Small Workout Room Design

A small workout room gets a fun update with charcoal walls, stained wood paneling, and large mirrors. Great design ideas for your home gym.

Home gym with stained wood walls and gray paint with exercise equipment

Home Gym Design

I’m so excited to share a room with you all that I don’t think I have ever shared on the blog. It’s been just a boring beige box the last 5 years. It’s finally getting the chance for an upgrade. Our small workout room now has an actual design to it, rather than everything just thrown haphazardly in there.

Let’s start with the blah BEFORE:

Beige home gym with beige carpet and gray workout mat

and AFTER:

Home gym with stained wood walls, charcoal paint, and exercise equipment

What a change! I decided to finally tackle this space when I was riding our exercise bike last weekend. I realized I had leftover paint from our basement family room makeover and I whipped out my paint brush.

Home gym with large mirrors and exercise equipment

I didn’t quite have enough paint to do all 4 walls, plus the ceiling. I decided to make the back wall a design feature. The Mr. and I added pine tongue and groove planks that I stained.

Home gym design with wood stained walls, Charcoal walls, and exercise equipment

I used the color Aged Wheat by Varathane. I mentioned we will be doing a wood ceiling treatment in our basement family room so this was a good trial run for that.

Home gym design with wood stained walls, Charcoal walls, and exercise equipment

When working on our small workout room design, I wanted to fit as much function as I could into the space. I arranged, and rearranged, everything in here a dozen times. I decided the way I had it originally was working the best.

Dark gray gym wall with racks of weights and yoga mat racks

The only major layout change I made, was breaking down our shelving unit into 2 pieces instead of 1. This made it easier to view the tv from everywhere.

Home gym design with wood stained walls, Charcoal walls, and exercise equipment

Next I wanted to tackle the rest of my storage issues.

Home gym design with wood stained walls, Charcoal walls, and exercise equipment

Storage ideas for small workout spaces –

  • Baskets to store exercise bands
  • Hooks to hang jump ropes, hoodies, and towels
  • Wall racks for yoga mats
  • Shelving for weight storage
Gray walls with wood hooks and gym equipment

Once I had everything organized, it was time to add the mirrors. I originally had this quoted from a local mirror company for about $900 – yikes! That was more than I wanted to spend, so I found these mirrors online that were about half the cost. I really love the look of the two mirrors vs. the one large one.

Gym wall mirrors with gray paint and exercise equipment

It’s crazy how much bigger the space appears with the addition of the mirrors.

I also forgot how helpful having a mirror to check your form is as well. I feel like I’ve really improved on that in the last week since having the mirrors up.

dark gray walls in a home gym with weight shelves and yoga mat racks

Now that I had all the practicalities covered it was time to add some fun art. I teased my kids that I was going to have the Mr. pose in his bike shorts and blow up large photos to hang around the room…they were mortified! ;)

As much fun as that would have been, I decided to search for some fun gym wall art online.

I have to be honest I had never searched for wall art for a gym space before, so I wasn’t sure what I would find. Society 6 had a ton of fun options!

What to hang on gym walls?

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Funny sayings
  • Vintage weight lifting posters
  • Favorite sport paraphernalia
Home gym with large mirrors and exercise equipment

I often joke that Charlie (our Havanese) is my trainer. Really he spends most of my workout trying to snuggle while I attempt crunches. When I saw these funny prints of dogs lifting weights, I knew I had to add them to our workout room design.

gray wall with art with dogs lifting weights

They just made me laugh. Anything that can make me laugh while I’m trying to get though a workout is a win.

home gym with gray walls and art featuring dogs lifting weights

I also chose this “All I want is pizza and abs” poster. Now I can think about pepperoni while I’m doing jumping jacks.

stained wood walls with gym art

This project was so spontaneous and fun. I have to say I do really enjoy working out in here more now. It’s so nice to have a place for everything.

Home gym design with wood stained walls, Charcoal walls, and exercise equipment

Although I will say between the mirrors and the sun reflecting off the snow this was by far the most challenging room I’ve ever photographed. With all the crazy shadows, it looks a bit darker and moodier than it is in real life.

Our whole family uses this room, so its been so great to have our home gym design working better for us!


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  1. Love this! We have a similar room in our basement and now you got me thinking. What are the dimensions of your workout room?

  2. I love the new workout room. You have inspired me. I am wondering about the wood on the wall. It looks like it comes out quite a bit and you made a shelf under the window. Is there anything behind it? Can you tell me why you did it like that?

    1. It’s actually just our foundation wall. The cement foundation sticks out further than the rest of the wood part of the home if that makes sense?

  3. It looks fantastic!!!! Having a room that is beautiful as well as functional would make ME much more likely to WANT to exercise haha!!! Great job, once again. And have you really been in your new house 5 years? Wow, time flies!!

  4. Looks great Kelly. I love it all! Wasn’t sure about the planked wall but it’s perfect. Oh ye of little faith.😊 p.s. those dogs are pumping some serious iron.🐶

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