Holiday Home Tour

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my Holiday Home Tour.  I have been sharing all sorts of fun Christmas decor over the past few weeks, so I thought I would put it all in one place.  Come on in!


Ok, wait, back it up a minute, let’s start outside :)

I decked out the front of our house this year with lots of faux poinsettias…and bouncy balls…


 You can read about the bouncy balls here (hint those aren’t giant ornaments in my window boxes!)

Next stop, my North Pole pack your Christmas tree in your suitcase entry way. 

 (Read all about the hives, spiders, and hunters oh my…here)




Stop off for a little kitchen vignette (which is totally impractical and the Mr. keeps complaining about pine cones by his cereal bowl :) )


  Swing on thru to the family room and our tree. 


 Don’t forget the fireplace mantel.






My jingle bell centerpiece in the dining area.





Oh and my favorite project – my Christmas Chalkboard.



That’s what I have so far, I have a few more projects on the to do list, but I’ll leave you with one last shot of the Christmas Tree (and a little peek at the lake in the evening – sooo pretty!)



Merry Christmas!

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  1. Your house is adorable, and love being with you on your holiday tour. I’m in a hoop craze and am so loving your lovely hoops. I laughed when you hubs said he wasn’t happy about the pine cones being by his bowl, I could so hear my hubs saying that. Love your home!!! Thanks for letting me know you like my front porch!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    Beautiful decorations in a beautiful home, and I love your chalkboard!
    I painted some chalkboards this week (gifts and for me) and am having a hard time waiting the 4 days it says to wait before conditioning them and writing….
    Yours must have taken a long time, but what a wonderful verse.
    ~ Violet

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