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White Nightstands – Tween Girl Bedroom Progress

Now that the house is good and fall-ified, and before the Christmas crazy hits (I know, I don’t even want to think about that yet – yikes!), I thought it would be a good time to revisit the progress I’m making in my daughter’s room. Her new nightstands arrived and I love them! These are a great budget friendly option. I will warn you that you have to put them together (think IKEA, but with better instructions). It only took me an hour to get them both up an running. They aren’t super high-quality solid wood pieces, but I do really like them for the price point. The brass details on them are so fun, and the deep drawers are just what my daughter needed to hide snacks and other contraband store books.

girls teen bedroom floral wallpaper white and brass nightstands

I added these fun brass lamps from Target. I love the juxtaposition of the old school granny-chic floral wallpaper and the curvy lines of the bed with the modern vibe of the lamps and nightstands.

A bedroom with a bed and a mirror

We swapped out the beach prints in her white frames for these fun line drawings. I have big plans to hang them yet, but I chickened out on putting holes in the wallpaper on my own. My very precise way of hanging art – eyeballing it, grabbing whatever is handy from the kitchen (usually a meat mallet or serving spoon) and putting 3 or 4 holes in the wall until I get it right – didn’t seem like the way to go when I was dealing with wallpaper. So, I will wait for the math wizard (aka the Mr.) to use a tape measure, level and all that good and proper stuff this weekend. Anyone else out there routinely use kitchen utensils instead of the hammer they can’t find to hang a picture, or is it just me?

floral line drawing art brass lamp teen bedroom

On the other end of the room, I gave her dresser a little makeover. It was white and we felt like this side of the room needed more color with the freshly painted white walls. My daughter picked out this super pale pink tone that we both loved.

A bedroom nightstand

This dresser was a $30 thrift store find from a few years back that had rope pull handles. The pulls were adorable but so impractical – they would pull completely out every few weeks.

pink dresser with brass hardware teen girl bedroom

I had to find hardware that would cover up the huge holes the rope pulls left behind. I found some cheap cup pull hardware on amazon that did the trick. The only downside is they ended up being super bright shiny gold – not the look I was going for. So, I gave them a few coats of spray paint to fix them up. I used Satin Bronze by Rustoleum.


beachy white dresser with rope pull handles

AFTER: I still need to figure out pillows and everything in her chair as I just sort of tossed some stuff in here for a photo. I’m also working on art for above the dresser too!

A hanging chair in a bedroom

This dresser is approximately a million years old, so nothing was straight or flush, which made putting new hardware on challenging, but I think it turned out pretty cute!

teen girl bedroom ideas floral wallpaper brass accents

I’m still on the hunt for art above the dresser, a few more accessories, and her bedding which has been back-ordered until November. I’m also still debating on what kind of rug to put in here. Oh, and I’m planning on recovering that polka dot bolster pillow on her bed too! Hopefully, I’ll be sharing a completed room next month sometime when I figure it all out.

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Wall Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Pink paint – Just Peachy by Benjamin Moore

Wallpaper – find it here

Bed – it’s been discontinued

Nightstands – find them here

Lamps – find them here

Peacock jewelry holder – find it here

Plush lavender blanket – find it here

White throw pillows – find them here

Line drawing art – find it here


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  1. Can you tell me about the dark blue with white dots on the bedding? Are they sheets or blankets? Thanks!

  2. Hi! Can you share the link where you found the drawer pulls for your daughter’s dresser that you painted? I’m having the same problem with very wide holes in our old dresser!
    Thank you!

  3. Hey Kelly-
    Always love your posts☺️ Had a question about wall paper. I have looked at using it for my daughters room for a while but nervous about removing it?? I Just wondering if you can tell me about how easy it is to take Off The Walls and if it can damage the drywall? I don’t even know if you have any experience with this type of wallpaper but I was just curious.

    We went to Michigan for the first time ever this past summer my husband and I and our three girls and I have to say it was one of our absolute favorite places we’ve ever been. Only about five-6 hours away…we live in the southern tip of Indiana. We just had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and family with all of us.


    1. Hey Andi, I haven’t removed any of the newer wallpaper so I’m not sure how it will fare. I have removed lots of old wallpaper in older homes without too many issues. A steamer and a scoring tool make it pretty easy! I’m so glad you enjoyed Michigan we do love it here!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! My grandkids would move right in! Love the dresser color! So talented! ?

  5. I LOVE the color of the pink dresser. You have such a knack for this! Love your daughters room. Thank you for sharing your home with us. P.S. I have to say that I have always ‘dug around’ for my hammer when hanging pictures, maybe only improvising a few times in my life! lol.

  6. Great room! Cute but grown up. I think the pillows in the former picture of the swing chair look great with the new stuff.

  7. What fabulous room for a girl to grow up in! Nightstands fir perfectly and I really like her fun nightstand lamps. So many creative ideas are going come out of her head, just hanging out in there. She will probably find it her go to reading room too, on her bed. Great job, great team work Kelly and daughter.

  8. I also love the dark blue quilt and flowery edging. Even tho not really into wallpaper anymore (even tho we still have some in 2 bathrooms) — love the wallpaper you’ve chosen for this room! Extra cute and goes so well with the quilt!

  9. The nightstands are a great choice. The straight lines and grown-up brass details are the perfect counterpoint to keep the room from becoming too little-girly. It’s a beautiful balance. I love the wallpaper, too, by the way — definitely more “chic” than “granny”!

  10. Get the Command velcro strips to hang the art! They are AMAZING. Total game-changer. No more meat mallet holes! (Laughing because I totally relate.)

  11. Her room is really going to be so darling. LOVE the pink dresser and the nightstands. But aren’t you forgetting the speed limit sign for the chair? ;-)

  12. I too confess it that method of hanging things! This turned out so cute and I love the lamps!

  13. I had to laugh when I read that you used a kitchen utensil and just “eyed” where pictures should be hung. I do the same thing using a heavy duty meat mallet!! LOL My husband is an engineer and it takes forever to get something hung by him. Gotta love the precision though. Your daughter’s room is absolutely beautiful.

    1. Reading this has started my morning with a laugh. It is exactly how things get hung by me , right down to the eyeball measuring and kitchen utensils. The husband is a measuring, leveling perfectionist.

  14. What a great room for your daughter. She is very lucky to have such a talented mom to make her room so fun and inviting. All her friends will be jealous.

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