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Christmas Card Display

Let’s pretend for a moment, that it’s not October, and that we aren’t about to get our trick or treat on…

Let’s say, that it’s actually December and those holiday cards are flooding your mailbox. I have the cutest idea for how to display all your friends and families fabulousness as the Christmas countdown continues…


Bonus – this Christmas Card Display cost me about $5 total.

Step one – get some old windows (I got these for free from a friend, but you can find them at your local ReStore usually)

White buffet table with Christmas decor

Step two – staple some twine in a random zig zag pattern across the windows.

Christmas Card display

Step three – make yourself a bunch of pretend Christmas cards, because it’s October, er I mean we are pretending right? Or just take all your leftover Christmas cards from last year so you can stare at the same family photo over and over and over…

Christmas card and Holiday

SO take all those gorgeous holiday cards and clip them to the twine with some cute little clothespins from the craft store.

Christmas card display

Done, and done!

Hot chocolate in copper mugs

Now enjoy some fake hot cocoa after all that hard work ;)

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  4. This is way way way too cute! We have a BIG rod iron décor piece hung on the wall on our kitchen in our eating area, so I could totally do this idea with that piece. Thanks!

  5. I love your display… I just found a very large window from an old door and I think I’m going to use your great idea in the same way! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Oh, I love love love this idea Kelly! So cute and a great way to display our favorite Christmas cards!!!! Gotta share this on Social media!!! Pinning too! You think of the best ideas!!!

  7. May I open my pretend present now??? Oh! You didn’t wrap one for me?? I am so disappointed! I was hoping to open up my gift while sipping the pretend cocoa laced with Kahlua. (I brought my own Kahlua — it’s in my huge red Baggalini purse) Well Darn!! Pretend or not your idea is very clever!!

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