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DIY Tea Towel Art

I’m gearing up for my big Holiday Housewalk tomorrow, although they are starting today, so pop over to Jennifer Rizzo to check it out! While I put the finishing touches on my tour, I thought I would share a quick Christmas craft with you.

A white holiday sign

One of my easiest tips, that I use all the time to decorate is to grab a cute seasonal tea towel and frame it. I couldn’t find a frame that would fit this tea towel I found at H&M, so I built one out of scrap wood I had in the garage. You can totally do this one if you have a staple gun and a little miter box and saw. You don’t even need power tools, although it’s more fun with them :)

A holiday sign

Okay here is the tutorial:

– First, cut your wood to size, depending on the size of your towel. I sanded mine down a bit in spots to get an old wood vibe.

– Next, staple your wood together. You could also use little metal brackets like I used here for my flag frame, but I didn’t have any on hand. Notice my ahem, perfectly level cuts, the beauty of going for the rustic look ;)

Tea Towel

– Then just staple your towel to the back of your frame. I usually put a staple in each side to get it exactly where I want it and then work back and forth getting it tight.

Text, letter

– I stapled ribbon on so I could tie it to the hooks in my kitchen, but you could staple a piece of twine across the back to hang it on nail otherwise too.

Diagram, engineering drawing

That’s it, cute DIY Tea Towel Art for just a few bucks! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check out my full Christmas tour, I can’t wait!

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  3. What a cute idea. Love that towel. But can we just take a moment and talk about that RING!!’ Gorgeous.. Can’t wait to see your whole reveal. It’s so darn cute!! Maggie

  4. Love this! I’m going out today to find one! Just love your style! Can’t wait to see your Christmas home reveal. By the way, the post about your bath when you were sick was so funny. You have a way of describing things that make me feel like I’m there too. Happy holidays! Thanks for keeping us entertained, inspired and laughing. Cheers!

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