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Decorating with Plants

I had planned on showing you some cute DIY wall art today that’s hanging in our master bedroom…until I woke up this morning to the Mr. frantically yelling at me. Which is not how I personally enjoy waking up at 6 am on a Wednesday.

All I heard was “Eewwwwww, no, no, no, move! MOVE!”

Imagine me groggily rolling over mumbling “whaaa? Huuuhhh?”

Only to hear “NO, NO, don’t move THERE!?” and “Are you sick, is everything ok? Did you throw up?”


This got my attention immediately, and I sat up and rubbed my eyes only to look around and discover that I had been sleeping next to a




and no, it was not my own!

Yes, Buddy (our dog if you’re new here) got sick in the middle of the night and apparently thought the best place to throw up would be next to my pillow. Like “hey mom, you take this kay?”

A dog lying on top of a book

I was sleeping like the dead (thanks to a shot of Nyquil before bed) and proceeded to almost roll my hair in it all night.


I’m still not talking to Buddy, everything on our bed is in the wash with a gallon of bleach, and frankly I’m thinking of crawling in there as well. I may be scarred for life…

So, no master bedroom post until my bedding fully recovers, but I thought we could talk about plants instead.

Every year after Christmas, I go on a big plant buying spree, mainly because here in Michigan there is no chance of seeing anything green til April and my eyes crave something that looks alive.

Remember that one time the sun shined here? It was glorious, Buddy and I may have laid on the sunroom floor with our eyes shut pretending it was summer…or at least that’s what I was pretending , Buddy was probably dreaming of chasing squirrels in a field full of bacon…

A close up of a flower pot

Plus, I love the pop of color that fresh plants lend to my house and I usually kill a plant or two during the holiday season, because they all get shoved to different spots with the Christmas decor.

I love how simple and clean looking my mantel feels with my DIY mirror and a few plants. These little ficus trees are so cute that I found at a local nursery (Flowerland for you locals).

A fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

See the baby one? His name is Walter and I’m especially proud of him. I like, basically birthed him, so I had to name him.

I couldn’t find a ficus small enough to fit in this planter and I had recently read a Jodi Picoult book about an apple orchard (Songs of the Humpback Whale) and how they splice branches to make new varieties. Basically this made me feel like an expert horticulturist, and I decided to cut a branch off with a knife, splice the end and stick it in a pot. (PS the basket planters are from Anthro – I picked them up on major clearance and I only wish I had had 8 arms to carry more home with me, but I unfortunately was on foot boo!)

A plant in a pot

All the leaves immediately fell off and the Mr. wondered why I insisted on watering my “stick” but O Ye of little faith, 3 weeks later, Walter sprouted his very own new little leaves…cue the misty eyes and proud mama photos from me :)

I also found this variety of Ficus at Flowerland and plopped it in an H&M basket.

A fiddle fig tree

The rest of these plants I just found at Lowe’s and they were only about $3 each. Love that I could bring a little fresh energy into my space without really spending a ton. How about you? Dreaming of spring with me? Go test your green thumb and pick up some plants!

Candles on a coffee table

Now excuse me while I go wash my hair for the 40th time today…

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  1. Love the simplicity of the mantle and the basket planters!! And what more can you say than ” oh Buddy Cuddles strikes again” !!! Ha!

  2. Thanks for the laugh but i know it really wasn’t funny at the time. I have ferns i have to bring in every winter,they look good and add color to dismal days.I love your choice of plants,and your baby plant you did all on your own.

    1. Thanks Marlene! The Mr. immediately started laughing once he realized I wasn’t sick so it was pretty funny besides being 6 am ha ;)

  3. You crack me up :) Hope Buddy feels better soon! LOVE all the green. We live in Wisconsin so we are seeing lots of snow and gray and I love how live plants can really freshen up a space. I have a plant or two in every room except our bathroom, which now that I think about it, I MUST fix ASAP. I think a bamboo is in order since I don’t have one any where else in the house. THINK SPRING!!! It will be here soon :) Hopefully…xo Liz

  4. Oh Kelly…you are always great for a laugh! I love your writing and sense of humor! I may have to go wash my hair too just thinking about your story!! HA! How’s Buddy? I hope his tummy calmed down :-( Great plants too by the way. ..I hope all your bedding smells nice and fresh !! Have a better day!!

    1. hahaha sorry my story rubbed off on your hair :) Buddy is back to his old self in fact he ate a storm troopers hand today so clearly he is feeling better.

  5. Have Mercy! I have so enjoyed your post this morning. Made me want to invest in some green plants also! Thanks

  6. Enjoying my indoor plants is what gets me through winter. My favorite is the fiddle leaf fig. Yours is beautiful.

  7. I LOVE plants in our home. AND I especially love paying those prices as that is where I like to buy mine, too. Fun to find pots and what perfect ones on your mantel. I want them!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations!! It was a three week delivery :-( But at least you are the proud mama of a bouncing baby ficus. I used to have a house full of plants until we started traveling — they died. Had a six foot lemon and lime tree that were producing. They didn’t last. We tried the drip water method but it didn’t work. Oh! Watch Buddy and your plants. He may decide to do with male dogs do — decide to help you water the plants. I am looking forward to your bedroom art sans Buddy’s contribution.

  9. Your mantel looks great! I also start fresh with plants in January. I have a large ficus in my living room and will be trying the “rebirth” now. I love the humor you bring with your posts.

  10. I love your choices! I certainly do not have a green thumb, but have found a couple varieties that I can grow in my house and I love the pop of green in the winter. I also love to keep rosemary and basil around for cooking and the lovely scents. Hope your poor puppy is feeling better today and that you are too! :)

  11. Beautiful plants Kelly! I have been bringing greenery in from outside also! Always feels so nice and springy after the holidays. :) (And sorry about your little incident with Buddy.. good thing he’s so darn cute – you can’t stay mad at that face for long!)

  12. Great post, I’m in the market for plants as well! My little guy is currently sticking everything in his mouth so no fiddle leaf fig (the one in the H&M planter) for me. Boo. Love them.

    “A Beautiful Mess” has a list of non-toxic ones that are still good at cleaning the air, so I’m going to combine them with your lovely basket idea!

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