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Sunroom/Living Room Stuff

Remember when I posted about my sunroom eleventy billion years ago? It was right before Christmas and I didn’t take great shots because my Christmas decorations were up, and I love you all but I don’t love you enough to take my entire Christmas tree down and do a photo shoot and then put it back up. Well, what the world’s longest run on sentence ever is trying to tell you is I had to take a few shots of my living room/sunroom area last week for something upcoming that I’m working on (more on that next month) and I thought I would quick share them with you.

A living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

I still need to do to a whole sunroom completed project recap post, but I’m waiting for the lake to melt (crossing my fingers that happens soon!) and the trees to get some leaves, so you can really see how heavenly it is to hang out in this room.

A living room filled with furniture and a sunroom

Oh, and remember the reader survey? One of the biggest questions I got was where we keep our tv. Here it is! I tend to crop it out of my shots or not shoot this angle so you don’t see it, because, ugh who loves the dreaded large black box? We had specific builtins made in this corner to house the tv, and yes, in hindsight I could have put cabinet doors over it. It’s one of the 100 things I kick myself over, unfortunately, we didn’t leave enough room to have doors that would slide back, so maybe someday when we buy a smaller tv? The Mr. is not onboard with this suggestion.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

You’ll notice in the above shot, I moved the white love seat that normally hangs out here. I just wanted to show you that the sunroom actually steps down a step from the living room. I had 2 thoughts behind that, 1. it made the flooring transition easier and 2. the view from the kitchen and living room is better having the windows and furniture down lower.

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

 I love how the detail of the side transoms turned out. I originally wanted side transoms plus an upper transom, but it would have been too low so we cut that idea.

Alright I moved the chair back and this is what it actually currently looks like…

and pardon the bad photos I still haven’t figured out how to shoot this room without it looking like you should “walk towards the light”! We get SO much sun thru these south facing windows and I really wish I was a good enough photographer to capture the gorgeous light in here.

A living room filled with furniture

Anyways, hope that gives you a better idea of the space. I mean the space when it’s cleaned up, currently there are 3 loads of laundry sitting in the living room staring at me wanting to be folded. I just can’t face it, anyone else feeling like a zombie since daylight savings? My kids are NOT feeling this new hour earlier schedule thing, we are limping through the week over here. Thankfully I have been able to sneak a few sun soaked catnaps in this room :)

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

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  1. Hi Kelly.

    I noticed you have a long cushion on the window seat in the sun room. Did you have that custom made or could you share where you bought it?

    Everything looks beautiful!

  2. Beautiful sunroom. Is this a 4 season sunroom? We are in SF Bay Area and considering putting a sunroom however I am not quite sure if the sunroom how to heat or cool the sunroom, would love some ideas!


  3. Your furnishings/decor in the living room are so similar to mine I wish I could send you a photo!

  4. Beautiful !! You are so gifted and creative!, lLove how your sunroom turned out!

  5. Oh my! I’m so excited that I found your blog! We are moving from TX to MN and I need inspiration for my home in that kind of climate with seasons. I love to see so much white as in MN that does not seem normal, but I love it! Does it feel too chilly in the winter or cheery? Also, love the gateleg table and a million other things in your home. So beautiful!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! I think because I have blue walls elsewhere it doesn’t feel too chilly in winter, at least for me :) I do love it so much more in the warmer months though because the focus really becomes the view outside!

  6. Hi Kelly

    Love your home, but have to admit to having a bit of a giggle to myself when I looked at the last but one photo, the one showing the sofa with the ‘vintage edition’ cushion on, it’s probably just my crazy brain, but the throw that you’ve placed under the cushions with the four tassels on, made me think there were two little girls wearing dresses and little boots, hiding behind the cushions! Let me know if you can see it too, I just laughed right out loud – crazy or what?

    Warm wishes

    Judi in the UK

  7. What a beautiful room!! I love all of the light. My favorite part is the side transoms. I’ve never seen them used inside the house before and they are really wonderful!! I also made the same mistake with the TV and no doors on the cabinet to cover it. It honestly only bothers me when we have company over. Even so, I’m working on my husband to agree that they are necessary.

  8. Love it ALL! So gorgeous.

    I know this is random…but what are those awesome branches on the dining table? I love that pop of yellow!! Are they real? They look so organic, and I would love to put some in a glass jar I have similar to yours. :)

    1. Hi Shelby, they are from Pier One and they are totally faux! I have real plants most everywhere else in my house but for some reason anything I put on this table seems to die. I think it gets too much light combined with me forgetting to water ha.

