A Day in the Life…

A few weeks back, I asked you all to submit any questions for a little “ask Kelly” blog post series, and one I got several emails about was wondering what the day in the life of a work from home mom/blogger looks like. This may only be interesting to those 12 people who emailed me to ask, but here goes with a rushed iphone photo/run-on sentence version of my typical day!

6:10 alarm goes off, Charlie takes this as his opportunity to sit on my chest, lick my face, and request a tummy rub by smacking me in the face repeatedly with his paws.

6:15 stumble downstairs in my bathrobe and wake both kids up (you are welcome for not providing any photographic evidence of this event, it’s not pretty)

6:20 wake my daughter up again, and again at 6:22, and 6:25… she is not a morning person – there is a lot of indiscernable mumbling and bumping around.

6:30 pack lunches, make coffee, remind everyone to grab homework/gym clothes/instruments/library books.

A sunset over a city

View from the bus stop.

6:50 kiss the Mr. and run out the door for the bus. Drive the 6 minutes to the bus stop in my bathrobe, as one does, (we live too far out from our school and this is as close as the bus gets). Chat, pray, and enjoy the sunrise in the car with my kids while we wait. I love these few minutes of quiet with them in the morning…unless they are fighting, in which case, I can’t push them out the car fast enough. A non-negotiable for my kids though – they have to hold my hands and pray with me before they head out for the day…even if they aren’t speaking to me that day. For such totally fair reasons like when I won’t let them wear shorts to school during the polar vortex… If it’s an especially crabby morning, I make everyone say one thing they are looking forward to that day (insert tween eye rolls here). I know, I’m a fun mom – haha, I think they secretly like it  ;)

7:10 back home and I drink my first cup of coffee (bless you caffeine) while I make the bed/empty the dishwasher/do a general 20 minute pick up of the main level/with the Today Show on in the background. I’m a huge neatfreak and having a tidy house is one of the things that keeps me sane working from home. I cannot concentrate on emails if I’m looking at a big pile of laundry to fold.

A dog lying on a blanket

Charlie typically messes my pillows up as soon as I make the bed, it’s a “fun” game we play.

8:00 think about working out and answer emails from brands/PR companies/readers/school moms etc…

8:30 still thinking about that workout and cruise through Instagram answering comments and dm’s. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment and interact with me, so I really try to answer most everyone back!

8:45 ok fine, I’m going to do that workout, ugh. I usually walk Charlie around the lake (about 3 miles) and do a 20 minute Tone It Up workout on the app or a 45-minute HIIT workout if the weather is bad.

A dog looking at the camera

Someone is mighty pleased with his muddy paws, oh the joys of rainy day walks when you live in the country.

9:30 I toss Charlie in the bath, then I shower and get ready for the day while I listen to a podcast (I like Armchair Expert and This American Life).

10:15 – 12:30 either work on a project for the blog, shoot the project, edit photos, write a blog post, conference call with a brand, etc… It’s a little different every day, which I like.

A dog sitting in front of a laptop

Writing a blog post with my social media intern Charlie.

12:30 lunch break! I usually make a quick salad or I do turkey with mustard, lettuce, and cucumbers on this Traders Joes Crispbread with a LaCroix. I check in with Instagram messages while I eat. Then I sneak a few dark chocolate peanut butter cups to get me through the afternoon.

A plate of food on a table

1:00 Back to working on whatever blog project is due that day. I love working from the living room especially on sunny days.

A dog sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a large window

3:00 try to post an Instagram post/stories/Facebook post. Usually spending way too much time trying to come up with an interesting caption.

3:15-3:45 take a break from the computer and finish up any household stuff, run the vacuum, etc.

3:45 drive to the bus stop and then sneak in some reading to slow my brain down while I wait for the bus. I always, always have a book on my kindle app or a book thrown in my bag. Right now, it’s Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I’ve had it in my pile of books all summer and I’m finally getting to it.

4:15 back home with my kiddos. Time for a snack, homework help (unless it’s math which I save for the Mr.) and sorting school papers and lunchboxes. I also attempt to get any info from my kids about their day during all this besides “It was fine.” I ask annoying questions like “who did you play with at recess, what was the best part of the day, how did your test go, etc…” insert more eye rolls. Again do these kids not realize how fun I am??? ;)

A dog sitting on a table next to a window

The breakfast nook is a fave homework spot and Charlie loves having his kids home at the end of the day.

