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Pool Cabana Makeover

Hey guys! I’m SO excited to finally share my pool cabana makeover with you all! This has been long overdue, and now that this space is complete, we have been living out here. I’ll start with the after so I don’t scare you right off the bat –

Pool Cabana Makeover with white sectional

But let’s back up and see what it looked like when we first purchased this property (well after we put up the new fence), the before

A wooden cabana

What a change right? Furniture, pillows and plants made all the difference! I had been on the hunt for the perfect sectional out here since last year, and I finally found it at Hayneedle. I was thrilled that Hayneedle wanted to partner with me and provided the furniture for beautifying this space. They have such a great selection of outdoor furniture and accessories to really bring your space to life. I mean clearly, just look at the before and after out here!

pool cabana sectional outdoor furniture

This new outdoor sectional seating area is so comfortable, not to mention gorgeous. I love that it’s all separate pieces so it’s easy to move around. We could separate it and have a couch and 2 chairs, but I love how cozy the u-shaped configuration is.

pool cabana makeover sectional outdoor furniture

It really makes this space feel like a cozy living room. The cushions are all slipcovered, so I can just throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

outdoor blue and white pillows

Hayneedle has a huge selection of colorful outdoor pillows and it was fun to mix and match the patterns out here.

Pool cabana makeover blue and white decor

It’s even more fun all lit up at night!

A wooden pool cabana with lights

I absolutely love these huge wooden planked planters from Hayneedle. They are so fun and beachy with ferns planted in them.

Outdoor sectional in a pool cabana

Navy and white pool cabana area

The cabana is great for shade, but we also have some lounge chairs over in the sun, and we tied in the blue and white theme with new pillows.

Navy and White pool furniture

Navy and White pool furniture

I love the way the pillows coordinate with the navy pool tiles and the umbrella has the cutest detailing.

Navy and White pool furniture

Can you believe this space used to look like this?

A pool next to a fence

Now it’s pretty and functional, and we have been spending SO much time over here!

white pool lounge chairs

I also wanted to show you the backside of the couch – I love the grey variations on the wicker. The coastal feel is a perfect contrast with the dark stain on the cabana.

A sectional outdoor sofa

A sectional outdoor sofa

I also found the outdoor rug at Hayneedle and it really grounds the whole space. I love the texture of it and it washes up easily with a hose.

Navy and white pool cabana area

Which is good, because I really envisioned this being the quiet mom zone of the pool area (quiet – ha!), but as you can see everyone (even Charlie) has made themselves at home here. :) My daughter also has big plans to make this her karaoke stage at night, and I for one, cannot wait to see/hear that!

Navy and white pool cabana area

Hayneedle just launched a fun new feature on their site, the Find, in which they serve up a hand-selected item each day that I know you’ll love. You can see the new daily “Find” here. I’ll also link each individual item in a source list below (just click on the bold words) for easy shopping, but be sure to check out all of Hayneedle’s amazing products here!


Sectional – TK Classics Fairmont All Weather Wicker 7 Piece U- Shaped Sectional

Planters – Coral Coast Cape Maye Weathered Eucalyptus Wood 18 x 18 Outdoor Planter

Rug – Belham Living Carolina Outdoor Area Rug

Umbrella – Safavieh Zimmerman 9 ft Crank Aluminum Market Umbrella

Striped Pillow – Mozaic Company Sunbrella Lido Outdoor Corded Pillow Set

Medallion Pillow – Surya Hemma Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Paisley Pillow – E by Design Geometric Wacky Paisley Outdoor Throw Pillow

Light Blue Patterned Pillow – Deny Designs Caroline Okun Blueberry Outdoor Throw Pillow

Solid Blue Pillow – Easy Way Solid Single Piped Edge Sunbrella Outdoor Pillow

Navy Lounge Pillows – E by Design Dashing Stripe Outdoor Throw Pillow


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  1. Did you ever come across the name of the plants in behind the cabana, gorgeous outdoor living space

  2. Love it! So classic and fresh looking. Where did you find the striped curtains?

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. Hi,

    I love your Cabana. We need something like this in our backyard. Can you please share the measurements of your Cabana?

    Thank you,

    1. Hey I can’t get over there at the moment because the gate is stuck shut from the snow but I’d guess it’s about 15 ft x 10 ft – thanks!

  4. I’m in love with your entire home! Best taste ever!!! I was wondering if you happen to remember where your pool tile came from? We are putting in a pool and I want a patterned tile that’s blue and white and I’m having the hardest time finding something. Thank you!

    1. Hey Britney, this pool was built in the 50’s actually so this tile is basically vintage ha! Wish I had a better answer for you – thanks!