  9. I love it all! The throw with the large tassels is divine! Can you share where you found it?

  10. I love this space! I come back to your house over and over for inspiration as we put our new home together. The view from your sunroom is so beautiful! I’m sure you are so over the snow but I grew up in the snow and sometimes I miss it since we don’t get any here EVER in San Diego. Love the living area with the new addition of the sunroom and all that natural light. Amazing!

    1. OH jelly I LOVE San Diego! I’m sure I would miss the snow because I do love it, I just wished it only lasted a month or two.

  11. Your sunroom is so peaceful, I could loose a lot of time in this room and not feel the least bit guilty. It is so very warm and inviting. Your vintage edition no 3 pillow is awesome!! Can you share where you got it?

  12. Oh my gosh, you crack me up every time I read your post…..”Walk towards the light” hahaha
    I love your house so much. It feels so Pottery Barn to me. I’m betting you spend a lot of time in your new sunroom. It’s dreamy!

  13. I always look forward to one of your Posts. Room is lovely – so crisp and bright looking. You hate laundry; I hate to vacuum. Who would have thought one measly hour could make such a difference. Both my daughters say their kids are also having a hard time adjusting their sleep patterns and my sweet grandkids range in age from 8 – 13.

  14. Hi,
    Love the room. I have a question. Just bought this house. They have no sort of roller shade or awning for that room. It really gets hot. Can’t think of what it will be like in Summer. Have you gotten anything yet? Pat

    1. Hi Pat, I don’t plan on getting any sort of window treatments for this room because I have to admit I love the warmth! I would much rather be hot than cold and we rarely turn our air on in the summer. We do get a pretty great breeze off the lake most days though :)

  15. Beautiful!!! Everything looks fantastic Kelly!! And your black box is fine…we all have this issue ;-) LOL

  16. Don’t worry about your TV . . . everyone deals with the same issue, and it truly does not look bad. A famous decorator who appears regularly on HGTV did one of her gorgeous master-bedroom makeovers and hung a flat screen directly over the fireplace opposite the bed. She defended herself by saying, “TV’s are here to stay, honey . . . get over it!”

  17. I’m obsessed! Love the colors, decor, everything! How do your white couches hold up with the little ones? I’m dying for white slipcovered couches, but my husband is all “the kids will destroy them!” (Ages 5,3, and 1.). Your thoughts appreciated! Thanks. Love the blog:)

    1. Sarn, I wanted to tell you to go the blog “Shades of a blue Interior” and put in the search button to pull up the post she has about why you need a white slipcovered sofa. She tells you about living with her own slipcovered sofa and gives you 4 or 5 other blogs that they live with white slipcovered sofas too and all of them have 2- 3 little ones. But the most interesting part of it all is how she gives you tips on taking care of the slipcovers. How to wash them, dry them, etc… Even the kind of laundry soap and spray washes that get out the stains if you get any. I was very nervous but want one really bad just like you. Now I think I going to do it. My kids are grown but, I have got the grandkids over a lot! You will have him letting you get one in no time at all!! ps. Sorry I don’t know how to refer you right to that post. I am not very great at doing all this computer stuff. Thanks, Shawn (female)

        1. Thanks Kelly, I so love your home!! And yes I think I might invest in the white slipcovered sofa or a the very least get a slipcovered sofa. I am torn between the white and a very light beige colored one. (like oatmeal color) maybe Linen is the color I looking for. I just had my living room/ dining room open concept room done up in French country forever and had a very bright red floral sofa with striped pillows. It had little flowers in the mustard gold and my walls were mustard color with the dining room coordinating in the sage green from the leaves in the sofa. It really was pretty and I got lots of compliments but I had it for about 6-8 years and I am just tired of the bold colors and just want a plain couch that I can have and just be able to change out my pillows or wall colors if I wanted too. I going to accent with a few painted furniture pieces in the linen colored chalk paint and the turquise color. I also want much lighter colored walls now. Even though the dark colors were really cozy. The main thing is to just have fun at it all. I love to decorate everything, my home, the holidays, weddings you name it. I tried my hands at it all. Well sorry for rambling on here. I let you know how it all turns out. Shawn

    2. Hi Sam, so I know lots of people who have slipcovered white couches with little ones and they are a dream, just throw them in the wash and you are good to go. Mine unfortunately aren’t slipcovered but I do have them steam cleaned once a year or so. My kids are 3 and 7 and they mostly hang out and do messy project stuff upstairs in the playroom, we do use this room a lot and they really still look great. I am pretty careful about having them wash their hands after messy meals and when they come in from the backyard. Hope that helps!

  18. I love your style! Classy nautical:) I am looking for a small around 12 to 15 inch side table just to put a cocktail on between two leather chairs and I also live near the water but on the East Coast not finding anything ,I was thinking possibly seagrass? Any thoughts for where to look?

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