A group of people sitting at a kitchen counter

The Mr. LOVES it when I save math for him since they changed how to do it from when we were kids! I snuck this shot when they were dividing decimals last week. Insert maniacal laugh…

4:45 make dinner/attempt to feed kids/argue about vegetables/make sure Charlie isn’t eating all their chicken from under the table/elicit at least 3 eye-rolls from my tween/break up she’s looking at me type fights between my kids/talk them into just 3 more bites/remind them to put their dishes in the dishwasher…remind them again…

A plate full of food

Chicken fajitas, one of the dinners I make that everyone likes.

5:05 drive to volleyball 25 minutes away while singing too loud and off-key, sometimes accompanied by car dancing.

5:30 drive to soccer in the opposite direction listen to my chatterbox son recite weird animal facts (this kid lives for random trivia look for him on Jeopardy someday). I consequently know more about meerkats than I ever thought possible (did you know they were voted 2nd cutest animal in 2017, no? Well now you do, you’re welcome).

7:00 drive back to volleyball 25 minutes and listen to a podcast for a little moment of mom zen

7:30 drive back to soccer 25 minutes (unless the Mr. is home on time to grab him). Just accept the fact that I will live in my car for the rest of my life and think about adding some nice throw pillows or a candle to make it cozier. Also, contemplate picking up a side-gig as an uber driver while I trek all over town…

A person sitting in a living room

Getting to bed typically involves some sort of wrestling match during teeth brushing. I’m refereeing :)

8:00 convince my kids they need to shower/argue the merit of cleanliness vs smelliness. Hang out with each of them in their rooms. The Mr. hangs out with the other kid and then we swap. This is our time to touch base and check in with them about their day. I love this time in our busy day to snuggle up with them and pray. They then do their reading (so happy I have two little bookworms) or finish any homework in their rooms for the night. Theoretically in their rooms for the night that is, as I usually catch one of them sneaking snacks in the pantry around 9ish.

A bedroom that has a sign on the corner of a room

My little guy loves to read.

8:30 pour a much needed glass of wine and eat dinner with the Mr./hear about his day/talk his ear off (a hazard of working from home by myself sometimes the Mr. is the only actual grown up I see and converse with all day)

9:00 finish any blog post miscellaneous stuff/answer Instagram comments and dm’s while the Mr. ensures he gets in a full 16 hours of work for the day by finishing up work on his computer…

9:30 watch a show with the Mr. (either Schitts Creek or Mindhunter right now)

10:15 get ready for bed/wash my face/apply approximately 30 lotions and potions to try to pretend I’m eternally 29

10:30 read a book until 11:30 while the Mr. snores away

11:30 finally my too-busy brain is exhausted enough to shut off for the night and I sleep!


Tuesday and Thursday nights are our blessedly slower nights with no activities and then we eat dinner all together at 6:45 when the Mr. gets home. I  LOVE these nights where we can hang out longer in the kitchen and have more time to kick the soccer ball or bump the volleyball around the backyard with my kids. I’m pretty intentional about trying not to overschedule our kids and keep them to one activity per season, but it gets harder when they hit middle school for sure!

dark grey and white lake house

Backyard soccer time

A small dog in a body of water

Charlie is usually fishing while we play in the backyard.

Mondays – I get groceries/run any errands in the morning – Trader Joe’s at 8am on a Monday is my happy place.

Fridays – I’m done working on the blog for the week by 12:00 and spend the afternoon cleaning the house/kitchen etc…

Saturdays – besides soccer and activities my kids do chores and it’s laundry day. Everybody helps out with the laundry situation and we get it done all in one day. Wash, dry, fold and put away so I don’t have to think about it again for another week.

Sundays – we go to church and brunch and try to relax and hang out and usually do a movie or family game night.

Also, I realize that this was supposed to be about my day and basically Charlie has snuck into every single shot, what else is new! :)

Throw in ortho appointments, room mom stuff, coffee with a friend, and that’s my little life in a nutshell!


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  1. thanks for sharing I love how organized you are! i always try to make our bed too, and it makes me feel like im in control. What kind of sheets do you prefer? Im always buying different ones. do you change your comforter in the winter? love your home!

    1. Hey Dixie, I really like the sheets from The Company store. I’ve worked with them in the past but I just repurchased a few more sets because they are my fave!

  2. Love this post so much! Your sense of humor added such a great touch to this read. As you said you’re a clean freak, would you ever do a post on your cleaning routine? Daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I always find these so interesting and can useful!

  3. I read this twice because you are so witty and make me laugh! Love looking at pics of your house and Charlie is soooo cute! My husband and I are empty nesters and miss those busy days with the kids! Had to laugh at the pic of your hubby and daughter. Reminded me of the look my husband used to have after long day of work and helping with homework!

