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Colorful Playroom Decor and White Paint

Somehow over Christmas break when I was supposed to be taking a break from all things DIY and blogging I ended up overhauling the playroom. While playing superheroes with little man I started looking around realizing the walls were dinged up and dingy and the playroom was screaming for some more color.

So what did I do? I painted all the walls white! I know more color, less blah was the goal, but stick with me here! I knew the fresh coat of white would really make the bright colors I wanted to bring in pop!

A living room filled with furniture and a tv

I love how clean it feels in here now, well I mean, now it feels clean, but realistically it doesn’t typically look like this.

I got rid of the much loved Letter Wall. (see it here)  It was just time, half the letters were falling down (Buddy actually ate a few of them, because he eats anything that isn’t nailed down…just ask our legless Buzz Lightyear). The poster putty I used to affix some of them to the wall actually melted! Yes, MELTED down my wall? It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen, it looked like my wall was crying….creepy white sticky tears. I spent 3 hours hacking at my wall with a butter knife (cuz I’m professional like that) to get it all off.

A living room filled with furniture and a teepee

I added this fun rug from Target, and I’m obsessed with these pillows!! Did you all ever watch the Novogratz 9 on HGTV? I was obsessed with their show! I follow them on FB and when I saw they were starting their own line at Walmart I instantly fell in love with these cute colorful pillows (and at $14 each, it was a match made in heaven.)

A blue sofa with colorful pillows

 I replaced the letter wall with 4 large cork boards (I found them at HomeGoods for about $15 each) and I’m so excited to have a great spot to hang up my kids artwork! My 6 year old has been taking art classes after school and I love all the cool projects she brings home. I used to have a wire hanging here where I could clip their art up, but little man tried to take a zip line ride on it and almost ripped half the drywall down. I’m crossing my fingers the cork boards are a safer bet.

A close up of many different things in the room

Art and School projects

Here you can see how the playroom is right at the top of our stairs and I love how much cleaner the back wall looks from the hall without all the letters (and poster putty tears). Oh and the teepee! Yet another Christmas break project.

A view of a playroom

I made a DIY teepee last summer for our school auction and my kids were so sad to see it go. I had been promising them I would make them their own, but could not face sewing another one. When I came across this no sew version from the Handmade Home I was so excited! I love the Handmade Home and everything Ashley and Jamin do is genius, I mean she had me at hot glue gun! Her directions were really easy to follow so pop over to their blog if you want to know how to make your own.

A room filled with furniture and a blanket

I was pretty much the hero of the house for a couple of weeks after making this baby and the kids have loved playing in it. My daughter was the art director on this one and picked out all the fabrics and the order they should go in. I love how fun and perfectly imperfect it turned out. This really feels like a kids room now. I put some Christmas lights in it too, so it’s the perfect bedtime reading spot.

A living room and playroom

You can see I still left the navy walls on the other side of the room and these random shelves are still here, which are pretty useless with the teepee here so those will probably come down. This room is still totally a work in progress, so this  isn’t the big finished reveal. I just thought I would show you what I’ve been up to in here.

Play fort for kids

Oh and the red door! Approximately a million years ago I asked your advice on what do with this red door….drumroll please…

I’ve done nothing ha, it’s still just hanging there, but I kind of love it just the way it is with the white walls. I still may do something, but I may need another million years to think about it.

A living room playroom

So there you go, my more colorful, more white, teepee relaxing, art loving, new and improved playroom…in progress! Minus the 3 bins of legos that are currently covering the floor :)

A sofa in a living room

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  1. Hi!! I just found your play room on Pinterest and would love to know where you got the grey storage unit from?? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I know this post was a while ago but I’m looking for a sofa for our playroom and this color and size is perfect. Do you remember where you got it?

  3. I just found your blog as I’m creating a new playroom and I love the yellow and white rug! Can you please share where you got it?

  4. Hello, I love the room! I’m working on our playroom and would appreciate it if you could share where you got the gray and white striped pillows and the polka dot pillow. Thank you.

  5. Can you PLEASE tell me the name of the blue on the walls. im expecting a baby boy in August and the color is perfect for our nursery

  6. I love all the white walls in your beautiful home! Can you please tell me the name of the paint? Thanks

  7. I’m so happy I found your blog! White walls in the playroom!? Go you. The red door is great. Your master bath and sunroom is heavenly…Love your style and you’re from Michigan!!

