric pattern so long – poor guy!

Butler's pantry wallpaper

While he wallpapered, I weeded out some of the stuff cluttering up my pantry that I hadn’t used since we moved in a year ago. It was great to send a pile off for donation to hopefully find a better home.

butler's pantry organization

The other big change in here is I finally found some good organizing bins that fit my shelves. I did a mix of these clear ones from amazon (I’ll link them below) and some inexpensive white plastic bins from Target.

A refrigerator filled with food

I used the clear ones for stuff that I want to be able to quick glance in my pantry and know what I have on hand. Things I need for meals, snacks we eat every day, etc…I also really like these stackable canned good shelves that I found.

A refrigerator filled with food

I used the white ones for stuff I don’t really need to see like flour and baking supplies, bread for sandwiches, etc…

butler's pantry wallpaper

I also put these bins with school snacks down low in easy reach of my kids. Now they are in charge of picking a school snack every day and throwing it in their backpack.

A close up of a box

I also added small clear labels (I just printed them on mailing address stickers) to encourage everyone in the house to put things back where they go. Although, in a major mom fail moment, my first grader informed me he can’t read cursive – whoops! I told him I’m just giving him a head start, for when he learns it in 2nd grade.

butler's pantry wallpaper

I switched up our coffee station a bit. I added a mug rack and also bigger bins to store coffee and the collagen I mix in my coffee (have you guys tried that? I love it!). The rest of the storage bins I’ve collected here and there at HomeGoods.

walk in pantry organization

Ok and you know I picked up a few pretty things too like this gorgeous marble cutting board. I use it to serve big cheese plates when we are entertaining (or when I don’t feel like cooking dinner on Sunday night).

black and white panty

Overall, it feels great to finally have this pantry working better for our family. I love the warmth and texture the wallpaper adds in here. It even makes me dislike these countertops a little less. Side note – if you remember I wanted butcher block in here but I couldn’t find any I loved with our floors, so I settled on this laminate for now. Someday I hope to swap it out for something I love.

butler's pantry open shelves

We almost always have the door open to it so it added a lot of pattern and contrast to the kitchen too!

Butler’s pantry wallpaper.

SOURCES: (Contains affiliate links, just click on the bold words to be taken to the product)

Wallpaper – Serena and Lily

Paint Color – Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams

Plastic Bins – Amazon

Plastic Bins for canned goods – Amazon

Big white plastic bins – Target

Small plastic bins – Target

Shallow plastic bins – Target

Marble cutting board – World Market

Coffee container – World Market

Mortar and Pestle – World Market

Wood cutting boards – HomeGoods

Pantry Light – Wayfair

Door – Antique store

Floor – BuildDirect

Stool – Ballard Designs

Bar Stools – Serena and Lily

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  1. Hi Kelly, I’m loving the wallpaper so much! I saw it on your Like to Know It page but just wanted to confirm it was black patter (versus green). I’m horrible at math too, so you definitely recommend professional install?

    1. Hey yes it’s the black pattern! I love it :) I installed wallpaper in my daughter’s room a few weeks ago and it was fine but this room had too many angles and funny cuts that I didn’t want to try it myself. If your room isn’t so complicated you could give it a shot!

  2. It looks really amazing!
    I am wondering the size of the room, and the depth of your shelves and counters? I have a 5 foot wide room I am considering making it into a pantry. It is only 7 feet long.
    Just wondering?


  3. Love your pantry! My daughter recently added a butler pantry off her kitchen with open shelving too. I adore the organizers you have used- and where they were purchased. Thank you for sharing!

  4. So pretty, light and bright. Have to ask, don’t you find your sugars dry out in those glass containers. I love them, but they don’t have an airtight seal to them.

    1. Hey Erin, these actually have an airtight seal. There is plastic suction ring thing around these ones if that makes any sense? :)

  5. Looks great Kelly! Could you please share the details on the countertop in the pantry. What type of surface and color details. Thanks

    1. Hi Shani, it’s a black soapstone looking laminate. I don’t have the name or brand, but I’m not happy with the product, so I wouldn’t want to recommend it. It looks fine in photos, but up close I don’t like the texture of it. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful pantry! I don’t blame you for wanting to hang out in there :)

    How do you like having your microwave in the pantry? I am building and considering doing this too but I’m worried I will be running into my pantry all the time to use the microwave.

    Random side note: Don’t you just love White Claw? Since I’m not a beer or wine drinker I’ve always been envious of those who can go to the fridge and crack open a can or bottle while I’m busy making a cocktail. I finally feel like I have my version of “beer”!

    1. Hi Racheal! I love having my microwave tucked away in the pantry although I don’t use it a ton. My kids use it more and it’s nice having it at an easy height for them to use. I’ve actually not tried the White Claw yet ha! My husband bought it when we were having some friends over, but we ended up drinking wine. I’ll have to try one!

      1. If you’re a fan of sparkling (non-sweet) water like La Croix you’ll enjoy them. Thanks for the feedback on the microwave in the pantry!

  7. Wow! Just wow! This is a Stepford pantry. ***wink*** And I’m still laughing about the cursive labels.

  8. Perfect. A little Serena and Lily makes everything better. Hope you get down to the Lincoln Park store soon, you will LOVE it!! Way to go encouraging your kids to be responsible for their own lunch choices and I see you are adequately stocked on the nice mommy juice (WhiteClaws).

    1. Ha agreed Serena and Lily does make everything better! I haven’t actually tried one of the White Claws yet, my husband grabbed them at the store. Sounds like I need to crack one open tonight :)

  9. Oh my!! It just looks fantastic!! I agree that it adds a pop of color and texture. It’s “fun” without taking away from the classiness of your home. And I think that door IS open more than you think it is. Good for you!! I don’t know which I like more . . . . your house or your view. You’re lucky to have both!!! Blessings from Missouri sweet lady!!! Enjoy the day and enjoy that PANTRY!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Robbin! I was convinced I would keep this door closed all the time, but it never is! So glad we went with the open shelving in there so it’s pretty to look at thru the door. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  10. Wow, so inspiring. I’m obsessing over every detail. The wallpaper looks amazing.
    Your amazing.

  11. It looks so good and the wall paper is amazing!! Are the white display shelves on the wall custom or purchased?

  12. This is just plain stunning!! What a great wallpaper choice!!!! I feel like I could just hang out at your house and feel like I’m on vacation. Simply beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. This is a masterpiece. Love everything! Didn’t even notice the laminate!! Can you source the baby mug rack?


    1. Hey thanks! It’s from World Market, I couldn’t find it on their site to link it but I just bought it last week in store.

  14. You have the most beautiful pantry I have ever seen. Amazing!
    BTW every time I see your picture on Instagram, I do a double take because you look so much like one of my nieces.
    I also love the view outside all your Great Room windows.

  15. Love your wallpaper! I once had a decorator suggest a wallpaper the inside of my walk-in closet. I thought it was a waste of money since no one would see it. She said your closet door will be open more than you realize and every time you look in, it will be like looking at a little jewel box. I have never regretted it and I think the same applies to your situation. You’ll enjoy that little pop of pattern every time you walk through your kitchen.

  16. Thanks for sharing- it looks great! Could you share the size of your lanterns over kitchen island? I’m struggling with which size to get the 23 x 15 or the 25 x 18. How did you choose yours? Thanks so much for any help you could offer!

  17. This looks amazing, Kelly! Love the wallpaper and all of your organization bins!! You’re going to have to fill me in on the collagen in coffee- I’m intrigued ;)

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