  4. Busy,busy,busy, but that’s a Mom’s life. I remember those days.
    Retired now and I love the restful or busy days, do as I please.
    But, I’ve earned it after 44 years of work!?

  5. Just curious, are you using a Mac or a pc? Looking for a laptop for home use.

  6. I love that you shared your day. Thank you. And your ‘assistant home manager’ Charlie is adorable!

    My kids are grown but I so remember those days of running around in “Mom’s Taxi” (my minivan.) It seems like so much driving and carting from place to place, but it goes by so fast. It doesn’t seem like it will, but it does. Enjoy the time. When they’re older you will miss it. I swear you will!

    Thank you for sharing your home with us. It’s just beautiful.

  7. I love that you have the kids pray with you. I had mine say The Lord’s Prayer with me on the way to school.
    I need to get some of the Trader Joe’s
    Crispbread because that little sandwich looks great
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your photo of your husband helping with homework is so relatable. I do the exact same thing. Remember that game show ‘Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?’ I always chuckle and think nope! Not when it comes to math, lol. You should post that one to Instagram.

  9. Loved this post. Thanks for giving us an insight into your daily life with your family. You are truly blessed and so are they.

  10. I have to tell you, I look so forward to your blog and your IG posts. You are truly an inspiration for my decorating mind, and you make me laugh and smile every time I read something from you.

  11. I remember days like this! Treasure them, they go to fast.
    Was having a conversation with 9 year old Grandson, yesterday about the cuteness of meercats and now I have a fact for him. Thanks!
    Also love Trader Joe’s on Monday mornings. Not as busy and well stocked.
    Love to see Charlie (I have a Charley) and your beautiful home.
    So glad you enjoyed your time in Ca. I live between Palo Alto and San Jose. So much for kids to do in our area.

  12. I loved this post and you had me laughing the entire time! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  13. Ha this sound so familiar – instead of blogging and having your own buz- I work from home from 9-5. I need to organize by day better like you!

    So I have a MUCH needed blog post idea. Pillows. I have SO MANY pillows for my couches (2 living rooms essentially and window seat). I keep trying to get it to look nice and go together in the room without being too matchy matchy! Any chance you have done a blog about it – that shows how to arrange them (regular couches, sectionals, window seats) and best way to spruce them up for the seasons. I need help! I Just bought more and put them on my couch and something is just not right!

    1. It can be hard to stay on track working from home after lots of trial and error this schedule works well for me! Oh man pillows can be a struggle I’m not sure I have that one all figured out for myself but I’ll keep that in mind!

  14. Thank you for sharing! It’s interesting and helpful to see how other people juggle busy life and this encourages me to be more scheduled and intentional with my time! Also, I totally get the being at home alone with “no one” (I have our little kids home with me) to talk to. My husband jokingly makes fun of me for listening and nodding along and laughing with my podcasts (currently loving the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and The Bible Recap which recaps my daily reading) like they’re my “friends”, but I tell him I’ve got no other adults to talk to! ;-)

  15. Many many years ago, I prayed every day on the way to school (20 minute drive) with my kiddos too. I think it helped my kiddos to remember WHO is with them all day and how much they are loved. Prayer is so powerful and hopefully a habit they will follow. You are one busy mama and I personally know your mother in law who is so proud of you and feels blessed to have you in her life. Love your blog.

  16. Love this! Your comments about your son’s personality remind me so much of my son. I have learned so many trivial facts about animals I have never heard about from him!

  17. Wow! I remember those days as my boys are grown men now. I swore my forwarding address was my minivan!! Sounds like you are busy but loving life!

  18. This is a great post and one you will probably treasure in the future- To have your daily routine and weekly routine written down – that’s awesome. You’ve inspired me to do this. I can relate a lot with your busy routine and any mom with kids can relate to this. With kids in HS, MS, and ES- life can be hectic, fun, and include the many eye rolls. Thank you for sharing your day in the life.

  19. I love it that you pray WITH your kids & not just for them! I miss those days.
    Charlie is one adorable creation.
    Thank you for reminding me how blest I am—life is so short—no time to waste.
    I will read your blog w/new eyes now. thank you.

  20. Whew!! Made me exhausted just to read it! Busy lady for sure! Love all the Charlie pics, muddy paws- priceless ?? So proud of all you do and what an awesome mom you are!! ?

  21. Oh, the hours I will never get back thinking up Insta captions. I feel your pain, girl. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

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