  8. What a fun space!! I’m LOVING the yellow and white rug with the grey poofs :) I don’t have children but I could definitely see the rug and poofs in my basement some day! Liz

  9. I would love to know where you got the cubby holder with the baskets. Love this…..such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks girl! I’m leaning toward leaving it purely out of laziness ;) Your entry look AMAZING just saw a sneak peek on FB have to hop over and check it out yet. AND I almost just ordered the land of nod one too! Would have saved me a few hot glue gun burns ha.

  10. Looks SO good Kelly! I love the bright colors against the white walls! Such a refreshing change. I have been working on our playroom too and we got a tepee for Kole for Christmas! Of course it’s from Land of Nod and not homemade by yours truly (you are my hero!). Love it all cutie! xo

  11. Hi Kelly,

    LOVE your blog and how energetic and creative you are!! I was somewhat like you when I had small children, but you beat me hands down!!!!

    The tee pee is GENIUS!!! LOVE IT!!! The whole room is adorable!! Absolutely LOVE the pillows, rug and bean bag chairs!!! All the colors and shapes work so well together. Love the white wall with the marine blue accent wall.

    I have a thought for the door. How about taking pictures of your children’s various activities, printing them, and cutting them to fit in the little “boxes” on the door? I’m betting you could just use double sided tape to afix them to the door.

    God bless you and your family. They’re certainly blessed with YOU!


  12. I think you did such a GREAT job on this room! The tee-pee is too cute and I know your kids love it. Also love the dotted bean bags and just all the details.

  13. I am so inspired by your playroom transformation! I am currently transforming a room in our basement for the girls. I, too am using white paint on the walls-SW Alabaster. I love how fresh and clean it is looking! I love your idea for the artwork. The cork boards keep it all nice and tidy! I think I will be using this idea in my reveal. It looks fabulous Kelly!

  14. Adorable! I have been on the hunt for cute bean bag chairs and have had no luck. Please do share where you got them!!

  15. Hi Kelly! I love Lil Pad Cottage! I just started a blog and my new biz is “The Humble Abode” all things home with the focus being DIY and Interior Redesign etc etc. I have lots of questions as I am trying to navigate this whole blog thing but I won’t bombard you.
    First, what kind of camera do you use for the pics you post? Second, how do I link anything to my blog page? My site is The Humble Abode.net. I really really need some guidance and would LOVE your input”)))
    Thanks bunches,


    1. HI Cori, I use a Canon Rebel and have a few different lenses I use with it. A great way to start out if you are a beginner photographer is to take Shoot Fly Shoot, it’s an online photography course that really teaches you all you need to know to get started. As far as linking posts it depends on if you are on WordPress or blogger? You can shoot me an email with a few questions if you need some help, but google is your friend! I googled how to do everything when I started out :)

  16. Kelly the room looks great! I love that you kept one accent wall with color too. The pillows are precious and so is the teepee!! Love the zip line story…and I agree with Marisa..what about a little video?? HA! Have a blessed day. Thx for sharing :-)

  17. Wow! It looks amazing!! I love the white walls! We have a semi finished attic space that I am thinking about turning into a playroom but I’ve been so undecided on a paint color since my son and daughter will be sharing the space. This gives me so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing! Can you tell me where you found those polka dot been bag chair covers? So Cute!!!

  18. I love the way everything just stands out against the white. That was an excellent decision and you must have pondered on that idea — it never hurts to think things through. I have been so deep in thought that I’ve fallen asleep. Now that is concentration!! I bot the giggles when I imagined the little man and his zip line. Boy at times do you feel like your house is a zoo?? How about a video — A Day In the Life of a Michigan DIY’er.Have a great day!

  19. I love this space Kelly! And I’m so excited to see I’m not the only one throwing white paint at my walls ; )! I was a little scared honestly, but it allows you to do so much more with the decorations! Love that teepee against the white! : )

    1. Thanks Ashley! Kids rooms are so fun and I’m obsessed with white paint, too bad my hubby doesn’t feel the same. I’m slowly going one wall at a time hoping he doesn’t notice ;)

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