  5. I’m in love with everything you did to your pool area. I saw the before and after pictures, so hats off to you!! Maybe someone asked this already, would you share what wood type your fence has. I love the (redundancy here) natural vibe!!. Like a well-manicured jungle vibe

  6. This is so beautiful ? and I’m sorry if you already answered this but what color cushion did you choose?
    Thank you !

  7. Oh my gosh, your pool, cabana and home are absolutely gorgeous. I follow a lot of blogs and your home is by far my favorite! I love all your blue and white. I have adult kids now and still miss the days when they were home with me. Have a fun s’mores party tonight!

  8. What a beautiful makeover ! I love the furniture, what color are the cushions I looked on the website and there are two that look similar to me. They don’t appear to have names. Love the rug what size is it ?
    Thank you for sharing , I enjoy the blog very much.

    1. These are the white cushions, they are all slipcovers which is nice so I can just throw them in the wash. The rug is 8×10

  9. Love this all so much! Are you chaise lounges also from Hayneedle? Can you share the name of them? Thanks!

      1. Hi Kelly,
        I’ve found these chaises to purchase, but it seems that many people comment in the reviews that they had trouble with rust. Did yours hold up well?

          1. That’s so good to hear! Do you mind if I ask how you cared for them? Did you always cover them? Did you store them inside? Thanks!

  10. You are very talented and smart. It is a beautiful space and I can see your kids as they grow up having all their friends at your house. It will keep your kids close to home where you will know where they are and what they are doing. Smart!
    Remember, money you spend on pizza and snacks at your house for your kids and their friends is money well spent. I hope the furniture is well scotchguarded. it’s gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing, I have been waiting patiently for this renovation.

    1. Thanks Dianne I think my grocery bill doubles in the summer with all the kids but it’s worth it! Love having everyone running around over here :)

  11. I would also love the source of those beautiful towels on the lounge chairs. Everything is beautiful!

  12. Wow! That is one dreamy space, it looks like a poolside at a resort. I love all the blues…so calming and beautiful!

  13. Wow!! So beautiful.
    And I love those white planters by the lounge chairs, too.

  14. Will you share the sources for the towels and lounge chairs?

    The space looks fantastic. We are in the middle of adding a pool cottage and redoing our backyard. On the hunt for furniture and accessories. Using same color scheme, so your post is such a helpful resource!

  15. Wow! What an oasis! I guess you know you are living the dream of many! You have quite the gift of decorating! Everything is perfect! Magazine worthy!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous. You are an amazing decorator. This looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine for everyone’s backyard dream escape.

  17. Amazing transformation! I don’t have a pool, but loving the colors for my living room!

  18. Stunning as always!!! How did you hang your curtains? Also, what did you use to tie them back? I’m getting ready to make outdoor curtains for our deck and can use all the tips I can get!

  19. So beautiful!! You’re such a rockstar designer. Thanks for sharing your creative spaces with us. Would you mind sharing what color you stained the wood? Thanks!!

    1. I hung the lights with those little white screw in hooks in the ceiling and then the drapes with pvc pipes!

  20. Wow this looks amazing! Like a vacation destination!! Great job Kelly :) We were on the lake memorial day weekend and seeing your new house is breathtaking!

  21. How Beautiful!! Can I book a weekend for two? LOL Absolutely gorgeous transformation, Kelly.

    Happy Summer Days…

  22. It all looks great! Do you know what the plant is (in the container on the table) – the one that is a lighter green, trailing plant? Thanks!

  23. So so lovely….it’s hard to top lake view living but wow!! Home is where the heart is and clearly you have put your heart into this project. Pure Michigan joy!!

  24. Love it! Beautiful space! I’d love to hear more about the cabana drapes – how they are hung, material, etc. Thanks!

    1. Oh I should do a post on how I hung those! I used thin white plastic pvc pipes and they are just outdoor drapes you can buy them at Hayneedle too!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love everything but could really use some curtains like the striped ones. What is the source for them? If you listed it, I missed it. Thanks.

  26. Looks like a relaxing spot to enjoy the summer weather! I’m sure that many wonderful memories will be made there!

  27. Looks amazing! I can envision enjoying the summer weather in that beautiful outdoor area. Blues, greys and whites are my favorite!

  28. Just gorgeous! My pool dream! What are those interesting bushes behind the sectional? Love them too!

    1. Oh man I knew someone was going to ask about those and I saved the tag in a drawer somewhere and now I can’t find it lol. Aren’t they cool? I’ll do some digging and find out. They are supposed to get little blue berries on them too. They are such a pretty color when the sun shines on them.

  29. Beautiful! You are amazing. Enjoy your Michigan summer. I’m having severe “up north” home sickness. I will not make up this year. I’m going to Cape Cod and Nantucket. I’ve never been to the northeast and that area has been on my bucket list for years.

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